3 Classes of Black Shoes for every Working Woman

3 Classes of Black Shoes for every Working Woman

I was looking through some old university photos at the weekend and stumbled across one where my friends and I had gone in for a studio photoshoot. We wanted to have three different looks - casual everyday wear, maxi dresses in traditional Nigerian attire (ankara), and the law students uniform of white shirts & black skirts.

For the last set of photos we obviously wanted to look quite serious yet fashionable - so we picked out our finest set of black shoes - the official rule was black shoes only. 

One of the comments on Facebook made me laugh, as one of our classmates had said "But do you girls actually wear these shoes to class?". I guess that reaction came up because our covered pumps were quite high. And because it was just a ten minute walk from our house to the law faculty we often walked and so most of the time wore black flats!

I'm such a fan of shoes! And one of the reason why I looked forward to working was so that I could have a wide range of shoes! I imagined having some in my car, and some under my desk. During my first job, I was obsessed with open toe pumps and I remember a blush one I used to wear all the time - thankfully the office allowed coloured shoes. It's the same pair I wore for my civil wedding (photo here). Currently, I'm so over open toe shoes but in love with pointed closed toe pumps. I do have a few under my desk but often still slip my feet into the exact same black one everyday - it just seems to go with whatever outfit I wear. And when I'm heading home and need to catch the train, I exchange those for black flat shoes. 

For working women, I think shoes are so important, and today Jay who is arguably one of the deepest shoe enthusiasts I have ever come across, shares with us top 3 kinds of shoes every working woman should have! And yes, they're all black because try as we may - we know most of us just often reach for the black ones. But who says they have to be boring? 

Hi everyone, I'm Jay - mum of three amazing boys and absolutely obsessed with shoes!

Most corporate organizations and professional environments I know frown at bright colored shoes in the work space. Earth tones are generally more acceptable and it’s a norm to find black, brown, navy blue and these days nude shoes in office environments.

Today I’d be focusing on black shoes - the basic pairs every working woman should own. There are so many different shoe styles from Sandals to Pumps, Booties and Mules, but only a few of these are compliant with work mode dress ethics.

There’s also a difference in shoe style preferences from woman to woman, but these 3 styles I will feature here are basics (a must have) and will cut across all tastes for the corporate working woman.

1. The Flat Pumps

I can hear some of you out rightly saying no to flat shoes on a Monday or not at all to work. I feel the same way too - but girl, a pair of black flat shoes will save your ankles and back on certain days and are certainly a must have. You can’t do without them. If not for Mondays, they will come through for you sometime during the week.

2. The Closed Toe Court Pumps

These are your regular black pumps you find in the banking hall, the courtroom, boardroom meetings and so on. They also come in different styles and heel heights and there’s a wide variety to choose from. The key is to find what works for you and still leaves you stylish and in charge.

3. The Peep Toe Court Pumps

As versatile as the closed toe pumps are, not many people like them and there are a few outfits that would just look better with the peep toe pumps. Be mindful to keep your toenails well groomed when wearing these as you don’t want chipped toe nails to ruin the total outcome of your outfit. They also come in different styles and heel types. As always, find what works for you keeping comfort and durability in mind.

With these three basic styles in black shoes, you can then start to build on your work shoes collection. Choosing the fabrics/textures they come in is also important. Patent leather, leather and suede are a good place to start!

So cheers to our favourite black shoes which keep us looking fashionable all week day round! 

Thank you so much Jay for sharing these with us. I told you guys she's so into shoes and so runs a shoe focused blog at www.soledivas.com.ng where she dishes out so much shoe tips and guidance. Plus she interviews some top celebrities about their shoe closets, which I absolutely love and can totally see it as a TV show. 

I'm currently hoping to switch up my wardrobe so this post is so handy. I do love number 2 & 3 on the closed toe pumps and will be on the look for similar shoes, as well as number 4 on the peep toe pumps - looks so comfy yet chic. 

Let's talk shoes! What's your shoe closet like - all black or more fun? What do you wear most often (to work or elsewhere) and what sort of shoes are you looking to get? 

Kachee.. Xx

pS: Some of my best shoes have actually been bought by my husband. So men, don't feel like you're excluded from this one. Shoes are always a win, so we bet this information is handy to you too!

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