How To Get The Best Deals for Your Family Photoshoot Sessions

How To Get The Best Deals for Your Family Photoshoot Sessions

Now that back to school season is over, I’m sure that many of us are already thinking about the fast approaching holiday season and all the expenses that go with it. We’re also probably hoping to squeeze in a family photoshoot.

As a photographer and frugal mama, I thought this would be a great time to share my six top tips for getting the best photography deals for your upcoming milestones and events.

So here we go!

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1. Book Early

Going by the number of times myself and my photographer friends regularly receive last minute enquiries and bookings, this had to be the first one. There are a few advantages to booking early such as making sure your preferred photographer is available on the date needed and having enough time to prepare for the shoot. But another great reason is the chance to pay in installments when you book early. Most photographers take a deposit for booking and then the balance closer to shoot date. Last minute bookings are inconvenient and some photographers will even charge extra. So booking early could help avoid paying out a lump sum and extra charges.

2. Work it into your Budget

Having your family’s milestones documented and preserved for future generations is a pretty big deal and worth every penny invested. Now is a good time to add it to your budget if you haven’t already. Create a family photography fund and start putting money towards it a little at a time.

3. Research Research Research!

Take your time to search for a compatible photographer. Ask your friends for referrals. Look on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media. So many photographers are on Instagram waiting to be found through hashtags. Search local hashtags such as #LondonFamilyPhotographer or more specific hashtags like #FamilyPhotographyDeals or #ChristmasMiniPhotoSessions. Just a bit of research will help you discover hidden gems that you may miss when doing things last minute.

4. Ask for a Custom Package

We understand that preset packages may not suit everyone. Reach out to the photographer and see how they can help. If you don’t ask you’ll never know. Moreover, it is much better to ask for a package to be tailored to your needs than to ask for discounts on set prices and packages.

5. Look out for seasonal deals

Some photographers do pretty cool deals usually during the summer and winter holidays. Themed mini photo sessions have become very popular over the last few years. So subscribe to the email lists of photographers you love and follow them on social media so that you don't miss those seasonal deals. If your local photographer isn’t doing any special sessions, you could try suggesting they offer one for Christmas, for example. If you and other people in your community show real interest and commitment, that’ll be a strong motivator for them to offer them.

6. Do It Yourself

This may be the last option but definitely not the leastYou may use all the tips above and still not find a deal that’s suitable. DIY to the rescue and you don’t even have to be a photographer to make it happen! Thanks to Youtube, Pinterest and more, you can get lots of ideas and tutorials to help setup a good family portrait. You can even make it a tradition like we’ve done. Our family and friends get personalised Christmas cards every year - and the photo above is of my kids and the one we used last year. It’s so much fun, give it a try!

So there you have it, six tips that I hope you will find helpful in getting some amazing family photography deals from now on.

Do you do family photoshoots? It’s almost Christmas - are you planning one this year? Would you like a post about some themes for Christmas photoshoots and how to ensure the pictures come out lovely? Let me know in the comments!


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