5 Useful Habits to Adopt this Month (and Always!)

5 Useful Habits to Adopt this Month (and Always!)

To be honest, when I was much younger I used to roll my eyes at books such as "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". So even in high school when everyone seemed into "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" I just often shrugged and hardly bothered to get my hands on a copy. I still haven't read them, but I won't be surprised if you shrugged when you saw the title of this post.

Such self help pieces sometimes seem to say things we already know and it's hard to feel the impact. 

So it's either I've gotten older (and boring enough to now be interested in these) or I've realised that we often need to re-iterate these things to ourselves everyday! Please humour me and tell me the latter is the case

Same reason we (should) take a bath everyday. Motivation and Inspiration don't quite last long. 

So this new month, I think these are great habits to adopt, and hopefully it sticks with us!

1. Sit/ Stand/Walk Tall

First, let me share a funny story. A couple of my friends were dating - and then broke up. Unfortunately, they were both invited to a mutual friend's dinner. The guy made the mistake of sitting at the dinner chair, slouching. Whether he was somewhat depressed at the break up or simply showing bad table manners, his ex couldn't take it. And from across the table, beckoned him to "Sit Up"! The morale therefore is, no matter the situation we need to stand tall. It definitely shows confidence, like you can take over the world - without fear. I often slouch because it sometimes appears to be more comfortable. But, I'm making a decision to stop, so join me! A correct upright posture is one where your back and bum are kind of in a straight line. Asides the confidence boost, this helps reduce aches and pains. 

2. Walk More!

Every time my mum chose to walk instead of drive, a nosy neighbour was sure to exclaim "Madam wetin do your car"* To be honest, I didn't quite blame them. Because likewise I'm often disinterested when someone says "it's just a 20 minute walk". Yesterday however I was reminded (for the umpteenth time) of the need to walk more often, when my thighs got sore and really itchy after a barely 5 minute walk. Let's try to consciously walk more often - particularly at work where we tend to sit most of the time - by getting off our desks at intervals. And remember, longer walks are one of the productive things to do on a slow day at work.  Having a daily target is a good way to start. Shall we say 5000 steps for starters? 

3. Eat/Talk Slow (but not too slow please)

Eating slow means you'll often eat less quantities - which we mostly  desire to do! Plus it generally aids digestion and hydration, and helps you truly enjoy both the food and the moment! There's so much advantage to eating slow - in fact there's a like an Eat Slow movement and staunch advocates who preach this.  The only downside is that if you have a partner like me (who gobbles up food so quickly), such person will be sure  to dip into yours. Deal with it though. Spouses should Share Food! Talking slow is one of the necessary tips for slaying a presentation or public speech. But much more than that, sometimes I think we all try to talk too hurriedly! Not paying attention to what it is we are actually saying and loosing the art of conversation! Talking slowly helps us avoid "diarrhoea of the mouth", sound more eloquent and be in touch with your emotions when speaking. If you read my last post to the end, you'll agree I could talk a lot when I'm in the mood. The thing is sometimes I tend to ramble and ask myself "what did I just say". So I'm making a conscious effort to talk slowly particularly at work so I can pass across my message effectively! Plus it def makes you sound more confident. This quote kind of shows my point. 

Direction is much more important than speed. A lot of people are going nowhere fast
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4. Be Punctual

Remember Steve my driving instructor? He said I must enjoy living life on the fast lane as I get to the train station a few minutes before my train, often walking briskly on the platform and trying to find my train ticket. So, I know how difficult this gets. But still, I'm sure we secretly admire people who are on time. There's something so warming about knowing that if they tell you 4'oclock, they'll be there. Making an attempt to be punctual will in most cases involve being a morning person and including a little bit of extra time for unforeseen events. I think we need to get rid of the mentality that being 5 minutes late is not such a big deal, or that other people will be late as well, or at the worst, they'll wait. 

5. Dress Well

There's always this tendency to throw caution to the wind, just because we're home or simply popping down to the corner shop to buy some sugar. And even some fashion bloggers admit that if you catch them on a random day, they may not look so dressed up. I also often reserve certain clothes 'for special occasions'. But then these occasions hardly come and the clothes gather dust at the bottom of my closet. Point is, we should all be intentional about dressing well and looking good. This doesn't in any way translate to expensive. But well put together and clean. But if you ran into your crush or potential business investor, will you happily step up? Or wish you had 5 minutes for a quick change of clothes?

Now, your turn! Did you ever read the books I spoke of? What do you think of these kind of posts?

Which of these are you good at, and which (if any) are you going to adopt!? What challenges are there to adopting these? You know I love to hear from you!

Finally, please share! 

5 Useful Habits to adopt this Month
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Kachee... Xx


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