10 Women on the Best Career Advice They Ever Received

10 Women on the Best Career Advice They Ever Received

I remember my first job straight out of law school. It was exciting, but yet challenging. I remember writing legal opinions that substantially covered the heart of the matter - but was clearly not in a form to be sent out to the client - think minor format issues and perhaps a few typos. 

And did I have to bother with this - I was only a junior associate and was very aware that before any advice got the client it was likely to go through a minimum of two reviews - one senior associate and one partner. And it was bound to come back to me with an array of red pen corrections and edits.

But one of the most memorable advice I've ever received has to do with this.

 "Always assume that the work you have prepared, is the final form and would not be reviewed any further ". I doubt my colleague who sat across me remembers giving me this advice.

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I've received some really good career advice over time. But this is one I'll not forget  - and it's one I very often try to implement. 

So here's extra 10 advice for you - from all kinds of career women. 

“Never say you cannot. Though it may seem bleak, always approach seemingly difficult tasks with the mindset that you can achieve it. Why quit when you haven't even tried?”  This taught me about having a “can-do” attitude and to always approach everything presented to me from a possibility angle"

- Frances, Banker (30)

"Before a big presentation/meeting, spend some time focusing on something which boosts your confidence - picking the right dress, painting those nails a bold red etc." Seems petty or irrelevant but it works for me.

- KK, Project Manager (31)

"You need to know your career path and if the organisation you work with currently can get you there" 

- Bukunmi, Digital Marketer

Your first job might not be your dream job, but don't be discouraged or get too comfortable. Stay motivated as the reward is always worth the effort.

- Praise, HR Assistant (23)

"Always speak up. Don't wait till it's all perfectly figured out in your head before you give an opinion."

Fisayo, Financial Analyst (22)

"As a woman, if you can't be ahead of your male contemporaries, the least you can do is be at par with them, but never behind." This seems a bit extreme but it resonated so much with me. 

Tutu, Legal Practitioner (29)

"Always ask questions" I can be very shy and not disturb the status quo or put myself out there. But now I'm learning to speak up and ask questions

Titi, Chemical Engineer (27)

"There is an emotional drain that comes with being a doctor. You need to learn to mentally separate yourself from the horror stories you hear daily for hours on end. If not you'd find yourself down with the same maladies" 

- Dr N, Medical Doctor

"Never underestimate the power of any experience, job or education. It will come in useful at some point

- Shasha, Economist (21)

"You're young! This is the time you can make mistakes and bounce back like nothing happened"

-Hilda, Accountant (24)

I think this is all great advice worth sharing. As they say, sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages. And that's what this post reminds me of. Advice that is short, and straight to the point but with a lasting impression. 

What do you think - What's the best career advice you've ever received or would you give? Any of these relate with you?

Kachee.. Xx

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