Four Things in January (& Goals for February!)

Four Things in January (& Goals for February!)

After all our excitement for the year 2017, the first month is done & dusted. Although, that was a long January! Wasn't it? It had 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Tuesdays! 

Did your excitement fizzle out along the way or did you find yourselves conquering your goals as planned? Or did you just want the month to end so we could start afresh!?

So I normally do these recaps using the "Taking Stock" format - (last one was the November recap), but new year = new ideas, so I thought I'd try out something different also because I sort of got bored with this format towards the end of the year.

So going forward I'll just share "four things" of the past month, goals for the new ones and because I can't help it, there'd always be a little extra! 


So here's my four things in January: 

1. No longer #TeamNaturalHair

If 2017 is going to be the year of change and stepping out of comfort zones, then I guess I'm already way ahead with my hair. It's just the first month and I already pulled three changes! I've sort of gotten the hang of braid wigs and had it on for about two weeks. More notably, I've slipped out of the naturalista gang. It was fun while it lasted but it was incredibly tough. So despite my 2017 goals in relation to my natural hair, I sadly already broke it. I'd probably re-consider at some point. Third, I tried clip-ins which I absolutely love. I got sent a hair product to try and I'll talk about it next week so lookout.

2. Quick Trip to Nigeria

Well, not Nigeria like Nigeria in West Africa. Just Nigerian soil here in the UK. I stepped into the embassy to pick up some documents. You know the embassy or consulate of say Country X in a foreign land is for all intents and purposes often regarded as that Country X. Being there for a few hours really did feel Iike Nigeria and reminded me of things like the banter and camaraderie among Nigerians + the presence of Nigerian food. 

3. Wishes came True

It may have been January, as opposed to Christmas but we both ticked the Number 1s of our Christmas wish! Sadly they didn't come in the form of gifts from Santa as we'd hoped (high hopes you might say) and for Tee it was not the exact spec or brand. But still, your first brand new car is worth being excited about.! But the one thing we both noticed is how you tick an item of your list and while you're excited and genuinely love it, you suddenly think "well, nothing has really changed". I think it just kind of points of how material things can't really give joy, and we shouldn't go crazy trying to acquire more and more. They're great, but memories, and purpose and adding value often bring a greater sense of achievement. The key, I think will be trying to balance both sides.

4. Crazy Sweet Tooth!

I'm usually not a sweet tooth person. Like not at all. But in January, I seem to have grown some (which I have to extract with immediate effect!). I found myself eating lots of chocolates, and popcorn & cake! So it was fun while it lasted, but no thanks, I'm done!

Blog Notes

Ticked off the goal of getting a few people to help with the behind the scenes of the blog. Hopefully that'll go well.

Also started a new column Nine People, One Question - basically as the name suggests. I love interviewing people but can't have a full blown interview all the time. So this is a shorter way! In the first one women fitness experts give top tips to get started in your fitness journey. If you're looking to up that this year, you have to read the post.

A bit different from the regular inter-ethnic marriage stories I had asked some 'mixed kids' to share their experience growing up. We had YJ, Berry, Anire  and Ekene with hilarious stories and perspectives. There's a part two with four other people so that'll come up later this month!

January was awareness for cervical screening and I shared my experience with  funny bits of the cervical screening. Please get a test done if you're due.

Kemi, gave us travel goals with her 30 countries before 30 (on a Nigerian passport)  and amazing amazing illustrator Peniel Enchill shared bits of life & thoughts with us. 

Finally seems like I'll be making a headstart on my sewing ambitions. Worked with founded by two inspiring ladies to bring you details of their amazing online workshop. If you've always wanted to learn to sew, come learn with me as discount ends today. All the details in this post.

February Goals

For February, I'm hoping to simply keep improving, get loads of good news, launch a couple of things I've been working on, eat right & stay happy! One of my best friends is also getting married, and kinda sad I can't make it. 

Oh & ofcourse - we'd have our one year blog giveaway (still open to ideas for the giveaway).


I planned to read two books every month this year. But January was already filled with too much serious stuff, that I couldn't bear to read a serious book. So I settled for a cheesy romantic novel (where you know they'd fall in love anyway). It was set in Cornwall - so I was excited I could relate quite a bit (see our visit to Cornwall). There's a sequel to the novel which I've been trying to download on my kindle for the past week. Hopefully I'll do that this weekend, and tick that off as my two books in January. For February, I'll like to read two by African authors. Any recommendations? What are you reading? 

I'll also love to watch more YouTube. So once I figure out how to subscribe to channels, I'll be doing that! What are your YouTube faves? 

What were your January highlights! Any specific goals for February? I'll love to hear. And please let me know what sorts of posts you'll love to see more of. 


pS: if you missed my Blogging recap of 2016, you really should check it out.

ppS: Too much spending in January? Check out these 10 fun romantic stay-at-home ideas, for those dating or married. 

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