13 Questions for The Stylish Trotter who Quit her Job to Travel the World

13 Questions for The Stylish Trotter who Quit her Job to Travel the World

We very often hear that you don't have to quit your job to travel the world and it's in fact the better option to have a day job and make time out for travel. But for Victoria, travel enthusiast and blogger - commonly known as The Stylish Trotter, this wasn't sufficient; so she quit her day job and decided to travel for a whole year!

Victoria only started travelling in 2016 but has now been to over 25 countries. In the next one year she's looking to double that figure. I've followed her adventures via Insta Story from Dubai to Oman. She's currently in China, and heading to Hong Kong and Indonesia shortly. It would have been nice to tag along on such epic adventure, but for now I'd continue to live vicariously through her. 

In her responses to these 13 questions she shares most of what we're thinking about. Why she chose to do this, the planning and financial considerations, challenges and all that she's looking forward to. 

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1. Why did you decide to quit your job and travel for 12 months? 

I honestly got bored and tired of doing the same things. I had the most flexible job but I would get annoyed when asked to complete a task or when I wake up to head out to work  in the morning. Also, I was getting too comfortable with doing the same things everyday so I decided to challenge myself. Quitting my job was an easy decision because I had prepared myself for it for since I decided to do this in 2016.

2. What sort of job did you have: would this affect your career negatively?

I was working in the food industry as a Regulatory Specialist. I don’t think it will affect my career negatively. If anything, it should bolster it because I'd have gained international experience and I can leverage this in job interviews or graduate school interviews when I do decide to go back to work.

3. How did your immediate family and friends react?

My friends were very supportive and my best friend would call the money I was saving towards the trip “TST (thestylishtrotter) funds”. I thought it was the cutest thing. My family was also supportive but my mom especially did not address my traveling till a few weeks before I left. Now she complains about how I am always away and my response is always “but I have been telling you about this for a long time”. 

4. Did you have to save up for this; how did you determine how much money you'd need?

Saving for it was difficult - and I saved up for two years. I had to sell a lot of my things before leaving Chicago and this helped a lot with money. I also had a part time job in Chicago which helped me with savings.

I calculated how much money I needed by creating an excel spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, I included my bills and expenses for the duration of the trip, inflated the cost a little and decided to save close to double of that because I don’t want to run out of money.

Miracle Garden Dubai 

Miracle Garden Dubai 

5. What countries are you hoping to visit?

I am hoping to visit over 30 countries and they will be mainly in Asia and Africa. I might visit Oceania at the end of my journey (Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, French Polynesia, Fiji and Vanuatu) but that region is quite expensive so I have not yet decided. 

6. Are you looking forward to any experiences in particular? 

I am looking forward to Africa. From May to July, I will be visiting 8 countries with a tour company called Acacia Africa and I am really looking forward to the experience.

7. Did you pre-book all your tickets?

I pre-booked all my tickets till November. I wanted to take it step by step but I figured tickets will be more expensive if I waited till the last minute. 

8. What sort of accommodation will you be considering?

I am staying in budget hotels throughout my journey. In some countries, I will be staying with friends who I got connected with via Instagram. 

Muscat, Oman 

Muscat, Oman 

9. Do you have any plans to make money on the road?

For now, no plans. I want to enjoy the process with as little pressure as possible. 

10. Would you be collecting anything?

Memories! Collecting souvenirs will only increase the weight of my luggage but who knows - I might see something I really like and change my mind. 

11.  What challenges do you think you'd face? 

I think my biggest challenge will be food. I love to eat but I am also a picky eater. I cannot wait to see what this journey has in store for me in that aspect. I plan to sleep when I am stressed. I have always been a laid back type of person and I never let stress get to me. If the journey is becoming stressful, I will take a few steps back, breathe and sleep! This usually helps me a lot because I have a different perspective when I wake up.

12. What do you hope to gain at the end of this experience?

Self awareness and enlightenment. I hope to know more about me and also more about the world. I also hope to connect with several like minded people all over the world and encourage more people to see the world.

Great Wall of China, Beijing

Great Wall of China, Beijing

 13. What advice would you give to anyone considering this? 

Give yourself enough time to plan, to prepare yourself and to save. There is no rush, the world will always be waiting.

What do you guys think? Is this something you'd love to do. Or does it sound a bit too challenging for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Follow all of her adventures via: @thestylishtrotter

Kachee... Xx

pS: Anyone notice that she's also like these 4 women rocking an amazing low cut. It's definitely getting popular. 

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