Two Years of Blogging + 25 Random Facts About Me

Two Years of Blogging + 25 Random Facts About Me

It's been two years of blogging. How has it all gone by so quickly? The past six months of the blog has definitely not been the most productive but my new life took some getting used to.

I'm hoping as the blog goes into its third year it's growth all the way.

If you're on Instagram (my handle is @kacheetee) you probably noticed people sharing 5 random facts about themselves and tagging others to do so. When I got tagged, I was slightly hesistant but enjoyed it in the end. So I'm sharing a little more here, thus kicking off the third year of the blog!


1. My middle name is Jennifer and the only other name I have is Onyekachi - a Nigerian Igbo name which means "who is greater than God?".

2. I'm the second of five kids, and the first girl. I have two sisters and two brothers. 

3. I lived in Lagos, Nigeria until I went to Ibadan (the largest city in West Africa) for University. Since I lived in these Yoruba speaking states well into my 20s, many expect me to speak Yoruba - but I just didn't pick it up.

4. A couple of times in primary school I received a score of 41 out of 40 - apparently I answered the questions way too well. I was also that annoying student who asked the teachers about home works and assignments.

5.  I'm 5ft 5". Shoe size is a UK 6 / US 5.5 and EUR 39.

6. I was initially a science student in secondary school - Queen's College Lagos. Because many people thought I was too smart to 'waste' it on being a lawyer or an art student. In my 4th year after the teacher mistakenly recorded an F9 on my result instead of an A1, I decided to switch to being an Art student and go ahead with my Law.

7. In my fourth year of secondary school, I convinced a bunch of my seniors that I'd lived all of my life in the United States and my parents sent me back to Nigeria to be disciplined. I put up an accent and they totally believed. In truth, I based this acting off a friend's true story.

8. I'm short sighted and use glasses, but not a fan of wearing them. But when I wear them, I don't want to take them off because I see so clearly.

9. I have two first class law degrees from University of Ibadan and Nigerian Law School. I wasn't too keen on a law school first class but someone said that my UI one was a fluke and only if I had it from law school would the person believe. So I decided to work for it. 

10. In 2012, I got a full commonwealth scholarship for my LL.M at Cambridge. Still one of my best moments. (You can read about it here). I'm qualified to practice law in both Nigeria and the UK. Registered for the New York Bar so I'll be triple qualified, but I changed my mind. I think I needed a break from exams really and wasn't too sure of the value.

11. I'm Christian and Catholic. 

12. I've never drank coffee.

13. Met my husband, Tee when I was 18, and three days to my 19th birthday (read about how we met and our first date here). We've been together 10 years now straight.

14. In October 2017, I became a mum to the best boy! Had to use 4 pain reliefs to birth him. And I thought I had a high pain threshold. 

15. I cannot dance. The thought of having to dance at my wedding got me slightly anxious. I don't think I did too bad in the end. (See some amazing moments from our wedding here

16.  I do not like house chores. I only do them when I'm in the mood. Which isn't very often.

17. I love to write only easy breezy lifestyle stuff / features. I'd usually avoid overly serious stuff. Once I was made the News Editor of Press Club in Uni. Let's just say that didn't go well. I also don't watch much news. It's often depressing anyway. 

18. I could talk so much as a kid and teenager. Non stop. Many nicknames were related to this. So I used to debate - represented my schools a few times. Then on one of the biggest debates in Uni - Super Bowl, I forgot my lines. I couldn't believe it - was so humiliated. 

19. When I was 9, my baby sister who was a few weeks old fell off my hand to the floor.  I was so scared - she's perfect though.

20. I never used to like taking photos of myself or have my photo taken.  Especially when I'm alone in it. My go-to line was "I don't take photos". People probably thought I was weird. Now I still don't like sharing photos of myself on social media. 

21. My first flight ever was from Lagos to Abuja, Nigeria. It was a 'Magic flight' excursion organised by Cadbury for school students. My first international flight was to the UK for my masters degree. 

22. I am totally crap with directions. Terrible. I lose my way all the time. 

23. I have a funny hair line. Not sure how to explain it but my hair comes forward at the two sides. I didn't even know this until a friend pointed it out in secondary school. Then I watched Mean Girls and sort of understood. 

24. I never used to have a sweet tooth. Hated cakes. But I fear it's creeping on me now. Some things taste so good!

25. I'm 30 this year but still feel weird when people call me Ma'am and all that ish! But I'm learning to own it. 

Ok that's it but this was kind of hard though! For some reason I kept tweaking it and thinking "should I add that?" "Is that silly?". But that's pretty much what I could think of at this time. 

Thank you for sticking around on this space. I've also switched up the layout of the blog so it's more user friendly and simpler. Let me know your thoughts.

I'd also love to know one or two things about you. Do share!

Kachee... xx

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ppS: Photo above from our staycation in St Ives, UK a couple years ago.

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