Four Mini Favourites #1

Four Mini Favourites #1

Hey hey!

I've been meaning to start this on here for a while, and I'm glad I'm finally getting around to it. It's a simple monthly blog post where I'd share 4 "mini" faves - everyday items that I love and I've found helpful or fun. These items would cut across everything the blog covers - lifestyle, motherhood, relationships fashion, travel, career, food, blogging - you get the drill. 

Why mini? Because they're relatively affordable. I'll try to leave a link for you check it out and make a purchase if you'd like. Where I've been gifted or sent these items for free or a review (which I'll only include if I really like it) I'll be sure to mark these with an asterisk (*) or c/o. 

So, without much ado, here are the mini faves for March!

1. Dvees Chapman 

dvees chapman drink london.PNG

I stumbled on DVees on Instagram and I fell in love with the brand - maybe because it's owned by four sisters whose names start with V! Anyway, they've created a number of condiments and spices and drinks, inspired by their West African (Nigerian) heritage - from scotch bonnet mayo, rodo sauce to Zobo tea. Growing up chapman was such a fancy drink and I loved the one at Ikoyi Club.  It's the taste of this memory that they've tried to capture - excellently I must say.  It's so refreshing and everything you'd want your chapman to be.

I love the packaging and I think it's great for celebrations, brunches and perfect for your own fridge. They've also been featured in Vogue - so trust me you should check them out. 

  • chapman currently retails at £1.99 / 6 for £11.94 / 24 for £45.50 . 
  • c/o DVees - shop here:

2. Cassie Daves Blog Planner

I've been a fan of this planner since it was launched in 2016. I interviewed Cassie Daves, the brain behind the planner, shared details about the planner and also gave a couple to readers. So I am glad to have finally bought one to take my blog more seriously. I think it's a great tool to help bloggers blog better - I'm all for planning posts and writing down ideas. The planner contains very helpful pages like content calendar, daily to do lists, blog stat pages and other kinds of inspiration.

cassiedaves blog planner buy.PNG

It's a good A5 size and currently comes in four different colourful covers. The packaging acts as a great prop too. Q1 may be over, but get it to help improve your blog this year. 

3. Crownbury Baby Towel

bamboo fibre baby towel.jpg

I hadn't heard of Crownbury until the CB team sent me this towel - understandably as it only launched in 2017. But I absolutely love it. Every time I have to put it in the wash and use the alternate baby towel I got from a popular UK baby store, I literally count the seconds till I can use this one again. It's made from 100% bamboo fibre - and even if you don't know what that means - I can tell you for a fact it's incredibly soft, washes very well and is very absorbent. Plus the koala hoodie is so cute. We have a bit of a tradition of looking into the mirror while he's wrapped in it after bath and he just giggles!

I like that CB was founded by two mums with 5 kids between them. You know what they say: mums know best. Everyone seems to agree in this case as it's a 5 star on Amazon. Buy for yourself and for your friends too - perfect baby shower gift.

4. Caseapp iPhone Case

caseapp phone case.jpg

Since I got the iPhone 5 from Tee as a wedding surprise, I've been team iPhone. But with how fragile these phones are they just have to be covered up with cases and skins. I remember one time I got tired of a protective cover and took it off. In less than 5 minutes my phone fell and shattered. Anyway, since we often get cases, we might as well get a pretty one or inspirational one. And so when Caseapp offered me two items, I got two phone cases -one with family and one with the blog brand. It was perfect timing as I've just got a new phone. I got one tough case (which provides double protection) and one reguar case.

My design and photos came out very clear an the quality looks excellent.  It was really easy to order plus they ship worldwide - that's a plus. They have cases for Samsung Galaxy, iPhones, iPads and Macbooks as well as skins for other phones and laptops. 

  • iPhone case currently retails from £19-£22.
  • c/o caseapp - shop here:

What do you think of this new section on the blog? Have you used any of these items or would you be checking out any? Love to hear your thoughts.


Kachee... Xx

pS: If you've got a product you'd like to be featured on here (provided I'll really love it, it's great quality and it fits with the blog) - do holla. It doesn't have to be gifted as I'm very happy to purchase if necessary. Remember it has to be "mini"! 

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