Pregnancy Diaries: Surprise Baby Shower Moments & Photos

Pregnancy Diaries: Surprise Baby Shower Moments & Photos

Photo sessions and baby showers are two fun things I know many women look forward to in pregnancy.

But while I definitely wanted a photoshoot, I wasn't too keen on a baby shower. I considered it, but brushed it aside when I thought of actually having to plan one. A lot of my friends do not live in the UK, and those who do, do not live in my city. Although they probably wouldn't have minded, I didn't want to have to impose people coming over for the baby shower and then also coming over when he was born.  

Since I wasn't planning to organise my own shower, I didn't see a surprise one happening. In random conversations, Tee didn't seem like he was a huge fan - I didn't think he'd have anything up his sleeves.

baby shower.JPG

So no I didn't see it coming. And there were no clues: well, not really. At least not like my 20th birthday surprise party when on the way to dinner, he made a phone call and asked "does anyone have a camera there?" #SurpriseFail. 

This time his tracks were much smoother. 

That Saturday he mentioned that he had booked a manicure treatment for me, and the appointment was for 9:30 am. It didn't seem out of place because a couple of weeks back, I had mentioned I needed a nail treatment, and he offered to book one. I only wondered why the timing was so early! I also asked if the salon offered acrylic nails, as I had to take off my current ones. He admitted he wasn't sure, but hopefully. Well the salon didn't, and so I had to go elsewhere. Anyway, we spent the rest of the day running errands in the mall, and headed back home around 3pm. 

Nothing seemed amiss, from the outside of the house, and then I walked in to the surprise. 

I was genuinely surprised. At the effort. At the people present. I couldn't help my very ugly cry. I was just so touched! 

After the water works ended, I decided to get in the baby shower spirit - change of clothes and a bit of makeup! You know I like a bit of Couple Twinning, and so I decided on this green shift dress, which wasn't a maternity dress, but had decent space for my 35 week bump! Although there was a proper detailed agenda for the day filled with games and activities, it ended up being a very chilled afternoon of chatting about birth stories and babies! And of course eating. There were number of mums in the attendance - and it was exciting to hear their different experiences. We also managed to fit in a couple of games.

Fun fact:

A couple of my friends who showed up have featured on the blog! Ify and Mercy were part of the Nine Mummy Bloggers who shared their mummy experiences; I've also shared Mercy's Inter-Ethnic Love Story; Dee (who flew in from Scotland just for this!) featured in the post about Nine Female Travel Enthusiasts and their experiences and Tofunmi shared her amazing Travel experience in India with us! 

It was such a lovely evening and I'm grateful that although I wasn't too keen on one, Tee and my friends went the extra mile to throw me one and bring such lovely gifts!  In retrospect, there were a few things that might have given the surprise away now that I put the pieces together. But I'm glad the surprise went well and I didn't see it coming. Or did I? *wink*

Are you a fan of (surprise) baby showers? Have you had one or would you like to? Share your thoughts!

Kachee... Xx

pS: I've only been to one baby shower before mine. Now that I've tasted the fun of actually having a baby shower, and seen so many cute themed showers around, next time I just may organise one myself!

ppS: Photos by Mercy of immeiko photography.

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