Friday Notes x Fun Links from Around the Web #2

Friday Notes x Fun Links from Around the Web #2

Hey hey!

Except you missed it last Friday (read up here), you know the new way forward on the blog every Friday! We talk about the previous week, weekend plans & share fun links from all the web!

As hoped, I took Tee to see the movie Hidden Figures - and he did not sleep! That's one indicator for how absolutely awesome it was. Honestly I enjoyed every second of it. It's so important that these stories are being told. And if I manage to finally put my thoughts together, I may share the lessons I picked up! (I've only ever talked about movies on the blog once - it was the movie JOY & the awesome lessons from it!)

On a lighter note though, I ordered a medium size bowl of nachos to munch while watching, and almost choked when I googled & found out it was circa 875 calories! This fitfam business isn't an easy one.

The rest of the week wasn't as productive as hoped, even though I was sort of on a break from work. I've realised I'm much more productive when I have more to do! Thankfully, I did get a lot of rest. The blog obviously suffered as well as I didn't write & couldn't promote that much. But we announced the one year blog anniversary giveaway winners, so many thanks again to the sponsors! I realised a lot of people didn't like the idea of reposting an image for the giveaway, so for the second round soon, I'll skip that. If you'd still like to sponsor and giveaway and item, let me know!

It was also International Women's Day on the 8th. I didn't write a post for that this year but the one from last year here is still very relevant as a lot of men were still asking about International Men's day! Nonetheless, it was so inspiring to read about great strides women are making & see more seemingly support for other women! I'll be honest though and say some of it definitely made me ask myself "what are you doing!? You should be doing more!?" But hey, different people, different lanes. As long as you're striving daily to improve and make an impact, you're doing great! 

Well, let's see what's interesting around the web:

Having just seen Hidden Figures, it was exciting to find out that that Lego, the popular toy company have chosen to immortalise the female heroes using lego blocks! It's a great way to keep these stories alive, and they shall be hidden figures no more!

So cute! This Japanese couple wear similar matching outfits every day! They've been doing so for the past 37 years, and have over 80,000 followers on Instagram!. I think this kind of matching is one I can totally do. Not too over the top!

Speaking of couples, Tee read this first and then sent the link to me. It's gut-wrenching. A woman creates a dating profile for her husband so another lady can marry him! She describes him as the perfect man and after being diagnosed with a terminal disease, wants him to have another shot at love. It's so similar to a movie I saw recently "Be my Valentine" except that this is real life.

I'll always think women are super super heros for child bearing. Chrissy Teigen shares all of her (see what I did there?) experience with Post Partum Depression. People are beginning to speak more about this and it seems it can happen to anyone. Although, someone argued that women in Africa (and more communal societies) are less likely to have this because they probably have more family support after child bearing. Thoughts?

Still of mother & child, popular Nigerian broadcaster & journalist Funmi Iyanda shares this conversation with her late mum and there are no words to describe how we feel.

It's another sad one guys sorry. But if you haven't seen it already, you'll absolutely love this short film Bariga Sugar

In a world full of so much content & information constantly being thrown our way, I loved this short piece on create more, consume less. Everyone is called to create something in some way. What's yours? 

And if you're intending to create or start a small business, the lawyer in me loved this piece on 4 essential documents every start up needs. It's easy to read, straight to the point and really helpful.

Ending on a light note - ever wondered why it has become convention for men to kneel while proposing? Here's the reason and good to know it's from a place of love & respect. 

That's it from this end this Friday!

Re weekend plans, I've had my hair out for such a long time & I'm hoping to get my Irresistible Me Hair clip ins re-installed. Tee & I are also planning to spend a couple of days somewhere in southwest England and have a mini break. Our last break was Abu Dhabi which has been a while now. If we get up to anything nice, I'll be sure to share some photos. I'll also be formally admitted as a UK solicitor this week! So thankful for that. 

Many thanks to Afoma again for sending some of these links my way. Despite her busy schedule this past week spending 10 hours in surgery as a medical student, assisting on some corrective plastic surgery procedures for kids. She really does find time too send me some awesome links and I think we should just make it a thing somehow! So please let us know what sort of links you'll like to read. 

How was your week? Weekend plans? Share with us!

Kachee... xx

Ps: Do you guys listen to podcasts? Please share your faves if you do. And if you're reading any great motivational books at the moment, I'll love to hear your recommendations. 

PpS: Remember Kemi O, and the 30 countries before 30 Interview we had with her? She mentioned Singapore was her next destination if she got a visa! Well she did! Read her post here - it's such an interesting one of inspiration & faith! Plus she says I'm her blog crush *insert butterflies*. She's definitely our travel crush & so much more!

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