Hey Bloggers! || 3 Incredibly Important Blog Questions to Ask Yourself

Hey Bloggers! || 3 Incredibly Important Blog Questions to Ask Yourself

I think that even the most successful bloggers stumbled on blogging. Very few had a clear mindset from the beginning as to their blogging goals or what they wanted to achieve. Many also underestimated the incredible amount of hard work that it takes! And that's why, you'd notice that the most successful bloggers hardly sit still. They're constantly thinking of ways to re-vamp themselves. One of my goals for 2017 was to share my blogging experiences and tips. Seeing as it has become a passion of mine, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve. 

Fun fact? In 2013, it was estimated that about 152 million blogs exist and in March 2015, it was estimated that about 1.13 million blog posts get published every day. 

If you're thinking of starting a blog, then like me you're bound to think "Geez who is going to read my blog!" If you've already started a blog, perhaps your thinking is tilted more towards "How do I succeed with this blogging thing!"

The latter question is kind of jumping the gun. Because success, will mean different things to different people, and that's why it's imperative that we ask ourselves these 3 questions!

1. What's the Purpose of your Blog?

This is a pretty loaded question and if we're able to ace it, then it will give an incredible sense of direction!  The managing partner of the law firm where I work has an internal blog (and vlog!) where he sends legal updates to the entire 800+ team, such that the team is kept abreast of happenings. I don't think in that regard his direct purpose is to make money.

A friend of mine claims the purpose of her family vlog is to simply keep her family (scattered all around the world) posted of what's going on in her life. In such a case, she'd probably vlog only when she has some interesting updates for them, and she couldn't care less about the latest social media hacks for promoting blog posts and growing a Pinterest audience.  

Recently a travel blogger tweeted about a blog milestone. She was clearly excited but also clarified that the main goal would be achieved when all her followers are able to pursue their travel aspirations! Can we infer that that's the main purpose of her blog? I think so!

So think deeply, and perhaps write it down: what do you aim to do: just share your everyday life (what's the USP here for people to read it?) inspire people to cook, to be fashionable? Share knowledge? Build a community? All of the above? Streamlining your purpose will be helpful to many other questions such as your blog niche, manner of writing, quality of images to use etc. 

2. What's the Vision for your Blog?

I read something recently that clearly stated that not all of us will be huge incredibly popular banana-island-house buying or one-million-YouTube subscribers kind of bloggers. And that's okay. I mean if you've answered number 1 above, then your purpose perhaps doesn't need a million subscribers.

But since we never really know whether or whether not we would become the next big thing, how about we dare to dream? And so the question is "what vision do YOU have for your blog"?

If you were given a clean slate and some paper what would you draw? All things being possible, what would you like your blog to achieve? How much money would you like your blog to bring to you? What parts of the world would you like your blog to be read?! And by what kind of people?

This is such a heavy laden question! But very important, as it'll define a whole lot in regards to how we approach our blogs! If your vision is for your blogs to only be read by family - then it's okay to shrug your shoulders and use vernacular language that only a few people can understand. But if you're thinking bigger, then you'd find yourself ultimately dropping some things!

I've stumbled on a blog post with over 2000 comments - all reasonable lengthy intelligent comments! It challenged me to think big and today when I think of KacheeTee.com, my one out of many visions is for a community of millions people learning and laughing in this thing called life! I imagine they'd be KacheeTee.com meetups in several parts of the world. It may happen, it may not (at least a Nigeria & UK meet up would happen hopefully!) but you get the drift? So think up your grand vision (it's free to dream!), and you'd be pumped up to put your foot forward on your blog gas pedal and keep moving!

3. How much Time & Money do you have?

Let's cut straight to it. If anyone told you blogging wouldn't require time or money, they lied - and it's okay because they may have thought it wouldn't!

Because now that we've set aside our purpose and vision, implementing it will need time + money! Even at the most basic level we'd need time to write the post, and perhaps money for a domain. 

I'm writing this at 11.36pm and was so tempted to postpone publishing to another day (ended up publishing at 1:15am!). But you have to put in the work! So if we've got that grand vision, but no time to devote, it'll be a hard one to pull off.  Money is secondary, but the larger your vision, the more investments you'd have to make - for functional websites, design, graphics & editing, distribution and promotion tools, marketing campaigns... the list is endless!

So yes, I think these 3 questions, particularly 1&2 are incredibly important. Ultimately through, remember that the aim should be impact, value and growth. Not numbers, not perfection. Purpose and vision may change as well. Like my friend blogger. I suspect she's realised that people actually enjoy her blogs, so i think she's looking to reach a wider audience! 

What are your thoughts? What's the purpose of your blog? And imagine you were given a blank cheque, what vision would you draw out? Let us know. 

And now that I think about it, this clearly applies to a lot more things than blogging!

Kachee... Xx

pS: Love to blog better?  24 blog quotes to inspire all areas of your blog,  and if you're slightly curious, here's a recap of 2016 for me in blogging! Can't believe this blog is almost a year! I'm thinking of a giveaway with some brands, so let me know if there's any brand you think will like to partner and what sort of stuff you'd like to have on the giveaway!

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