Out with the Old: 9 Areas of Your Life to Detox and Refresh!

Out with the Old: 9 Areas of Your Life to Detox and Refresh!

I've just signed up for a one week fruits and vegetable detox, that starts this weekend. I'm excited. But I'm afraid. Will I pull through? Eating just fruits and vegetables for the whole week. But I know it’s a necessary 'evil'.  I love carbs, and I love meat - but I definitely over did it this Christmas and one of my 2017 goals is to eat healthier. SO this is a kick start.

With each new year, the word DETOX gets thrown around a lot. But much more than food, there's other areas of our lives, we should clean out, refresh and make sure we're all set to sail for the new year. 

1. Health

I woke up on the morning of Christmas with a lot of rash on my body and for the life of me, I could not figure out what it was. I managed to find humour when the doctor said it's a common virus infection commonly called the Christmas tree rash because it takes the shape of a Christmas tree. So I'm thankful I'm fine, but it served as a reminder to ensure your health is on point.

Are there are routine checkups you've been meaning to do? I recently got my cervical screening done after so much procrastination. Dental appointments? Eye tests? Pap Smears? Prostrate checks? Make out the time. Health is everything. 

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2. Finances and Money

If only someone could give us a big hug and $5,000,000 surely that's all the refreshing we need right?  But chances of that happening are quite slim.  So we have to work with what we have. Make sure your money goals are on point this year. Get a budget. Track your finances. Think of new ways to generate income.  Make a conscious money detox by cutting away from habits and people that make you spend the money you do not have - and don't forget to unsubscribe fromall those emails that offered you sale items and free deliveries over the holiday, if you'll stay tempted to buy what you don't need

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3. Career

It's a great time to set up new work goals while we're still feeling the excitement of the new year. Think of one career aspiration this year and how to achieve it.  Update your resume. Create time intentionally to connect with people on LinkedIn.  Take a professional exam.  Just do something fresh for this aspect of your life. At the very least, de-clutter your work space, and get an office plant or hang some photos. Anything for that brand new feeling.

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4. Hobbies, Habits & Skill

Most people who set a new year resolutions plan to get a new hobby or skill. So no surprises on this one!. For ages, I've been meaning to download Spotify so I can listen to more music on the go. I realised how badly I needed this after the chap beside me on the train yesterday would not stop speaking so loud.  So I took a 2 seconds break while typing this post and yes, I've finally downloaded it. Take the first step to that new hobbit or habit. It really gets easier after that. 

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5. Friends & Homies

The people around you influence you much more than you know. It's a great time to detox from bad company and seek out more people who inspire, encourage you, and will push you to achieve those goals you've set! 

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6. Home & Furnishings

Growing up, when furniture or house hold items get old my siblings and I would say "mummy the best thing is to buy a new one!". It would get her pretty angry.  I'm sure many of us wish we could simply move into a brand new well furnished home.  Well, till it happens, we need to spice up what we have. 

Tee doesn't really understand how I can get tired of eating from the set of plates, but you'll surprised how much difference eating from a new dish set could make. So some little things like new bed sheets, cushion pillows or just switching up the photos on the wall could make a huge difference. And don't forget to get rid of those broken pots and pans and furniture or old item you've hoarded in your garageor cupboard for years. I know you think it'll come in handy some day, but I'm almost certain it won't. Detox fellows, let it go! 

7. Feelings, Thoughts and Attitudes

Inject freshness into your thoughts and your mind. Think positive thoughts all day everyday. Think happy thoughts. It's a new year. Forget 2016, if it didn't go your way. Whether you believe in supernatural faith or simply the laws of attraction, you attract what you think. So go ahead and think of  positives - freeing your mind from envy, jealousy and all negativity! Detox by spending some time digging out the thoughts that get you weighed down and find practical ways to deal with it.

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8. Hair, Skin, Clothes! 

This is for me!. My hair and skin have to be 'on fleek' this year. I've decided to take matters into my hands for real. For hair, I'll be investing in wigs - and already made a first stab at it. Finally wore my first wig on New Year Eve's. It wasn't such a great experience as it felt really heavy. And the worst part, it fell off my hair in public! Thankfully I was hanging out with friends and we could laugh about it. But few days in and I think I'm getting a hang of it.

So yes, it's a great time to switch up your hair - style colour etc. Maybe even get a haircut (like Jennifer Lawrence in the movie JOY and do some badass moves. Try a new skincare routine. Add a piece to your wardrobe that could help switch up your typical look - new scarves, brooch belts. Little things sometime do the trick. And of the old clothes, don't forget to keep them well maintained - fix buttons and loose hems, dry clean and iron too!

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9. Faith

If this is an area of your life you've been trying to improve, what better time than a new year?!  If you're Christian, the Youversion Bible App is such a winner. With 1266 versions available and 919 languages with thousands of daily plans on every area of life, you're sure to find something that's right for you. It might also be helpful to book a retreat and take a day or two out of the daily bustle to re-focus your mind and renew your faith. 

And we're done. Ofcourse, you don't have to do everything at once. Pick the one(s) most useful to you.  

What and how are you planning to detox this new year? And what areas are you hoping to improve? What new things are you trying out?

Share with us, we may hold you accountable and inspire you. 

Kachee… Xx
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