38 Weeks, a Pregnancy Tag + Bump Photo Shoot!

38 Weeks, a Pregnancy Tag + Bump Photo Shoot!

Pregnancy is an interesting yet totally in-explainable journey - even after one has gone through it. At the time of writing this, I'm officially 38 weeks, and full term. According to all of the pregnancy apps I follow, all of the baby's organs are fully mature and set for life outside the womb! Not much is set to happen in the next couple of weeks.

It's been such an amazing journey, one that I'll hopefully try to share in detail / from the day we found out to when baby arrives. At the moment, it's a waiting game and I might have to go to the hospital any time now - to come home with a third person that we would be responsible for forever. Huge shoes if you ask me. Exciting yet filled with so many questions ahead.

I've seen these pregnancy tag questions around, and they seem like a fun way to discuss the preliminaries in a light hearted Q & A way. So I decided to go for it...

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1. How old were you when you found out?

28... and I should still be 28 when baby arrives a few weeks to my 29th birthday.

2. Is this your first? Do you want more kids?

Yes! my first pregnancy and our first child. We do want more - fine with 2; maximum of 3 (subject to a lot of factors!) - and ultimately God's will. 

3. Did you wait three months to tell?

Interestingly, we didn't tell anyone in the first 12 weeks. No particular reason. It was just something so special we wanted to keep to ourselves. I think it was beautiful that we had this little secret no one else knew of.

4. What sex did you want?

For some reason, we both wanted a girl first. Then at some point and even before we found out, we just felt like it was going to be a boy! And we were right. Now we're so excited it's a boy. We'd obviously have been happy either way, but now I'm in love with cute lil' baby boys!

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5. Have you picked a name? How difficult was it to do so?

We believe we've shortlisted a few names at this point, although not a 100% certain. Picking a name is so tough for some reason and seems like a huge responsibilty. You begin to think of people who bear that name, how the name is likely to be called and so on. We wanted traditional Nigerian names from both our cultures with significant meaning.

6. What weird foods did you crave?

I tell Tee that he's had a good time throughout this pregnancy as I haven't had any crazy cravings requiring him to go the extra mile or wake up at 2 am to get me food. In fact the only 'weird' craving I had confirmed my suspicions of being pregnant. Asides that I've literally eaten the same foods I'd normally eat - and that includes too much carbs! 

7. How much weight have you put on?

Despite my huge consumption of carbs, I've been pretty blessed on this one, as I've gained just about 10kg. Pre pregnancy I was about 61kg (my health notes say 63 - but that's probably on the hospital scale) and now I'm roughly 70 - 71 kg - on my own scale. I didn't put on any weight per se in my first and early second trimester. I almost slightly worried at some point about this. But was assured that no cause for concern. My wedding rings still fit - which is surprising as they were getting tight at some point when I wasn't even pregnant. Remember my complaint in this post on 6 love lessons from my wedding rings.


8. When did your normal clothes start to get tight & How much maternity clothes did you buy?

Whether or not (and when) to purchase maternity clothes caused a couple of funny (and annoying!) conversations between the husband and I. I think for him, buying them was an indication that I was actually pregnant. But I'm pretty sure not many pregnant women look forward to buying bigger clothes that they wouldn't use in a few months. I was no different. Plus my bump didn't particularly show early and I could still fit into my normal clothes at 6 months +. In fact I got a little cranky and may have shed a few tears the first day I realised my trousers couldn't fit! 

All in all, I ended up buying very few basic pieces, and might do a post on maternity wardrobe. This blue dress is also non-maternity! Whoop.    

9. Best part of being pregnant so far?

Definitely feeling the baby kicks from inside. It's indescribable and I really think "omg there's a full human inside of me!". When he hasn't kicked for a while, then I look forward to it. 

10. Worst part of being pregnant?

I've actually had the most amazing pregnancy so far and I cannot think of the worst part right now.  I didn't get any swelling  or darkened skin, and had no trouble sleeping. One constant concern though is just generally hoping all is well you the baby & with you.

On a lighter note, although not much of a drinker, not being able to have even a sip of a cocktail was quite a bummer. Also taking supplements daily felt like a chore, and it was slightly tasking to buckle my own shoes. 


11. What items have you bought?

At this point we've pretty much bought most things, and almost done with setting them up. Of course I've read quite a bit about not overbuying and I genuinely hate junk. So I've tried to stick to the essentials.  I also tried not to buy items too early so as not to over buy - because have you seen those baby clothes? Cutest ever! 

Although there were some things I rolled my eyes at which I've ended up buying. But, one item I have now struck off my list is a bath thermometer to measure the temperature of the baby's bath water. I tried to justify it, but... 

12. What's your birth plan?

I'd never even heard of a birth plan until relatively recently. But apparently it's just a way of stating your preferences i.e. Hospital or home birth, pain relief or not, etc. I haven't made a birth plan - although the idea of a home birth sounds appealing as sold by the midwives, I think we'd stick to a hospital for this first one. And I'm not ruling out any pain relief at this point!

13. What's in your hospital bag?

Tee caught a glimpse of my hospital bag recently and asked how long I intended to spend in the hospital again? I suck at packing light and would constantly wonder "what if I need this?". I've even included nail polish remover and a battery operated fan! I think I'll list out the details in a separate post to be shared after the birth, so I can include what I used, and what was so unnecessary (if any). 

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14. Do you intend to be a work or stay at home mum?

I've been home for a few weeks now on maternity leave and I don't think I'm cut out to be a stay at home or work from home mum. So I have every plan to go back to work, although lots of people have said it'll be so tough and mummy guilt is real!

15. When would you like baby to arrive?

I know the due date in the UK is normally pegged at 40 weeks. Also lots of people go on about how first babies often take a longer time to arrive - well into their due date. Well, I'm really hoping  he comes in the 39th week or at least still in October. That way all three of us would be October, November, December. Or maybe he'd just rather be a cool kid like me and make a grand entrance in November. Let's see! 

16. Breast feeding or formula feeding?

I'm definitely open to both. My siblings and I were raised on both really early on (and we turned out good yeah?) so I've never quite got the formula feeding shaming. That said, everyone agrees that breast is best; so I'll love to do that as much as I can. Plus I've invested in breast pumps and I hate to waste money - so gotta make the most of it!

DSC_0167 copy.jpg

17. Who do you think would be with you during labour?

Most likely Tee! It's funny because he had to travel for work while I was 36 weeks and he was so paranoid about being away in case I went into labour. The kid and I promised not to deny him that experience - my friend says every man should watch his baby being born & respect their mum a million times over!

Ok, so I actually really enjoyed this!

It's tempting to publish this post now, but if I've waited 38 weeks, what's a couple more weeks? I'm also looking forward to sharing all the exciting details from first - third trimester; what we've bought, what's worked, labour preparation and stories and all of this exciting yet uncertain journey into motherhood. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd love to know. I forsee a motherhood / parenting section of the blog!

In retrospect, I really wish I kept a journal - maybe a weekly one at least. But hopefully, photos & videos from my phone should help me put it all up together! *rubs palms in excitement*

Kachee ... (and lil baby T)

pS: I had such great plans for this photoshoot. But even the best laid plans fail eh? So from logistical issues to runaway make up artist, inaccessible location and photos didn't turn out as planned. But hey, better than nothing right? 

ppS: I was 31 weeks at the time of the shoot. I think I feared looking way different as time passed, so I booked it in early. Thankfully not much changed, and I may share later photos in subsequent posts! 


Well well, I waited to have the lil man before putting this up! He arrived a week ago today, being pretty punctual at 40 weeks 1 day! It's been a life changing week as you can imagine. I'll be back to share all of the deets!

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