Weekend Notes X Links from Around The Web #14

Weekend Notes X Links from Around The Web #14

Hellur Everyone!

It's definitely been a while since I shared any weekend notes. But I missed  them as an easy way to just catch up - and thank you to everyone who sent messages asking me to bring it back. 

 How have you been? I have been mostly getting the hang of motherhood. The last update I shared was on one month of motherhood - and well since then quite a bit has happened seeing as he just turned 4 months. Between then and now, my mum has left and Tee's mum also came over for two months.

It's just us now and we're trying to get into a routine. But he's getting quite big, my arms almost ache from carrying him and he's so active at the moment - seems like he wants to jump even before he can crawl.  I often share bits on my Instagram story - it's tempting to share all of his activities (which intrigue and excite quite a bit) but careful not to 'bore' you guys with the new parent fascination. 

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Other than that, I've been mostly home and watching too much Netflix. From The Crown to Greenleaf and now Jane the Virgin - which is funny as I appreciate and can relate with a lot of the motherhood talk and products.  There's also Black Mirror which I'm so unsure about. I've only watched a couple of episodes though, so I guess the Jury is still out on that one. 

But yes, I saw Wakanda! And I absolutely loved it. I know a few people that didn't but even if you didn't think the story was fantastic, surely you must appreciate the cast, the costume and the fact that it raises the issue of diversity and representation in movies. I thought the characters were fab - and Shuri and Mbaku definitely came with some humour! Seen it yet? who are your faves?

And yes, it was International Women's Day (IWD) two days ago! So much positive messages all around the web on supporting women in every way and a call to #pressforprogress. But let's keep the momentum going - and ensure that it's not just words. It doesn't have to be crazy mighty steps. But just ask yourself if you're truly supporting, encouraging, helping and advocating for the women very next to you. I wrote this IWD post two years ago an the practical steps to take are still very useful. 

Here are some links from around the web

~ How Women's Day is celebrated differently around the world

~  Can't seem to get much done? I've been trying out this very simple but effective productivity hack. 

~ This article sums up the three things employees really want - I very much agree.

~ On Wakanda, this twitter thread shared so much insight into the African cultures that provided inspiration for the movie. Worth a read!

~ Many people have been going on about Will Smith's Instagram and how awesome it is. Did you catch the buzz? 

~ This post explores 6 practical ways to get husbands more involved in parenting. Trust me, one needs as many hands as one can get. 

~ Ok this is funny. This 2 year old toddler locks his mum's iPhone for 47 years! 

Blog Spotlight

It's a mummy ish / parenting one this time around. Check out www.blazersandbaby.com . I love how it seeks to help balance both career and family life. Some very helpful guides, posts and tips on there. 

What are your plans for the weekend and next week? The weather is getting much warmer here so hopefully, I'll stop spending too much time indoors and get out more. It's also almost Q1 over so time to check up on those new year goals.

What have you been up to? Work, family, leisure? Let's catch up. 


Kachee... Xx

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