When Blogging Gets Boring - 5 Great Ways to Spice it Up & Find Love Again!

When Blogging Gets Boring - 5 Great Ways to Spice it Up & Find Love Again!

There's something so beautiful about creating. And a lot of bloggers will testify. That moment when you finally launch your blog. It's like having a baby I hear, or being on a roller coaster - a mix of excitement & fear. And an anticipation for all of the world to see and love this your creation. I remember starting my blog & all the gush of enthusiasm (and fear) that followed. I was over the moon.

But then I think a comment sort of brought me back to earth. To paraphase, it was something along the lines of "aww I can relate to the joy and excitement every new blogger has for their blog". Basically it insinuated that after a few months, that joy was set to fade or at least dwindle. Was she wrong? Not really. With time, the ugly bits of blogging begun to rear its head - competition and thoughts of the future, promotion, blog design, time, generating content, lack of engagement and generally feeling uninspired.

Personally, I feel like I could write content almost every single day. I enjoy writing, I enjoy the interviews on my blog, I enjoy simply engaging and when I happen to receive feedback - it's the best feeling. That doesn't mean that I don't get bored. Not of the blog, but of other things, top of my list is promotion! In recent times, I've slacked so much at promoting the blog. And like one of my favourite blogging quote goes, 'Content is King, Promotion is Queen, and she wears the pants!

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So when boredom strikes, or when it seems like the blog has reached its peak, it takes a super enthusiastic person, or one who absolutely does it out of passion to keep going and keep succeeding.

Let's consider 5 ways that bloggers could switch things up often to inject the 'mojo' black into their blogs, and find that love again!

1.     Seriously consider your other interests / niches!

Honestly, I often feel that people who have a particular and defined blog niche are so lucky! For one it saves you a tonne of time and stress in coming up with an elevator pitch or explaining your blog to people. You can simply say "I blog about my style and share fashion tips; or I write about my travels, or natural hair or movies or money and finance".  For people like me that write on a whole lot, it's often trickier to explain. But that said, I often wonder if such niche bloggers feel the need to sometimes share something different. And do they feel constrained that they can't?

The truth is if your niche works for you and you still enjoy it, I think you should stick with it. But if you've gotten to a place of boredom or no progress - it's time to put on those thinking caps! Your audience probably want to hear all of your other experiences as an individual. So you started out as a natural hair blogger, but now you've got a kid and you think mummy hood is the best thing since sliced bread? Blog about it. People aren't reading your fashion posts anymore because they see the photos on Instagram anyway. But then when you share insights about your  daily work/ life / marriage experiences there's so much engagement. It possibly time to consider introducing this to the blog. You don't have to make a complete switch. But writing about these topics you initially won't consider might inject some newness and excitement again and take you on to blogging cloud 9.

2.     Team Up

There's an African proverb that says "if you want to walk far, walk together". I'm a fan of working with people (as in actually working with them. Not like high school or uni days where one person does all the work and others simply put in their names, ha!). In blogging, teaming up and collaboration is not particularly a new feature. But, these are often limited to individual blog posts or appearances.

Teaming up in this context, I actually use to refer to something much more permanent. The fear of competition often prevents us from going into such partnerships. But it can be such a great way to find newness. One way I've seen this apply is mostly to vloggers, and personally if I ever started vlogging, it is one I will look to adopt. So I've seen two fashion bloggers come together to create a joint YouTube channel, and I've also watched 3 travel bloggers create a separate travel channel. This doesn't seem to have affected their individual blogs or platforms. I've seen a few bloggers and creatives do this as well, and come together to work on certain projects.
If you find the right one, go for it. More so, you don't have to be in the same niche. But you could team up with someone in a totally different niche from you. If you're too scared to dive in it, you could test the waters by creating a regular joint segment on your blogs/channels - and simply sharing!

3.     Switch up the design

I get bored so easily! I get bored of eating from the same kind of plate, wearing the same clothes etc. So if you're anything like me (and even if you're not) you're likely to get bored with your blog design. Even if you're not bored of it, your readers might be. So spend some time making sure its functional and easy to navigate. Perhaps change the side bar or header photo occasionally, switch up the images / posts that appear that on the side bar. The ball is in your court.

Asides a design of the blog itself, you could switch up other related things. Perhaps the props you typically use for your photos, or the manner in which you write your blog posts? There's got to be something to do - a big revamp or just some little things could make a world of difference. 

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4.     Introduce Multimedia

If I could get over listening to the sound of my own voice and the thought of lots of people watching me, I will introduce some form of multimedia! Are less people reading blogs and just tired of blogs - that's arguable. But are multi-media platforms such as YouTube and Podcasts increasingly gaining ground, yes! So it's definitely something to consider. Like number 1, you don't have to dive in fully. You could dip your toes in first, and see how you get along. 

5.       Take a break… & Dream Big

After all said and done, it's helpful to take a break! Sometimes we get so involved in our blogs, that we begin to neglect other parts of our lives and it just feels overwhelming. You're constantly thinking page views and traffic, promotions, perfect flat lays and photos.

Urgh. Calm down. Step back. You could go cold turkey and not even do anything blog related at all. Do other fun things. You're likely to have a clearer head and return back to the blog with much more enthusiasm. Or you could withdraw significantly from the blog, but still do somethings different. For example, go back to some of your older posts. See how far you've come, have a laugh at the things you wrote there. Re-share those older posts. Find all the great feedback people have said about your blog. Revel in them. Also the not so great ones might provide some ideas on how to improve. Perhaps conduct a user survey? Re-think the purpose and vision of your blog? But ensure you're doing all of these leisurely - to avoid a double burn out.

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Finally, dream. There's no harm in dreaming. Think of all the great possibilities that could arise from that little blog of yours. And then hopefully, you'd be re-energised to build on those dreams. 

Does blogging or the creative process ever get boring for you? How do you deal with this. Please share your tips! 

Kachee… Xx

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