On One Year of Blogging (and Giveaways!)

On One Year of Blogging (and Giveaways!)

Eeeeek (No idea why this is my favourite expression at the moment), but the blog turned one on the 10th of February! To celebrate one whole year of blogging I ate one mini cupcake! I remember when we turned one month and I wrote about it. Then one year seemed so far. But now it's here. It's true what they say. Time is often never a barrier to starting.

I'm thankful for that day when I shared my first post on Facebook. Thankful that I've managed to build a community. I was honestly overwhelmed by the wishes and it felt like it was my birthday. Thank you everyone for supporting this blog.  For sharing your opinions and your views. For reading. For constructive criticism & encouragement.

It seems like my page views often align with celebration of some sort. When the blog was 9 months, we hit 100k views. And now at one year, it literally just got to 150k views a few hours before the 10th. 

I think I've shared most of my blogging updates in my 2016 recap post - which you should absolutely read if you missed it.

Related: 2016 in Blogging & 2017 Goals (+ a genuine thank you!)

Since then, not much has changed. But I had the sponsored post with Sew Easy Workshop Online (which you should check out if you want to learn to sew)  & a collaborative post with Irresistible Me Hair company.

What have I learned in a year? A lot. But here's a few: 
  • Everything can be learnt: I was a complete novice re blogging and I've managed to build a site that actually works
  • Networking, in blogging is especially important but don't let social media envy / comparison eat you up.
  • Don't be shy to ask - for help, for tips, for collaborations. Whatever, just ask. 
  • Start first, then never stop trying to improve. Today, I've updated the photo on my about page, and my Work with Me page. I'm constantly thinking of how to improve
  • Don't compromise on excellence or quality. It'll shine through

But this post isn't about me. It's about you, & the giveaway is to thank you for reading.

But just before we go on to the giveaway details, I'll actually like to know where you're reading from & what you're up to (particularly if we haven't met before online or off). And how you stumbled on the blog. I'll also look to come up with a survey later in the year so I know what sort of stuff you'll like to see on the blog. So please leave a comment!

Speaking of comments, I've missed hearing from a lot of you! But we've had some really great days, and in the blog's one year history, here's roughly the top 10 most commented posts:

Out with the Old: 9 Areas of Your Life to Detox & Refresh

  • With a new year, I guess lots of people were very eager to make a fresh start. I hope we've been keeping up to it!

East Meets West || How We Met, First Date (+ a 9 Year Later Photoshoot)

  • Everyone loves to hear a 'cheesy' love story. And I thoroughly enjoyed sharing ours. Of course, lots of people were surprised to see me all glammed up for the photoshoot. I was pretty surprised myself! Thank you for your kind words!

How to Survive Long Distance Relationships (Successfully!)

  • This post seems to have resonated with a lot of people and is quite popular every time I share it on Twitter. It seems like one of those evergreen posts that could come in handy. This time, we had lots of people sharing their experiences on LDRs - what worked and what didn't!

Dear Younger Self: I Wish You'll Learn these Life Skills Everyone Knows!

  • I loved writing this post! And it was great to see that it connected with so many people as they shared all of the things they wished they could do. For me, 2017 has to be the year I perfect my driving, learn to swim and learn the basics of sewing! And just by way of an update, I'm now able to jump rope (skip)! 

Love You Boo, But Can't Share Your Toothbrush Sorry!

  • Some of the comments here are pure gold in terms of how funny they are. Obviously sharing of toothbrushes although not intended, became then main subject of discussion and it was so funny to hear people's reactions to this. 

8 Interesting Kinds of Dancers at a Nigerian Wedding Party

  • Well, a little bit of fun is always necessary. Of these 8 categories, more people fell into at least two depending on their mood. Most of the time, I'm clearly a seat mover!

A Conversation with the Proverbs 31 Woman

  • We all need a bit of motivation, and Christian ladies often look up to the Proverbs 31 Woman. It was such an interesting chat, but more so because you shared your opinions and experiences. In this new year, I'll probably have to read this again for some inspiration!

Body Hair Removal Tips & Tricks: From the Head to the Toes!

  • An early morning WhatsApp conversation with my girl friends provided the inspiration for this post. And readers happily shared their tips. Coconut Oil seemed to be the holy grail. 

Dear Adult, It's Okay To Unleash Your Inner Child

  • The inspiration for this post was my husband thinking I was too old to jump on a trampoline!  I absolutely disagreed. Adults need a bit of fun as well, and I loved reading about the different ways you unleash your inner playful child. 

3 Important Details in Creating Beautiful Wedding Memories

  • The three most important things for a great wedding? I think we generally agreed on Photography. But for the other 2, everyone had various preferences, which they happily shared. I was clearly being playful on my number 3!


So thankful to all my sponsors and partners. You all are amazing! The giveaway will probably run till the end of February. All of the details will be posted on my Instagram @KacheeTee, so you want to follow me on there. For those not on Instagram, details will be shared on our Facebook page.

The rules will be listed under each giveaway, but they'd be fairly generic. Obviously, you'd have to be subscribed to the blog, and also like our Facebook page.

We won't be picking winners randomly. Rather I hope that people who win will truly want these items, and it'll help them - so get set to explain why!

I'm still open to partnering with more people, so let me 

Ok that's it.

Thanks again for your support, and cheers to greater things!

Don't forget to leave a comment about you -  I'll truly love to know a little about you, the reader. If you don't have a Disqus account, you may still just enter your name and email, and tick the guest option in order to leave a comment. 


pS: Two things. If you're still interested in partnering on the giveaway, holla. And if you're on the receiving end, I'll still like to hear what you'd like to win. And I'd work hard behind the scenes and try to make it happen! 

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