Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around The Web #4

Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around The Web #4

Hello Hello! 

How are you doing this Friday!? I woke up feeling all pumped and I'm wondering if it had anything to do with the Jollof rice I cooked at 12 midnight and ate into the early hours of today. I think I've mastered my Jollof rice recipe and it takes me no time to whip one up. The only downside is that I tend to over eat it - as was the case this morning when the husband had to actually give me the side eye and ask why I kept going back for more food! 

But asides that I'm really just thankful for health and blessings as the weirdest thing happened on the way into work yesterday. I think I snapped / sprained a back muscle and suddenly couldn't walk. Had to request first aid, paramedics and eventually spent 4 hours in the clinic! Thankfully it was nothing and my back is great. But just made me more thankful for the daily things we take for granted. 

There's really been nothing that exciting in these parts. It's been the usual. On the blog, I seem to be letting my emotions (and laziness) get the better of me. There's so much to write, but I just keep procrastinating. I also got really tired of promoting blog posts and asking people to read. It really is the worst bit. So you may have noticed I slowed down last month - plus I just really wanted a bit of a break. Hopefully I get my 'mojo' back. But please share blog posts you find helpful and invite people to read the blog too! Working on picking up the newsletter again, so I hope you're subscribed to the blog!

It's a new month as well.. Hola April!

I'm looking at my goals for the year and decided to take up my swimming lessons again. But all the classes are on weekdays when I have absolutely no free time! Sigh. This is what happens when you  leave to adulthood skills I should have learnt as a child. I might have to pay extra for weekend lessons. And that's £20 for a 30 mins slot! Worth it or nah?. 

Oh and re that last link which was a collaboration with Berry,  I was super excited when she announced her pregnancy last week! She had been TTC and now we all can't wait to meet Baby Cocoa! So much joy from friends and people she'd connected with via blogging. It's amazing!

Anyway, I haven't got a chance to read much - but Afoma and I did stumble on a few things.

So, here's some (fun) things have been on the web these past couple of weeks:

~ Speaking of Jollof Rice, you absolutely have to read this short story - The Making of Jollof Rice / How a daughter became unlike her mother.  

~ Still on food, I know celebratory desserts can be pretty and exciting. And we got one in Cornwall for our anniversary. But some people must really like them! These two best friends faked a marriage proposal just to get free desert. And here's a video if you care. Tsk tsk

This 2 year old girl  shut down a cashier who suggested she pick a white doll that looked like her, to the black doll she's chose! The child's response was epic and though some have debunked the story, I think there's a lesson or two to learn from there.

~ World Autism  awareness day was 2nd April and Temi shared what it feels like living with her brother who is on the spectrum. It's a humbling and enlightening piece. Also Sesame street added a muppet with Autism. Cool.

~It's interesting how many women are obsessed with their weight. I for one keep thinking I need to have mine in check because Tee is one of those people who it appears would never gain excess weight. This piece my boyfriend weighs more than I do, is a good one to read. Sometimes, we bother about the unnecessary. 

~ Bloggers seeking growth and exposure, Quora and Medium may be channels to express. This lady experimented and blogged everyday for a month - with impressive results. 

~ Do you want kids? Are you on the fence? Wondering how your life will forever change? This woman at 27 was sure she wasn't cut out for kids. Then she changed her mind. Great read. 

~ Trying to find a job as an immigrant in a new country is one I can relate with. And Zinny shares 7 helpful tips to get your dream job as an immigrant. I wholeheartedly agree with number 1 - That was definitely my selling point!

For more links, including videos and podcasts, Afoma shares her monthly round up for March on her blog. You should totally check it out! 

What are you up to this weekend? I think I have to drag myself to get a bit of mani & pedi pampering session. We might be travelling next week for a wedding - so it'll be good to look pretty decent - or like my mum likes to say "you shouldn't look like you're carrying the worlds' troubles on your head". That said, I may have to shop for a new outfit or two - because girl problems!

I'll also continue some de-cluttering! We managed to get rid of so much stuff in the house last weekend - and everywhere feels so light and airy. Almost feels like I haven't slept that good in years. I got a book called 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying' and even though I haven't gone past a few pages, maybe the magic is already getting to me!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. what are you up to? What are you watching / reading or working on? 

And albeit a bit late,  have a wonderful month of April too! Don't think less of yourself and keep pushing! 


Kachee.. xx

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