Fashion Around The World  - Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde (Philippines)

Fashion Around The World - Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde (Philippines)

You'll agree there hasn't been much fashion on the blog. Well that's about to change, thanks to some fashionistas all over the world we'd be hanging with as they share their style & tips with us. I know I'm always amazed at people who genuinely love fashion, literally dream about it & have their own sense of style. It's personally not my forte. 

When I was in Dubai, I actually took bit of time to observe the street style around me, and it was intriguing (and I loved the Abaya I wore! - photo here). Although I'd had this idea in mind before then, I think it was at that point I decided to pursue it.

So rather than just exploring fashion in a vacuum, through fashionistas and stylish people either originating from or living in different parts of the world, we get to have a glimpse into these places and ofcourse, learn a thing or two!

Today, we've got Lade who's Nigerian but is currently in medical school in the Philippines, all the way in South East Asia! She loves fashion and also models on the side. She has such a warm personality and even though we met online, we've become friends and it feels like I've known her for such a long time. Maybe because I've actually spoken to her on the phone a couple of times. 

Fun fact? She won the pageant for the most beautiful girl in Southwestern University, Philippines in 2015!

I speak to her about fashion & about the Philippines.


You're currently studying in Philippines. One reason why you could consider living there permanently?

  • I wouldn’t consider living here permanently. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s an amazing place just that after 5 years and counting of schooling, here I’ll definitely need a change of environment. Plus, as a foreigner working here is very restricted and can be too much of a hassle.

What's the capital of the Philippines, and the currency?

  • The capital of Philippines is Manila (where I currently reside) and the currency is called Pesos.

Why should we consider Philippines for our next travel? When's the best time to visit and 3 things we must do there?

I know I said I wouldn't be bothered about living here permanently but I’ll definitely be coming for vacations. The whole country; not just Manila is full of different amazing tourist attractions. 

You should consider the Philippines for your next travel because it’s home to some of the finest beaches in the world (this is not hype), it’s budget friendly and of course to come say hi to me! 

For me, the best time to visit I’ll say is definitely summer. 

3 things you must do are:

  1. Visit the Pink Sand Beach of Sta Cruz Island (because I bet you’ve never been to a pink sand beach and it's beautiful)
  2. Manila Ocean Park, Star City and Enchanted Kingdom (for the best rides of your life).
  3. Boracay Island - home to award-winning beaches, beautiful resorts and great adventures like cliff diving, parasailing, motorbiking, horse riding, snorkeling, kite surfing and scuba diving. If that is not enough, boat tours allow visitors to watch stunning sunsets, explore volcanic caves and remote coves of turquoise lagoons.  Also consider Palawan Island + Cebu Island which offers the same perks.

  • What changes in your dress sense - when you arrive Manila from Nigeria and vice versa?

So many things change…okay not really. The weather is basically the same so my outfits are heat friendly in either of the places. When I’m in Nigeria, my fashion sense is sometimes subject to my parents approval so there’s that restriction. But when I’m in Manila, I can get away with outfits that don’t necessarily touch my knee or them "spaghetti straps" (Camis with thin straps) like my mother would call them! Besides that, nothing really changes.

How would you describe your style? and what do the locals think of it?

  • I currently cannot afford my style so... But I’ll say its modern, its chic, easy and edgy. Oh, the locals love my style definitely. I always get compliments and in my head I’m thinking "this is not even my real style, but thank you".

If I wanted to build a closet from scratch. What five items do you advise I buy first?

  •  A white button down shirt, well fitted denim pants, a black blazer, black pants and a simple black dress. Once you have those, every other addition can be styled perfectly.

Your top secret hack to look stylish on a daily basis?

  • Plan ahead. Not everyone can throw on the perfect outfit in five minutes so do yourself the favour and plan ahead of time. Planning your outfits the night before allows you time to fit your outfit in front of a mirror to ensure it works and make necessary changes.

$10, 000 to spend - what luxury pieces are you splurging on?

  • A Chanel bag, an Oscar de la Renta dress and a pair of Louboutins. Maybe one of Burberry’s signature khaki trench coat too.

Any Filipino fashion icons we should know of?

  • Michael Cinco definitely tops my list because, best dresses ever! Then there’s Monique Lhuillier.

What's your daily skin care routine - and your 3 must have products?

  • My daily skin care routine is simply cleansing and moisturizing. I don’t do too much with my skin because let’s just say I’m blessed with a pretty amazing one that rarely breaks out. So I basically just cleanse and moisturize daily and that keeps my glow. 3 must have products would be a facial cleanser (stop using your bathing soap), a water based moisturizer and a good facial exfoilator.

What's the inside of your wardrobe really like - Be honest. Incredibly tidy, disaster or somewhere in between?

  •  It’s actually tidy! I’m a little bit of an arrangement freak in my house so everything always has to be in place but as my dad noted, I’m not into arranging when I’m in Nigeria and I don’t know why honestly.

If you could steal one celebrity's wardrobe, which?

  • I’d steal Rihanna’s wardrobe, thank you.

3 fashion faux paus you'd not tolerate in a man?

  • Ties that hang awkwardly (fix it or don’t wear the tie), wearing unironed clothes (I iron my handkerchief and my jeans... so yeah) and wearing sunshades in a building (please stop this! Both guys and ladies, it's annoying - well except you got an eye problem)

What's the best part and challenging part of being a fashion blogger?

  • The best part of being a fashion designer is getting to inspire and influence other peoples style. It always gets to me. Also let’s not forget the part where you get to play dress up. The challenging part currently for me has to be getting someone to take my pictures and balancing it with studying.

Thank you Lade for sharing your fashion with us, and at the same time sharing a bit of Philippines with us. While you're looking to raid Rihanna's closet, some of us are looking to raid your really tidy closet! I'm also about to revamp my wardrobe so I'll definitely be taking your advice.

Check out Lade's blog at and check her out on Instagram @Muuchinto. For bloggers she's also just released her Blog critique e-book which I've read and will definitely help take your blog a notch higher! 

So what do you guys think about this new section?

Kachee... Xx

pS: Is there a correlation between Medical Doctors, Fashion lovers and Models? Check out my interview with Cassie Daves who also ticks all those boxes. And while I'll love to get to Philippines some day, I'm glad that at least I got to almost for free spend 7 days in Malaysia, which is also South East Asia

ppS: If you know anyone who'd love to be on this and would fit the profile, please let me know. Could be male or female!

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