Hair Struggles and a Review of Irresistible Me Hair Clip-ins!

Hair Struggles and a Review of Irresistible Me Hair Clip-ins!

If I'm being honest, my hair often gives me a tough time, and a bad hair day happens more often than I'd like. I haven't been able to come up with the perfect go-to and easy hair or signature hair style. And that's probably for a couple of reasons:

  1. My head hurts easily. So braids and wigs aren't a fave.
  2. I always want to touch my scalp (and my husband wants to touch it too).
  3. Not a fan of hair nets & scarves - because of number 1
  4. I don't like spending too long in the salon.

But this year, I'm determined to put in a bit more effort. So in my January recap post, I mentioned how it's just a few weeks into the year and I've already switched up my hair in three different ways.

Truth is my preference any time any day, would be to have my natural hair out a 100% of the time - whether in its un-relaxed state or relaxed. I think it sort of highlights my face best.

Tee prefers this as well, and apparently on our first date he fell in love with my hair. He still says that's the best hair he's ever seen on me! It was dark, shiny & bouncy. What he probably didn't know was that I'd just dashed out of the salon five minutes before the date. My hair struggles are also the reason hair was rather high on my priority list for my wedding and was quite an investment. But I wasn't going to take chances, and even though the hair stylist abandoned me half way for other bride - but later returned to me, my hair didn't turn out so bad. (See some wedding photos here).

I've digressed, but that's why for the past year and a half I decided to try out going natural. But I still didn't get a hang of it - maybe I was a little too impatient. Plus those still require nets and silk scarves and protective styling. 

So again my day to day preference would be my own natural hair - healthy, a little longer, with a bit more bounce.

When Irresistible Me Hair Company contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their clip ins, I was tres excited as I wondered if it could be the solution to my concerns above. They're a growing brand for Remy clip-in hair extensions based in New York!

In their words "we're big fans of your blog, and would love you to try our product!"

I'd heard of clip ins but I had never actually seen them up close or used them. So I had to do a bit of research on the different kind of Irresistible hair available and I must say they have so much information to help make an informed choice - including videos showing different hair colours & lots of images with the various lengths and descriptions. It took me a while to get around to it as I was incredibly busy at work, but Madison who is in charge of marketing was so helpful & patient throughout the process. Thumbs up for great customer service!

So I got offered any hair of my choice from their Silky Collection and I went with 20 inches, 200g of colour 2 (chocolate brown) which had 10 pieces - 1 pc of 4 clips, 2 pcs of 3 clips, 5 pcs of 2 clips and 2 pcs of 1 clip. I think it was a good idea that these are split these way as it let you fit them in into the sides of your hair, and generally play around with the clips as you wish. 

The package arrived within 2 weeks of placing the order, which I think was actually really fast as it was shipped from the US to the UK. I'm often wary about ordering stuff from the US, but this was a good experience!

I love love how there's a sample package which allows you to see what's in it and make a decision whether to keep or return it. This particular hair is from the silky line so I definitely expected really silky hair. And that came through. It was genuinely so smooth & silky and I loved it. Here's a before and after photo.

This clip in ticked all the boxes for me. It let's me have my own hair out, and be able to touch my scalp! It's so light and doesn't hurt. It's super easy to install and there's & no need for a salon. Plus you can take it off at the end of the day if you wish - without being slightly embarrassed at someone sighting your cornrows - as I was when my wig fell off recently. I had mine in for like four days straight without taking them off. And they were still perfect. 

Plus unlike the slight difficulty of curling a weave yourself while it's on your head, you can curl the clip ins before you install them. Finally (and in my experience) it avoids the hair debris that so quickly builds up on the sew in weaves.

So I know I'll almost certainly re-purchase these! Although I'll definitely go for a colour 1B rather than a colour 2, as this was slightly too brown. Might be my fault though as I often think my hair is more brown than black, but it's apparently still quite black. I'll also be buying in a much shorter length (most likely 14 inches) - just so it looks closer to my real hair length - plus I've already got this length now.

Just to flag that the clip ins come in a maximum of 200g, which i think is quite fine - and I didn't use all of it for my hair. But if you want it much fuller you may have to buy more than one. Sadly, and for my true naturalistas, they do not offer kinky hair clip-ins, but Sade of In My Sunday Best has kinky hair and tried out one of their clip ins and they looked great on her!

Also, it's a bit surprising that you have to sign up or log in with Facebook just to access their website. Not quite sure why that is!

But all in all, these may just be a pretty reasonable solution to my hair problems.

You should check out their website at

What do you think suits me better - with the clip ins or without? Have you tried clip ins before and what's your go-to stress free signature hairstyle?


pS: That first photo above is me + Marjorie - my amazing hair dresser! She's from the Caribbean and does my hair good all the time. I think Caribbean people are great with black hair. While studying at Cambridge, my friend from Grenada was my hair saviour as well!

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