Weekend Notes x Links Around the Web #12

Weekend Notes x Links Around the Web #12

Hey Hey!

Another weekend is upon us. It's been a pretty long week for me. One that I thought I'll be super productive, but it just didn't work out that way. My schedule got a bit twisted and you probably noticed that from the erratic timing of blog posts. I'm hoping to have a chilled weekend and be back at it next week.

That said, I have to give it up to people who have full day jobs and side money making projects, and deliver on both all the time. Although I do my blog on the side, it's still a hobby of some sort and probably the reason why I can be super chilled with it. But for people who run their own thing (whether full time or not), selling a product or a service, being accountable to themselves and meeting goals constantly, well done! 

What's new with me since the last weekend notes couple of weeks go? Not a lot. Routine stuff basically. But I met up with Tuke Morgan again  last week. Love when I'm able to meet people and forge friendships in real life after connecting on the blog or social media. She also won an award recently for her contribution to music in Nigeria via the Saxophone - which she picked up just 8 years ago. I remember my interview with her last year made me feel like I could pick up a new skill and smash it.  You should totally read it if you missed it. 

I'm also still trying to decorate our home. It's taken so much longer than planned and there's always something new coming up. Now I'm on the search for perfect beddings - you know the way it looks in the magazines. Mine's still coming up quite flat and bleh.  

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It's also so hard to deal with the fact that the house and furniture will get old. After not wearing foundation for ages, I leisurely decided to put some on from a sample bottle I was trialling out and boom, spilled on my cream rugs! I was literally heartbroken and probably spent an hour trying to get it off with stain removers, bleach and what not. There's still patches of it left, but I'll keep trying. 

And still on makeup, Fenty Beauty, the makeup line by Rihanna seems to be on every one's lips! I'm not even such a makeup person, but I'm so keen to get my hands on some. Plus the packaging looks lovely. Have you tried any? 

Finally summer's definitely over here, but I'm looking forward to Autumn - wearing layers, boots, & the pretty leaves falling.

Here are some links for your weekend

~ What do you say when you hang up the phone? I enjoyed this piece (albeit sad)  - why my Nigerian father  never said goodbye

~ You should listen to this Ted Talk - Who belongs in a City?

~ This has crossed my mind a few times. Are you friends with your parents now that you're older? Or still the same as before?

~ Hello, Creatives & Entrepreneurs - Afoma shares 10 Podcasts worth checking out. 

~ Red Lipsticks are a fave for me, as it often makes me feel more confident. Sadly, my go to MAC Ruby Woo is running out. Yewande shared 5 red lipsticks you need in your stash. I've loved her previous recommendations so worth checking. What's your go-to lip colour? She also shared her inter-ethnic marriage story with us this week if you missed it. 

~ From lipsticks to foundation. Here's what the 40 shades of Fenty beauty foundation look like on real customers. 

~ So much positive and lovely feedback on A Day in Tega's Work life as a lecturer (+ so many comments on her amazing body!). I'm looking forward to the next feature. Would you like to see some men featured as well? 

~ Rather than wallow in comparison & self pity, here's how to make meaningful connections with people more successful than you. Number 8 is quite important. 

Blog Spotlight

This is more of an Instagram page, but I absolutely love Mari Andrew's illustrations. Interesting how her illustrations which are so basic, could often be so relatable in so many ways. But the most inspiring thing as she recently shared is how she only started drawing 2 years ago at age 28! It just re-inforces the fact that there ought to be no time limits and we can pick up something new today!

That's pretty much it from this end, and I hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe. Let me know what you're up to and what you've been loving lately - books, blogs, TV, fashion etc!

Kachee.. Xx

pS: Hard to believe I still have not seen Girls' Trip - the movie, and it doesn't seem to be showing in my local cinema. We might have to drive 40 mins to see it. Worth it? 

ppS: Passed my driving theory test (had to retake it as two years since the first one had elapsed). Please say a prayer for my practical test. It's getting exhausting and I really need to pass. 


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