9 People, 1 Question || Fitness Experts on "Top Tip to Achieve Our Fitness Goals"

9 People, 1 Question || Fitness Experts on "Top Tip to Achieve Our Fitness Goals"

I'm willing to place a safe bet that 1 in 3 persons had a new year goal or resolution to lose some weight or generally get fit. So I thought, it'll be good to ask the experts!

No doubt that the people we have around us and what they say or portray somehow gets into our subconscious. Some days I may be strolling through Instagram with thoughts of a burger or a huge serving of Jollof rice on my mind. But when I stumble into one or more of the health & fitness enthusiasts and experts, aka 'fit-fam peeps', I totally (often) re-adjust. 

If you haven't managed to get started yet, I asked these nine amazing women the one thing we need to do to get back on track! 

I'm such huge fan of them all, because they put in the work and take no short cuts! On most days, they're working out and they're eating right. Getting those tonned arms, losing 'baby weight' and generally being awesome at juggling many other things on the side.  If they've achieved it, I know we can. 

They also all provide meal plans and coaching services to hundreds of people. Hear their top tip!

L-R: April, Bunmi, Kola,  Rachael, Gbemi, Motunrayo, Eziaha, Lolah and Esta

L-R: April, Bunmi, Kola,  Rachael, Gbemi, Motunrayo, Eziaha, Lolah and Esta

1. April - @FitMrsFats

  • Provides whole & healthy food at GuiltFreeKitchen
  • Mum of 1 and helped her husband loose 40kg!
  • www.aprillaugh.co.uk

The only thing you need is setting a realistic goal. Do you want to lose 50kg, how long will that take you? What do you need to do? and work with the process. Don't seek for shortcuts!

2. Bunmi - @ShredderGang

Create a plan for exercise before you start your fitfam journey. Ask yourself when will I exercise? Choose 4 days and times a week and stick to those days. Then choose the type of exercise you enjoy, it could be cycling, yoga, dancing. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing. Enjoy yourself and your journey!

3. Kola - @KobokoFitness

Focus on the process, not the result. If you focus on the process, it's much easier to stay motivated even when you've been jogging everyday for 7 days straight and nothing seems to be happening. This is the single best advice that helped me stay the course and lose all my baby weight in less than 6 months. 

4. Rachael - @AfriFitness

Eat according to your activity level. The issue is that many people are sedentary but are eating like athletes and that's where excess weight gain comes from. Food is simply energy and energy not used is retained as fat. So either increase your daily activity or consume less energy. 

5. Gbemi - @FitNaijaFoodie

Be consistent and stay focused. Don't measure your progress with someone else's progress and just in case you fall off the wagon, never stay too long down beating yourself up. Get up as fast as you can. It's about progress and not perfection

6. Motunrayo - @Healthy_EveryDay_Living

The best way to get back on your fitness journey is to start back slowly by having an exercise schedule that fits well into your lifestyle. To make getting back on track more fun, I will suggest having a training partner for motivation to steer each other in the right direction. Try new exercise routines so that you always have something to look forward at every training session and take each exercise session as an opportunity to improve from the last. Do not compare yourself to others but focus on enjoying the journey and always be open to learn new ways of improving yourself.

7. Eziaha -  @CoachESquad

  • Creator of Saved. Fit & FAB fitness T. shirts
  • Mum of 1 and lost 30kg
  • www.eziaha.com

I'm passionate about fulfilling every dream I have, and running after purpose. I know most of us are too. But I have learned that passion, powerful as it is, can not help if our physical bodies bail on us. And bail it will, if we keep stuffing it with junk/trash like a dustbin, and then avoiding exercises like the ten plagues. That gives me perspective. It should give you too. So my advice, to the passionate, goal-driven ones? Eat less junk/crap (20percent) and more real food (80percent). Exercise at least 3 times a week. Fulfilling purpose is so worth it and should not be sacrificed on the altar of junk and laziness. 

8.    Lolah - @ChristSoldierGirlFitness

The most important tip in any fitness journey is consistency.  This involves having a workout and nutrition plan that you can actually stick to on a regular basis and ensuring that you stay committed to it in order to get your desired results.  Being consistent allows you to measure your progress each day and know what to improve on and this keeps you accountable to yourself. When you are inconsistent, you keep having to start over each time and losing all the hard work you had put in initially and thus never achieving your fitness goal.

9.  Esta - @ZoneFitnessNg

Start with what you can manage. Changing everything about your nutrition and exercise habits all at once requires a lot of willpower and energy. It’s like rotating around a circle in full speed; this approach will leave you drained, and diminish your willpower. We make things hard for ourselves when we try to change everything at once. The best approach is to break things down into small steps and make one or two changes at a time. It takes less energy and less willpower to take a step than it takes to make a full spin. Taking small steps is manageable.Make 1-2 manageable changes and practice them daily for 3-4 week. In summary you need to set yourself up for success by making small changes. 

I bet you're inspired at this point as those are really great tips!

If you need some more inspirational people in your corner or on your Instagram feed, please find them and follow them. And for much more detailed guidance, reach out to any of them for help. 

Having watched them for a while, I also love how they're pretty supportive of one another even though they're in the same business line. 

Lighting another persons candle, doesn't make yours burn any less!

Are you planning to get back on track this year? What's your greatest challenge? 


ps: We had a full blown interview with Eziaha Bolaji -Olojo on the WeInterview Series. Awesome interview.  And we all know how striving to be fit, will mean finding different ways to enjoy the our meals. Here's 10 Really Good Tips to Nail Your Weekly Meal Prep and  5(+1) Easy and Different Ways to eat Eggs!

ppS: Much more than losing weight or being fit, our health is key. January is the month for cervical screening awareness. Get yours done and here's 3 Funny Highlights from my first cervical screening experience!

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