Relationship on a Budget: 10 Do-able & Fun-at-Home Ideas (without spending any Money)

Relationship on a Budget: 10 Do-able & Fun-at-Home Ideas (without spending any Money)

I love speaking to myself - often imagining I have my own TV show. Being married sort of means I have to turn that down a notch lest someone begins to wonder if I'm okay. But I don't think I'm alone in this. I recently read a thread where a woman said her husband walked in on her speaking loudly and pretending like she was on her own show with a full audience. He was slightly confused. A lot of other women responded saying they did the same as well!

Anyway, yesterday while getting set for work in the morning, I had one of those talk-to myself moments as I said "I'm going to be so frugal in these coming weeks". I thought it was a slight whisper, but I must have been pretty audible because from across the room, Tee responded, "Me too!"

In my mind, I'm thinking "how weird that we're planning to be frugal as we approach February - the supposed month of romance, love and lavish gifting"

So I started thinking of fun romantic ways to have fun with your spouse or partner. The criteria: first, no money to be spent. Because isn't it true that when we think of fun, we automatically think of money? And second it should be do-able. I come across a lot of lists and I really roll my eyes, like 'uhm, that's not really do-able!'

1. Write out poems or love letters to each other

Just incase one person is more of a Shakespeare than the other, you can put a limit - say like 10 line poetry or maximum of 20 sentences.  Exchange them and then read it aloud.  If words are not your thing, you could draw each other, complete with how you think they'd be in 10 years. Pot belly or abs? 

2. Give each other a mini grooming session

I think it's cute when guys polish their girl's finger or toe nails. I've seen quite a few people do it for their pregnant wives - you know when the bump won't let her bend over and touch her toes. But she doesn't have to be pregnant to do this. And even if the guys aren't experts at this and end up messing it up, it's fine - it's just for fun anyway! And in return she could groom his beard or give him a hair cut (if he's brave enough to allow!)

3. Look through your old photos / videos together

If you've been together for a while this should be fun! I felt bad when I lost my hard drive which had most of our early relationship photos. So the few I have now I treasure them and although not very flattering, it's often fun to look at!

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4. See a Movie 

Nope, no cinema - at home! My preference is always an easy going romantic movie or comedy that doesn’t need much concentration. If you've got those microwaveable popcorns, that's a bonus! No Netflix subscription? Try YouTube. No internet? - well forget about actually seeing a movie. Why not pick a few of your favourite TV characters and try to mimic them! 

5. Play an Indoor Game

On my very first CV, and in the hobbies section, I had included the phrase 'love playing indoor games'. I think a cheeky interviewer once tried to read that differently. So for clarity, I mean board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess (which could take hours!) or something quicker like Ludo. You could play Truth or Dare - but be careful, we don't want any relationships breaking up over this. Video games are also an option as well, if possible. In the absence of these, get some good old paper and make some origami (you know those space ships and airplanes you made with paper as a child). Adults can enjoy them too, or generally think of those fun activities you did as a child.

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6. Cook a Meal or Bake

Last weekend I made a rather yummy lemon drizzle cake. I was slightly nervous and kept checking the oven every five minutes - as my last experience of baking bread wasn't great at all. But this was so easy and turned out perfect! The husband even said he'd love to 'help out' on the next one. Not sure how if helping out just means being in the kitchen, but nonetheless, cooking together can be fun - as long as it isn't crazy tasking recipes. So find loads of easy food or cocktail recipes, and enjoy it. 

7. Sing to Each Other/ Dance Together / Create Your own Music  

Karaoke at home? Why not. Get the lyrics to your favourite song, mute the volume and then sing your heart out!  You could even try creating your own re-mix by adding a personal verse. You never really know what innate talents you've got there until you try. If you're feeling pretty brave - record this and share with the world. You both could be the next Bonnie and Clyde

8. Work Out! 

I'm low key jealous of all those couples on Instagram who work out together. Looking all fit and hash tagging #CoupleGoals. We've only managed to pull this off a few times, but it was fun - particularly the time I made him do push ups with me on his back (obviously having seen this on Instagram!). So, if fitness is your thing- you should try this out. You know what they say - better together. 

9. Learn a new Language?

No, not the entire language. That sounds more like work than fun. But you could look up how to say "I Love You" in 10 different langauges (each) and share with each other. I'll give you one to get you ahead - In German, it's 'Ich Liebe Dich'. I know this because that's what Tee wrote on my 20th birthday cake - there was definitely a private joke around that which I don't really remember now! And while we're at it - it may be helpful to take the quiz and actually discover your love language!

10. Pray

No fun in praying? That's not true. There's something so warm about couples praying together. being so transparent and open and together in heart and mind. I surely think that's worth pursuing. Obviously you don't have to spend the entire day on this number 10. But it'll be good to throw it into any other activities above! 

Notes on being Frugal:

(i) Expensive isn't always best. Sure you can relate to those days you have such an expensive meal but wish you'd stayed home and whipped up your own meal. 

(ii) You really shouldn't have to live beyond your means to impress your partner. After all, we already agreed to be very open and honest in money matters. 

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Do you often try out any of these? How else do you have fun at home without spending money?

Kachee... Xx





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