Friday Notes X Fun Links From Around the Web #5

Friday Notes X Fun Links From Around the Web #5

It's another Friday! Who's excited?

And I guess it's a long weekend for people on the UK and Nigeria and maybe other parts of the world! I'm definitely thankful for that extra day, because my weekend already seems like it'll be packed full.

I was hoping to share some pretty good news with you guys today, but at the time of writing this, all the dots are not in place, so I guess it'll have to wait till a post next week or maybe next Friday's notes!

That said, my week didn't go tOo badly although it felt a bit slow, and the days seemed to drag. But then, I finally saw the movie "The Wedding Party" on Netflix. For those who don't know it's a recent Nigerian movie that seemed to be on everyone's lips recently and was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016. I particularly wanted to watch it because of its Nigerian inter ethnic set up. The bride to be was Yoruba and the groom was Igbo (the reverse of Tee & I - see more here) and there was so much hassle about the wedding and the couple being together. I think I'll do a dedicated post on it, re inter ethnic wedding planning, so be on the look out for that. 

Oh and the cutest thing happened on my way back from work this week! I was on the train platform waiting for the train, when someone walked up to me and said "Are you Kachee?" In my mind I thought "oh dear, what have I done"? Then I nod slowly and silently utter "yes I am". She then says "oh my goodness I love your blog, I was just on your Instagram!.

I'm like "what! Do you want an autograph?". Hahaha. I kid. I was super shy sort of and jokingly covered my eyes. Interestingly we got on the same train and had such a pleasant conversation! Apparently another blog reader - MiddleClassNigerianGirl had introduced Tracey to mY blog! It was such a lovely meeting. Plus she has a blog too, where she writes lovely poetry, non fiction and everything in between! So totally check out her blog - Thoughts by Trey!

Ok enough of the notes. Let's get to the fun links this week. I haven't really been on the interwebs a lot, thanks to my blog & social media absence. But here's a few you might enjoy!

~ Travel Enthusiasts will love this travel feature with Dorcas! The one thing that got me ooohhing? There's a Hotel in Bolivia made entirely from Salt! I'd probably be a doubting Thomas on this one till I see with my eyes.

~ Mummies, Daddies and Mummies and Daddies to be. Here's a really good way to teach your kids about the privacy of their bodies (and others'!). Love the idea of letting them know they're the boss of their own body!

~ I'm absolutely fascinated by identical twins, and I kind of wish I'd have twin girls! But how do the twins themselves feel? This letter to identical twins was quite a good read!

~ Constantly think you're not good enough? Too scared to share your work? This post will give you some much needed change of mind! It's short & sweet.

~ I'm not a huge fan of the current trend of Instagram aesthetics and the common white background photos, but some people love it! So if you do (especially bloggers), here's tips on how to whiten your photo backgrounds.

~ Hold up! Remember those professors kids who went viral a couple of weeks ago for disrupting their dad's on air interview?! They now have their own cartoon TV show - the Adventures of Mina & Jack !! It's super adorable and I hope it becomes a thing!. See the trailer.

~ I secretly love law students and lawyers, and here's a great post on how to make a first class in Law! Super detailed. To be honest, it probably applies to all disciplines and not just law. Get reading students!

~ I often wish every time I thought of my friends I could automatically have a conversation with them and catch up, or do something sweet for them! Being an adult and keeping friendships can be tough. This piece spills some truths on adult friendships!

~ I so haven't kept to my goal of reading two books every month. Maybe I should emulate this 13 year old whose mission is to read a book from every part of the world!  I wonder which she's reading from Nigeria. So, not every time thoughts on how to travel the world, sometimes read the world maybe? It's a great way to learn about new cultures!

~Finally, I'm not even a naturalista but I do love the black hair natural hair movement! And I just might go back to having my hair unrelaxed. So the recent Shea Moisture ad was quite a disappoint, if I'm being honest, and the blacklash was not totally unwarranted. I'm a huge advocate of diversity and representation, and little wonder they pulled down the ad. This piece analysed the issues. 

And that's it people! I hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with good vibes. It'll be a busy one for me, but I'm currently watching King Women on YouTube and need to catch up on the latest episode. If you haven't had a chance to watch it, you should! Pretty inspiring. What are you watching or reading these days?

How was your past week!? Now tell us what you're up to this weekend - fun, busy, or just chilling?


Kachee... Xx

pS: Thanks to my wing woman Afoma, who helps us with a few links for this column all the time!

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