The Best Fashion Advice I Ever Received

The Best Fashion Advice I Ever Received

I started my fashion journey quite early in life.

I was told that in elementary school, I came home with a report card that read "She takes pride in her personal appearance". My mum took that as a sign of my upcoming good fashion sense. Little did she know that about 15 years later, she'd be nagging about how I dress in a unconventional albeit stylish manner.

I went through a tomboy phase in which I honestly couldn't be bothered but my interest sparked when I started to see style as an art form. It started with fashion illustrations, progressed to fashion magazines, then blogs. Today, I honestly don't keep up with any trends. Not only because it's quite difficult (can anyone else relate?), but also because I don't feel the need to. My style is mine.

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Which brings to the mind the question I'm frequently asked - What's the difference between fashion and style? I see fashion as "the business". The production aspect. The designers, models, tailors, brands and whomever contributes to the industry.

But style? It's a personal thing. I often define it as self-expression through the medium of fabrics and accessories. It is creativity through clothing items, the consumer's contribution to the equation.

To the question "what's the best fashion advice you've ever received?" I never quite know what to say. I'd often mumble some popular fashion quote and get away with it but this morning, I thought really hard. What's the one thing I've heard about fashion and style that's made the greatest impact? It came to me in the simplest of words.

"If it looks good, wear it."

The most meaningful messages often come in basic terms and it really is that simple. Worried that a dress doesn't suit you? Look in the mirror. Wondering if this top and that skirt match? Wear it and step in front of the mirror. Does it look like something you'd want to wear if you saw it on someone else? If yes, go for it.

You might have been expecting some complex equation but that was honestly the turning point for me. It doesn't matter if I break the rules or not. I wear what looks good to me and it's quite satisfying.

Style is indeed an art form. You have creative licence (except when there are dress codes, yuck) so why not experiment? If you like to keep things basic, that's perfectly fine too. As they say, "Life is short, wear what you want ". Or something like that.

If that isn't how it goes, this is what it should be, don't you think?

So let’s talk a bit of fashion today. How would you describe your style? Experimental? Conservative? Daring? Trendsetter? Trend follower? Basic?

What are your challenges with your style? And just for fun - tell us one item you will never be caught wearing?


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