Weekend Notes x Links From Around The Web #13

Weekend Notes x Links From Around The Web #13

Hey people!

Welcome to October. And to the last quarter of the year. How's it been for you? I'd admit that for some reason I already feel like the year is winding down and there's that temptation to just slow things down and hopefully pick up next year. But there's no time like the present so I guess we'd just keep pushing.

It's weird that I'm writing this post just after mentioning on my Instagram stories that I may be taking a blog break because I got tired of promoting the posts. But within a few seconds lots of people messaged me saying I should take a break if I felt like it, but should always remember that they're people who read even without any blog promotion! And they look forward to posts. That was heartwarming. Secondly within the same time frame, I received a few responses to one of the blog columns and I knew that I'd just have to share - so guess not much of a blog break then. 

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Last week, I finally saw the dentist and he said everything was pretty much fine, but to brush twice daily! I know that's the ideal and all, but do you all really brush your teeth two times a day? I'm curious.

Here are some links for the rest of your weekend

~ I enjoyed this post on 17 ways to give back and pay it forward as bloggers. It shouldn't be a Me. Me. Me. My Blog. My Blog approach all the time

~ As an Entrepreneur in order to get people to buy your product, focus on the 3Ps!

~ Yet another business one. If you've been thinking about starting a side hustle, here's 6 reasons to do so. I really like that as number 2 says sometimes it's just a creative outlet!

~ After I whined about the difficulty of working from home, I found this - How to work from home

~ Season 2 of the Nigerian web series This Is It is back, with DeeDee & Tee. love that as usual, it focuses on everyday issues young couples face. Who's watching!?

~ I definitely had a good laugh at the Twitter comments on this "Pause Pod", that has been created for on the spot relaxation. 

~ If you need something new to watch, Korean dramas / series might be it - 7 reasons why!

~ A number of my friends are getting married this month so it's probably honeymoon season soon. I agree with this piece on choosing where and how to honeymoon.  You'd also need this guide to take the perfect honeymoon photos for the 'Gram!

~ Planning family photos for Christmas or the Holidays? Some helpful tips on choosing outfits

~ Finally, so glad lots of people loved our interview with Bola Onada Sokunbi and her passion for helping women build real wealth. Check it out if you missed it.

Blog Spotlight - The Ajala Bug

Today, I'm shining some light on www.theajalabug.com. Margaret's finally decided to start her travel blog sharing her solo travel experiences particularly within Nigeria and Africa. Check it out! Plus I'm proud of the fact that she's built her website all by herself just like mine on squarespace.

What are your plans for this month and last quarter in general? 

Kachee... Xx

pS: Haven't had a Fashion Around The World feature in a  while and would love to share one soon. if you know anyone who would love to share, please hola. See some past features - Sonia (SierraLeone), Bash (Brunei), and Steph (Zambia).

ppS: Don't forget to enter the JORD Wood Watch Giveaway!

How It Feels to Be a Twin - Adaugo & Ugonna Sam-Oburu

How It Feels to Be a Twin - Adaugo & Ugonna Sam-Oburu

To Couple Twin or Not?  ( + a JORD Wood Watch Giveaway)

To Couple Twin or Not? ( + a JORD Wood Watch Giveaway)