A Look Back at the Past Year & Plans for 2019

A Look Back at the Past Year & Plans for 2019

For the past ten years or so, no matter how the year has been, the 31st of December, for me, is almost always a good day because it’s my husband’s birthday. But also, and more seriously, there’s that gratitude for seeing another year end, and an intense burst of energy that comes with the new year. Yes, some sceptics preach that there’s nothing particularly life-changing about the 1st of January and it’s just like another new day, but why be a killjoy?

2018 had its highs and lows. But I spent the first half on maternity leave so I can barely remember much of it (hello, mummy brain!).

The second half of the year I recall more clearly with some key moments. We had family holidays, I went back to work, had a career move from private practice to in-house, our son turned one, and I turned 30! In between all of these, there were great moments with family and friends. Although we had a few hitches, it was still a good year of learning and growing.

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On the blog front, it didn’t grow as I had hoped; the pace was slower than usual this year. But I’ve learnt that there’s a season for everything and in 2018 I had my hands pretty full. At the very least though, we remained consistent and had some insightful features and reads. The team expansion also didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped, but it’s all been a learning curve. On the bright side, I had the opportunity to work with some brands I love, feature in a top UK publication for bloggers, and best of all, actually bring this amazing community to life through #thekacheeeteecircle, hosting three events in two months.

Last year, I had set goals to learn more about the blog industry, pitch directly for collaborations and be more confident about the blog, and I definitely grew a lot in those areas.

Still, there’s always room for improvement.

So, in 2019, the dreams remain big — but it’s easy to dream and right now I want to not just dream but remain disciplined and committed to doing the work. Trust me people, that is the extremely important, but majorly difficult part.

Despite the propaganda of blogging being “dead,” I have all this content and features ideas in my head that need to be done and I wonder how on earth blogging could be dying. So yes, we will continue to write about these things that inspire and educate, and make kacheetee.com one of our fave spots on the internet. I want to write more personal essays (which I often leave unfinished on my notes app), more relationship, food, travel, and general lifestyle content. What areas would you like us to explore more?

Growing this community remains a focus and this year, I’ll be exploring Instagram more as a means to grow and connect with you all.

Finally, here are a few posts from 2018 that we loved and you may have missed. Please click on the links to catch up!









Thanks for sticking around for another year, and cheers to all the amazing things we’ll do in 2019. It’s hard to believe we turn three in February! Time does fly, but it’s been so worth it.

I hope you have a truly wonderful 2019! Do you have any plans or resolutions you’re working towards?


Kachee… Xx

pS: If you’re searching for some new year inspirational posts there are a couple from past years: Helpful ways to make the most of the new year and nine areas of your life to detox and refresh in this new year.

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