Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around The Web #7

Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around The Web #7

Hey people!

It's okay if you're wondering why you're reading this on a Saturday. It's because I'm writing it on a Saturday. It's been so long since I had a Friday Notes post, and I didn't want to let another week go by without writing.

We've been on holiday for the past two weeks and the time zone change sort of affected my posting schedule. But all good now!

It really does feel so good to be home. We were in the US and basically had a great time being tourists and catching up with family and friends! Plus I had way too much waffles! I'll try to have a blog post on our trip as soon as I can. 

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That said, Happy New Month! It's June already. I spent some few minutes last night looking back at my 2016 recap and 2017 goals. There's still so many boxes left un-ticked and it doesn't seem like I've achieved a lot of my goals. I started the year with a huge amount of enthusiasm, but that just seems to have whittled down along the way. Or thinking about it now, I guess there's been a couple of things (like our new home) that took up time which we didn't particularly envisage. Anyway, the good part is the 2nd part of the year is a great time to re-evaluate and see how much can be achieved. Like they say, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

So take some time off today or this weekend to look through your goals and plans. On the blog, I'm hoping to start a new column, and really work a bit more on scheduling posts and increasing promotion. So please follow me on Bloglovin and please like our blog Facebook page. I'm trying to get to 500 likes (and build that community)!

Ok! Fun Links? Yes Please.

To be honest, I didn't stumble on that much over the past two weeks. So sadly, I have just two links for you! (Don't be mad, I'll do better next week!)

~ This piece seemed to have been everywhere on the internet over the past couple of weeks. It's a long but MUST read - My Family Slave. I'll particularly like to know your thoughts on this one!

~ Just stumbled on this piece - When loss is a victory, I think it's inspiring! and is written by Wladimir Klitschko, who recently lost a boxing match to Anthony Joshua.

What are your weekend plans? My mum was in the US with us last week, and so she's stopped over in the UK as well. We'll try to find some fun things to do this weekend. But if you have any suggestions, shoot!.

It's 1.41 am at the moment of writing this post and we're all up chatting - after watching 3 episodes of King Women back to back. If you haven't watched it yet, you really should.

Since there are no fun links this weekend, let's catch up! What are your plans for the month? What fun things are you up to? What goals are you working towards?

Let's hear!

Have a great month again, and best wishes!

Kachee.. Xx



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