9 People 1 Question  - Female Travel Enthusiasts on Why They Travel, Must-See Destinations & Dream Passports!

9 People 1 Question - Female Travel Enthusiasts on Why They Travel, Must-See Destinations & Dream Passports!

I think one of the most hilarious hashtags I've ever stumbled upon is #BlackGirlsTravelToo. I almost feel like whoever initiated the hashtag got fed of people thinking black girls had no quest for adventure, didn't travel and perhaps didn't travel alone!

Judging from today's post, that couldn't be farther from the truth. My husband thinks travel has become my favourite past time and dare I say myself that I might have become slightly obsessed about it? But thanks to these amazing nine, and many more, I don't have to get on a plane or on the road all the time by myself to feed my obsession. I live and learn vicariously through them. Sometimes I might go a little green eyed with envy, but hey who wouldn't?

These amazing nine female travellers, share their experiences with us. I absolutely love it and feel like everyone should read it (that's your cue to share with your friends!) 

The question I asked?

"Why do you travel. Whats one general misconception about solo (female) travel or travel in general and one destination you think everyone should visit and why!"

They answer all that, and cheeky me, had to ask what passport they'd swap their current ones for in a heartbeat!

I don't think I've come across a more enthusiastic bunch, and you can definitely see these from their responses! Enjoy and don't forget to leave some feedback! Xx

Female African Travel Bloggers

1. Feyikoya Kamson - @FnPTravel
  • Full time Blogger at FnP Travel - www.footprintsinpolaroids.com
  • Between 9 am and 5 pm, I work as a Technical Business Analyst.
  • First country visited & favourite memory: London, UK. I was 3 and my favorite memory is feeding the pigeons from my palms at Trafalgar Square. If I close my eyes and go back, I feel the excitement all over again.
  • Dream Passport: I have two passports (British and Nigerian) and I wouldn’t trade any for the world. I love Nigeria and it will be great again and Britain, well, it's convenient so I wouldn’t trade that either. Haha. 
Awesome time in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Awesome time in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Why I travel

I travel to LIVE.
It is such a difficult question to answer because there are so many reasons why I travel so that’s the short answer. This does not mean in anyway that if you are not travelling you are not living but travel gives ME life. Everything stops and just makes sense. Most importantly I feel closest to God amidst all around. I am always in awe of Him and it’s incredible to have that as many times as I choose to.

Travel Misconceptions

I’m not so much of a solo traveller because I personally love to share my experiences with someone or two. A misconception about travel, in general, is thinking travel is only for the rich. 

For some reason, we have been conditioned to think travel is only for the rich, upper class and privileged. To be honest, I used to think that way too till I realised it's really not the case because, travel, like so many things in life is about priorities. If it is a priority to you, you will often bend to make it happen. 

*bend*- Financial discipline: cutting costs, saving, budget travel, volunteer, mission trips.

Must Visit Destination?

Based on where I’ve already been, I think everyone should visit Thailand. Please visit Thailand!
In a few words, It’s absolutely breathtaking and was an experience of a lifetime.

2. Elsie Akerele - @ajalawaka
  • Business Development background first in Media and Publishing, later in the IT industry (in London).
  • Moved to Nigeria 6 years ago to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. 
  • In a few months I launch the first travel community created to connect African Travellers around the world - www.ajalawaka.com
  • First country visited & favourite memory: The UK. I cannot remember doing much to be honest besides visiting Madame Tussauds. Again I think like most Africans do, we only ever went to England as it was a familiar place. Many people I know still do that (visit the same countries and do the exact same things year in year out) but I am working on inspiring a change!
  • Dream Passport: I would swap my Nigerian passport for any passport that supports my spontaneity. To just get up and go without having to deal with rigorous visa application processes would be the dream. Most people think I travel as much as I do  because I’m privileged not to have to deal with visa challenges like they do. Trust me even if I never changed my passport, I would still visit all the countries in the world. Although at the moment I think Nigerian passport holders are banned from visiting Bahrain but let’s hope when I get round to my 196th country that ban would have been lifted. Hahahahaha. 
Loved her so much, I named her 'Benjamin'!. At Louangphabang, Laos

Loved her so much, I named her 'Benjamin'!. At Louangphabang, Laos

Why I travel

I travel to LIVE! 

{Kachee says: Just to let you know I didn't edit this! it's exactly the same answer Feyikoya gave above. How cool?}

I travel to bring the world closer to me. I travel to connect with people and get lost in a world other than mine. 

I travel to stay enlightened. I travel to find the WHY to so many things we experience in the world today. I travel to find the meaning of Life, Humanity and Love. I travel to find Me. 

Travelling means different things to different people. Being quite a competitive person I had to make a conscious decision to quit counting. So in truth I have no idea how many countries I’ve been to as it needs to be much more than just a stamp collecting exercise. I might count when I have my first child as that would be one good reason to make adjustments (I WILL NOT STOP TRAVELLING, only adjustments!).

I took my first solo trip over a decade ago to Milan (Italy), I was stuck in a routine and sick of simply just EXISTing. The time was never right for my friends and one day, sat at work I pulled up a map of Europe on my screen and randomly picked a destination, Milan. 

I remember landing at Bergamo Airport and thinking this is one big mistake! I was going to head straight back. I knew not a single word of Italian, I knew not a single soul in the entire city or country. That turned out to be the beginning of the life I knew I wanted to live. I had a BLAST! 

My next solo trip was almost a decade later. These days I can’t think of a better way to travel. The world is so small yet so big. You limit yourself when you do not travel. Anyway you choose to travel is up to you as long as you GO! 

Travel Misconceptions

A common misconception is that travel is always expensive, a thing of luxury reserved only for those with a healthy bank balance. People do not realise there are significant differences between travelling and holiday seeking. Travel isn’t always convenient, I’ve met people who travelled the world with only $100 in their pockets and a one way ticket when they set off. There are always ways around these things. If you are going to travel, you have to be prepared to absorb different cultures as you go along, you have to be prepared to live like the locals and adjust to their standard of living. Hopping on trains and buses as opposed to taxis. These are the joys of travelling.

I still think the biggest misconception about 'female' solo travellers is that they are single promiscuous beings.  Some take it further into assuming we have deep rooted issues we run away from. Especially being in my 30s where my peers are almost done getting married and have now moved on to having their 2nd, 3rd, 4th offsprings.

Unbeknownst to people I am in a very very very strong/committed relationship. I found travel at a point when I needed to 'find me' and what I truly wanted out of life. All I have done since then is build my life around what I want and chosen people who align with my life goals. I go to bed every night with a heart full of gratitude for my other half who appreciates what I do and encourages me to build my life and business around my passion. And yes he comes on a few of my trips (only a few! Haha)

A lot of people also assume female travellers make themselves vulnerable and put their lives at risk going solo. Truth is, bad things happen every where. If anything, I’m more vigilant and much more sensible when abroad than back home. You cannot underestimate the application of ‘common sense’ and intuition. When I launch Ajalawaka later in the year I’ll be sharing more on my personal journey as a female African solo traveller. I travelled through Belgium and Germany not paying a dime in accommodation, being hosted by total and I mean complete strangers (9 cities in total).  There is only one race - THE HUMAN RACE. The world is kinder than we give it credit for.

Must Visit Destination?

Very difficult to recommend one Country out of a pool of 196. So permit me to recommend a ‘region’ - South East Asia. 

South East Asia is cheap, you will definitely get your money’s worth. The FOOD? Oh the food is out of this world. Great weather, typically travelling from North to South in most of these countries will give you everything you want and need in a holiday from Museums, Art, History, Culture, to Cruises, Floating villages, Beaches!

For a region that has lived through natural disasters, wars,mass killings, not to mention poverty, what I saw on my visit to Vietnam (my first SEA country) was a hospitable people, patriotic people and people who appreciated and understood the essence of sharing their culture and stories with the rest of the world. I’m heading back to explore more of the region when I leave for The Republic of Laos and Cambodia. 

My dream is that Africans realise what we have and catch up with the rest of the travel world. I think our biggest problem is a lack of hospitality and genuine kindness in the absence of any recompense. And high up with that is being judgemental. We need to understand and embrace the differences in people. If we judge people we have no time to love them.

3. Yejide (Mofe) Runsewe - @naijanomads
  • Lawyer/ Founder, Travel Company - Naija Nomads
  • www.naijanomads.com
  • First country visited & favourite memory: The United States and my favorite memory has to be going ice skating at the Rockefeller center in New York for my 21st birthday! It was such a magical moment even though I cant ice skate to save my life. I fell like 1,000,000 times! Haha. I know you said one, but another fun memory from America was a family ski trip in Mountain Creek, New Jersey. After going up the first and second slope a couple of times, I was feeling like a bad ass and decided to take it up one notch and move to the third slope. I got stuck and it was not FUNNY! After crying and screaming for my brothers, they rescued me and lets just say that was the end of skiing for me. Haha. 
  • Dream Passport: Pass me that Singaporean passport! Number 1 passport in the world, yes please! 
Too Pretty! In Gisenyi, Rwanda - the land of 1,000 Hills.

Too Pretty! In Gisenyi, Rwanda - the land of 1,000 Hills.

Why I travel

Apart from getting away from home to refuel and refresh, travel has become a lifestyle for me. During my LLM in London, I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to be the typical Nigerian who goes abroad and makes Nigerian friends. I mean I lived in Nigeria and all my friends were Nigerian. I wanted to make friends from all over the world in different area codes!

My first class, I got intrigued by the diversity and uniqueness of my classmates. We had people from ALL over the world and the very first friend I made was Thai. Everyone had an interesting and insightful story about their various countries, different from what the media tells you. Same way I wondered how an Iraqi girl in my class was able to escape "war torn" Iraq and get a masters in England was the same way others wondered how we (Nigerians) were able to survive Boko Haram.

The questions I got asked about Nigeria were hilarious but I was happy to educate them.  I got curious, excited to know more about these places and I booked a trip with my friends to Morocco for a Saharan Adventure. This was extremely out of the 'out of the way' for me because I was the usual America and London traveler.  I told my parents about my trip to Morocco and my father had the usual 'what are you going to do there?', 'do you have Moroccan friends' questions. My mum on the other hand was very excited. The trip to Morocco changed my entire perspective about people and places. I learnt so much about their people, their history, food and culture! I felt very knowledgeable and empowered, I was seeing and learning about all I watched on the TV first hand. Travel has definitely opened my mind and made me tolerant of peoples views. I also get very excited when I have conversations with people and they can tell I am a well traveled person!

Travel Misconceptions

I really cant speak on female solo traveling because I have never done it before. Not like I don't like it, I've just never had the opportunity to. Every time I've traveled, I've always had a willing partner which is great!

So I will talk on the misconception about travel in general. TRAVEL IS AN EXPENSIVE LUXURY I CANNOT AFFORD. Though I understand that some people cannot genuinely afford to travel, most of the people that make these statements are people that CAN afford to travel once they get their priorities right. I get it, travel from Nigeria can be so so difficult but Nigerians are also skewed to believing that if you aren't going to an European or American country you have not traveled. Ditch that aso ebi or luxury item for an experience you will never forget!

Africa is the new cool oh, so you guys better get with the program. More people are traveling Africa these days its easier and works out cheaper for you. You also get to learn more about your continent and for business travelers Africa is a great place to explore if you are looking at exporting your goods. Some ways to save on travel is by going with a group of friends. Another way is taking public transportation in your destination of choice. Finally, airbnbs, hostels or if you are brave enough couch surfing should be your accommodation options. 

Must Visit Destination?

This has to be Thailand! Not like I have been but like I said earlier, my first friend during my masters was Thai and I somehow found myself in the Thai circle. My LLM year was a Thai immersion and the stories I heard about the country, it just sounds like everyone should be there! Thailand offers you  a very rich culture, amazing cheap food and luxury on a budget. 

4. Amarachi Ekekwe - @amarachiekwekwe; @travelwithapen
  • Systems Engineer by day and a writer by night. I write fiction and also maintain a travel blog called Travel with a Pen - www.travelwithapen.com, where I encourage people to travel differently. 
  • My first international trip was to France but the first authentic international experience I had was in Abingdon, UK. My favorite memories include early morning walks along the River Thames, late night jaunts to Oxford with friends and the one time I heroically and bravely risked my life to save that of another – I killed a spider in my housemate’s room!
  • Dream Passport? I think a Norwegian Passport. Why? Passport ranks No 3 in the Global Passport Index – I can visit 157 countries visa free or on arrival. 157! The country is the happiest in the world, excellent health care system, what’s not to love? That being said, I do love my Nigerian passport. The visa application life isn’t easy but we’re making it work. While I’m loving the passport, I’m also looking for a Norwegian husband. 
All smiles, at a wonder of the world. The Taj Mahal. Agra, India 

All smiles, at a wonder of the world. The Taj Mahal. Agra, India 

Why I travel

I travel because it makes me a better person. That’s the simplest way I can put it. I’ve seen so many positive changes in the way I interact with people and my view of life in general since I embraced the lifestyle. It has opened my eyes and my mind; I am now a more confident individual, more appreciating of cultures, of people and of life.  

Travelling also helps to break stereotypes, which is good for some of the people I meet and those who meet me.

And lastly, I think I know someone personally from almost every country in the world - That’s pretty awesome, don’t you think? 

Travel Misconceptions

One big misconception is that solo travel isn’t safe. Fear is one of the reasons most people (or ladies) don't travel solo. I think it’s important to put things into perspective when discussing this topic. Safety is definitely a valid concern and accidents can happen anywhere whether you travel in a group or not. 

The key thing to note is that you have to be careful wherever you go. Some places require a higher level of caution than others but wherever you are, it’s important to be self-conscious and aware. Bottom line is this: Solo travel is not as scary or unsafe as it is sometimes made out to be. 

Another misconception about solo travel is that it is boring! I have had a great time travelling with friends and family but I have equally had an amazing time going solo. My first ever solo trip was to some parts of Europe and I had the time of my life! Trust me, there was hardly any time to be bored! – ps: this is coming from an extreme introvert!

Last travel misconception I want to highlight is the view that ‘travel is expensive and only rich people can afford it’. I get it. ‘Expensive is relative’ but for the purpose of moving this conversation forward, let’s limit our target audience to the average middle class individual. Yes, travel can be expensive but does it always have to be? My answer is No. When you learn to broaden your mind about what constitutes ‘travelling’, you’d find that you can explore several places quite cheaply.

Must Visit Destination?

This is difficult to choose but off the top of my head, I’d say Italy. Why? It is an incredibly beautiful country with so much history, culture, art and romance.

5. Ufuoma - @theufuoma
  •  I spend most of my day working full time for a global company but I let off all the steam on my blog after 5pm where I share my travel adventures with love - www.theufuoma.com.
  • First country visited & favourite memory: Canada - which is very fitting as I now live there. I went there to visit my sister who was studying there at the time. It was a nice little break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, Nigeria. To be honest, I had zero interest in travel, I was really just excited to shop for a ton of clothes and come back to Nigeria with “fresh oyinbo skin”. How times have changed!
  • Dream Passport?: a Canadian passport. It is one of the most powerful passports in the world. With a Canadian passport, you can visit 170 countries in the world, visa free. With my current passport (Nigerian), I can only visit 43 countries without having to apply for a visa, so I’ll happily toss it in the bin for a Canadian passport (Okay, maybe I’ll store it away as an “artifact” so I can show my children how much of a super woman their mummy is, just because I have held a Nigerian passport and still managed to travel.) Anyway, one day, soon enough, the Canadian passport shall be mine. If you’re reading this, please say a prayer for me. I’m serious. Do it. Thank you. 

Dreams come True. In Disney Land - Orlando, USA

Dreams come True. In Disney Land - Orlando, USA

Why I travel

Interesting question as no one has ever asked me this. I guess people just assume the reasons are obvious but they really aren’t, as people travel for different reasons. Personally, I am in love with the thrill of the education. I am a curious cat and I like to get to the bottom of things and travel gives me that much needed filler! Travel is my way of educating, learning and unlearning. Quite frankly, even though I try to read a lot of books, I am not sure I will be learning as much if I wasn’t traveling. First, I absolutely detest the media and try to avoid it as much as I possibly can. It is way too negative for this little positivity bubble I like to keep on the inside. So, it’s hard to keep up with the world in that sense.  However, with travel, I can learn a thing or two, about the world. Not only when I get to the destination but during the process of getting there. Once I pick a destination, I am instantly intrigued by it and google everything about the place as part of my preparatory research. In the process, I learn about the world. I recently learnt that penis enlargement surgeries are free for males in Cuba. Did you know that?

Travel Misconceptions

The misconception is that travel is expensive hence, travelers must be super rich. I think a lot of people are still stuck in the luxury travel mentality but a lot of things have changed. It is a huge industry now, as interest has peaked, especially for millennials. This means that a lot of airlines and hotels must stay competitive in their pricing. Travel is not as expensive as people think. The other day, someone asked me how much I spent in a country I visited, I told them in total, 500 dollars and their mouth dropped. They said they thought it was about $5000 and I couldn’t stop laughing. $5000 on a trip that’s not my honeymoon? Never, ever! I think the highest I have spent is $2000 and I was walking around the entire time feeling like Kanye West.

Must Visit Destination?

I think everyone should visit a country that is in the same economic condition as their home country but a different language. So, if your home country is a developed country, go to another developed country but one that speaks a different language. For example, an American should visit Chile. There will be a lot of similarities in the differences and that will leave you intrigued. For me, that was Peru. Peru is a third-world country just like Nigeria but Spanish-speaking. Best eye-opening trip of my life. Also, Machu Picchu in Peru will leave you speechless so definitely go there. 

6. Dee Olateru - @wellwornheels
  • Work in the Audit practice of a Big 4 firm by day and I’m a travel addict all day every day. I write about my travels at www.wellwornheels.com.
  • First country visited & favourite memory: My first big trip was to Turkey & Greece in one trip but I started out in Turkey. While I had a lot of memorable experiences (good or bad) on that trip, my favorite memory was staying in a cave hotel perched just above the village of Goreme (Turkey) with sweeping views of the valleys as you hang out on the terrace or in the rose garden. The hotel is family-owned and is carved out of rock formations from ages ago but is updated with modern comforts. In the afternoons, one of my favorite things to do was to hang out on a hammock in the rose garden to read while the dog ran around. At dawn, I’d sit on the terrace and watch the hot air balloons take off over Turkish tea. I’d eat dinner or have a chat with other travellers as the sunset over the valley turning the already amazing daylight views of the caves and fairy chimneys into a true spectacle at night. There’s no where else in the world quite like this region and staying in a cave hotel just allowed me to marinate in the experience. It was simple, yet beautiful, and like nothing else I’d ever seen. If I could use one word to describe it, it would be enchanting. 
  • Dream Passport?: I LOVE my Naija passport and I cannot lie! We’ve gone through too much together for me to exchange it. It has made my travels more challenging in many ways (visa wahala and extra questioning here and there), but it’s also made me appreciate each journey and the privilege each stamp affords me. While I do complain about visa hurdles, I know many people have had a much harder time getting one stamp. My green passport is a visual reminder of where I’m from (my people, my heritage, my family), whom I represent, and where my story began. HOWEVER, I won’t mind getting an American passport (I did spend my ‘coming of age’ years there so it is a second home and I love me some USA) to share space with my Nigerian one so I can whip it out and skip the visa applications (who green passport epp with visas?). I’m greedy, I want both, but I’m not giving up my Green passport. 
Look at that backdrop (an the cute girl!) - Island of Gozo, Malta.

Look at that backdrop (an the cute girl!) - Island of Gozo, Malta.

Why I travel

Wow, that’s a really good question right off the bat! 

I travel because the experience sets my soul on fire. A new destination draws me in with each new sight, sound, smell, and taste, yet at the same time it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I travel to challenge my perception of ‘normal’, challenge my bias/stereotypes, and expand my definition of the world. Travelling satisfies a curiosity I’ve always had. I travel for the giddy feeling I get walking streets I’d previously only read about in books or seen on TV. 

I travel because I enjoy striking conversations with strangers/fellow travellers, getting an inside view into how their socio-economic backgrounds, values, faith, choices, and culture play into how they see the world. 

I travel because I love it (and I’m currently privileged to be able to do so), but also because it matters to me to show other female/Black/Nigerian travellers that we outchea!!! I travel for the sense of freedom, the adventure, the journey, the great food, the laughs, and even the disappointment. I travel for a fresh dose of inspiration, a renewal of the mind that comes from stepping away from the daily grind. 

I travel because I always come back with a greater appreciation of the simplest aspects of my everyday life, the God that created this insanely diverse and beautiful world, and of the life I’ve been blessed with. I travel because for me, this is living. 

And heck, it is hella fun!!! 

Travel misconceptions

I often hear ‘you’re bold o’ or ‘don’t you get bored?’ when I talk about travelling solo but while I get where those questions are coming from, I don’t see it that way. You see, I didn’t set out with this great plan to be a solo traveller but after going on my first solo trip, I saw the light, and now I travel solo often with my most recent solo trip being to the Philippines in March/April.  

A general misconception is that solo travel is not enjoyable and that could not be further from the truth. It does push me to go out of my comfort zone, to engage with strangers (fellow travellers, hotel owners/employees, and of course locals) on a different level that I would if I were with my ‘crew.’ That absolutely makes for richer experiences. In Hanoi, I went on a night street food tour, and ended up hanging out with my tour group from Canada, France, Australia in the streets for 3 hours after the tour ended sharing stories over drinks and snacks. 

Going solo also affords you the luxury of going at your own pace, being lazy when you feel like it, hiking for hours on end, eating all day, or seeing 25 museums in one day if that tickles your fancy. 

Plus, nobody knows you, so you can be whomever you want. Be you, be your crazy alter ego, dance extra on the dance floor, sing with that street artist, and be bolder than you would be in your normal environment. Why not? There’s absolutely no one to impress or worry about. 

I understand that frequent solo travel is not for everyone, but I’d ask that everyone give it a try at least once. Apply good judgment and be a sharp person, don’t hang out in dark places alone or with dodgy characters!  

The picture lovers may wonder how to get pictures while going solo. Selfie time, use a tripod, or simply ask a stranger to help. With strangers I totally make sure the person knows their way around a camera and check that they did not cut my head off in the picture. I often also offer to take a picture for my ‘victim.’

With that being said, there is something special about being able to share memories with friends especially crazy/funny experiences that you can laugh over years later. 

Must Visit Destination?

Kachee, this is a tricky question that I don’t like to answer because we all have different preferences while we travel! I’ll start by saying everyone should explore his or her backyard first. I’m guilty of being so focused on travelling far and wide that I haven’t seen as much of the UK as I’d like. We should invest a little time in getting to know our own little corners of the world. I call these ‘everyday adventures.’ 

Now, for going beyond that, there are so many places I think everyone should visit. Here are a few places I would suggest for a first trip (solo or not) based on my experiences:

Mexico: For those based in North America and looking for a place close by with sand, sun, sights, and friendly locals! You can’t go wrong with Mexico

London England (Scotland too): London would be a great gateway into exploring Europe and it has some amazing museums. Plus, almost everyone knows 1 person in the UK somewhere, so you can meet up for coffee/tea/a meal!! There’s a lot to see and do, communication is easy and it’s a short flight/train ride to Paris and other parts of Europe (Hello Easyjet & Ryanair). 

Thailand or Vietnam: Absolutely hands down I’d recommend both of these countries for an introduction to Southeast Asia. No, English is not the official language but it is spoken well enough in touristy areas. However, the service and warmth in Thailand and Vietnam have been some of the best I’ve experienced, and the food is to live for! Both countries are quite popular with backpackers so it is also very easy to meet people from all over the world. In my opinion, there’s something for everyone here from foodies, to shopaholics (hello tailor-made clothing!), to beach bums, to history lovers, to adventure junkies. Both countries are also very affordable!

7. Fola Jemi-Alade - @folaswaka
  • Fashion Designer, I dabble into travel and tours and I blog at www.folaswaka.com
  • Dream passport?: A Canadian Passport. Let’s face it, Nigerian passport can be messy. I usually like spontaneous trips but with a Nigerian passport, it can be difficult. 
We don't need to tell you. That's Robben Island Museum. Cape town, South Africa.

We don't need to tell you. That's Robben Island Museum. Cape town, South Africa.

Why I Travel

I’m a very curious person so I travel to feed my curiosity about the world. Asides from that, I also love exploring new cultures and meeting people in the hope of learning new things and getting ideas that I can apply to my daily life and work/business. Taking time off the routine of daily life is also important for me in order to balance life.

Travel Misconceptions

I think a lot of people just never understand why women travel without a partner and they think it’s dangerous to be alone in a foreign place. This is entire false because the risk never changes regardless of the traveler (solo, group, couple, male, female). And the truth is, people you meet for help are generally nice and willing to offer a hand when you need it. Another misconception is that you are single and lonely that’s why you travel on your own. Some of us just thrive more when we are by ourselves (I don’t thrive well in a group).

Must Visit Destination?

One destination I think everyone should visit is Istanbul, Turkey. So much history, interesting culture, good food, beautiful scenery… the reasons are endless. You’ll have to go and find out yourself.

8.  Nneka Agbim - @nxtoursng
  • Lawyer and  founder of the travel and tours company N.X.Tours - www.nxtoursng.com.ng
  • First country visited & favourite memory - I started travelling at an early age with my parents and family, so a lot of my early travel memories are intertwined with my childhood. But the first place I travelled without my parents and family was Spain. It was right after my A-level exams, so my friends and I decided to visit Malaga and Marbella to enjoy some of their beaches and the night life. One of my favourite memories was the night when Spain won the 2010 world cup. The day was pretty quiet before hand and people only started moving around to gather at different pubs to watch the match. No other business was happening during those minutes that Spain was playing. And then they won. And then the entire city went crazy. Chants of “Espana!!” were everywhere. The expressway turned into a slow procession of cars driving slowly for their passengers to stick themselves out to scream “Espana!” and wave their flags. It was quite the time to be in Spain. The excitement and exhilaration in the air was actually almost intoxicating.
  • Dream Passport - This is a tricky question because I’m privileged to have passports that I’m extremely content with. 

After a 5.5 hours hike at Table Mountain. CapeTown, South Africa.

After a 5.5 hours hike at Table Mountain. CapeTown, South Africa.

Why I Travel

When asked, I usually respond to this question with another question - why not travel? Travelling is refreshing in many ways. It can be fun, relaxing and it can just be different. A different experience from your daily routine. It gives me the chance to do crazy things I wouldn’t usually do on a day to day basis. In many ways, it broadens my horizons and opens my mind to different ways of life and culture. And I actually learn a lot - I learn a lot about myself when I travel alone, I learn a lot about my friends when I travel with them, and I also learn new facts, new histories and new cultures. It’s an all round awesome experience!

Travel misconceptions

There’s the general misconception that you can’t travel solo because it might be boring. While there are elements of truths in this statement, I generally consider it a misconception. With regards to solo travel, some alone time is usually advisable - it’s a good way to relax and reflect by oneself sometimes. Plus it’s always a great way to make new friends, especially if you’ll be meeting a lot of travellers along the way. 

Must Visit Destination?

South Africa! I spent a month moving around the country, and it really is quite a rich place to visit - rich in beauty, rich in history, rich in culture, rich in natural landscape for nature lovers, rich in wildlife. It has a bit of everything so anyone can have a good time there.

9. Abidemi Adesanya aka "Bids" - @bidsingraceland
  •  Lawyer and a lifestyle blogger. All my style and travel adventures with my hair, Grace, are chronicled on my blog - www.bidsingraceland.com.
  •  First country visited & favourite memory: I'm going to answer this question as the first country I travelled to on my own as an adult and without family. It was Tunisia, I had just finished law school in London and the experience was absolutely amazing. My favourite memory from that trip was the connections I made with a couple of the local people in the area we were staying. One guy was a local restauranteur who insisted on feeding us all the time (no complaints there!) and took us round the town, giving us impromptu local tours and a view into life there that we would not ordinarily have had as tourists. 
  • Dream Passport?: To be honest, I'm pretty happy with the passport I have now (I should remind myself of this statement the next time I am in an immigration queue or applying for a visa somewhere!). If I had to choose a different passport, it would probably be a German or Swedish passport, because they have the most travel freedom - allowed visa free/visa on arrival on to 175 countries or territories in the world.

Picture Perfect, at the Louvre. Paris, France.

Picture Perfect, at the Louvre. Paris, France.

Why I Travel

Travel feeds my curiosity. It sounds super cliched but I just really enjoy meeting people and learning about other cultures and countries. I love adventures and discovering new things and places. Travel for me doesn't necessarily mean leaving the country, it can be discovering new places in your neighbourhood or visiting a different state to where you live. It can also mean meeting people of different cultures in the place where you live. The most important thing is to be open-minded, willing to learn, willing to broaden your horizons and see beyond your little corner of familiarity.

Travel Misconceptions

There's this idea that if you travel solo you don't have any friends or you're a man hater or you're out to show that you're an independent woman. Honestly that's really not the case, at least not for me. Sometimes you plan with friends but things come up, mortgage payments are due, other financial commitments arise and plans fall apart. Also sometimes it's just a case of timing not working out. After having plans fall through a number of times for various reasons, I decided to just go at it alone when I had the opportunity. That's not to say now that I won't travel with people; I just make up my mind when I want to travel and check if friends are available to join me. If they are not, and I still desperately want to go, I go!

Must Visit Destination?

Cuba was the destination I talked about for years and was always telling people to go there. Now, it seems everyone's on their way so I guess I am sort of a prophet ha!

That's the end! I know it was a long read, but I didn't want to edit their responses a great deal. Each sentence was full of life, and I'm super grateful to each of them for being a part of this and sharing so happily!

So, what did you think? You have to let me know that I wasn't alone in feeling so hyped about this. I love that their changing the narrative and inspiring us to do the same. You should check out all of their blogs and Instagram pages for so much more goodness! I've linked them up above, and they open in a new tab.  

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But before you go and spread the word, tell me what your dream passport is, and the one destination you'd love to visit!

Kachee... xx

pS: It seems like Thailand is a must see, so now I'm super curious. I've been to South East Asia once - precisely Malaysia (by mere stroke of luck!) and had such a lovely time - and yes, food was cheap!. For more travel features - head over to the travel section of the blog!

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