11 Random Questions, Tricks & Tips on the Most Boring Chore Ever: Ironing!

11 Random Questions, Tricks & Tips on the Most Boring Chore Ever: Ironing!

You'll agree technology has been pretty amazing. And sometimes it makes me eat my words. I think I once said a washing machine couldn't potentially wash clothes better than my God-given hands. Now, for the clothes that say "hand wash only", it takes God-given grace for me to finally wash them.

Ironing however, still remains one of those chores that doesn't seem to have gotten any easier! My younger self genuinely used to know how to iron so well, in primary school. But maybe getting into boarding school, with irons not being allowed, and most people expertly folding their clothes under their bunk beds, I may have lost interest.

Even the most hardworking people people generally agree ironing is such a boring chore and some English shirt makers particularly market some of their shirts as being non-iron. I don't see it though - as they still don't look crisp without being ironed. 

So some of these questions have been on my mind. Especially when I see people who are always well dressed, with properly ironed clothes. I know it's random, but we discuss random on the blog too (like this post on sharing toothbrush - which has our most comments to date!) So you can whine about how boring ironing is, or share additional tips and tricks!

So, the random questions:  

  • Do you like ironing or do you agree that it's the worst chore ever. If it's not, what's worse than it?
  • Do you iron your clothes yourself or do you have someone do it for you? For me, there's always a last minute request to the husband to help out. And 6/7 of the time, he obliges! 
  • I've come across flavoured ironing water in the store here in UK sold for about £1 -5 per litre. Apparently they're supposed to add some fragrance to your clothes. Will you use them, or are you like me, #TeamOrdinaryWater? If you use ordinary water, do you often fill the iron with water properly or do you use your hand and a bowl to sprinkle this?
  • What other items do you use to make ironing easier. Fabric softener? Liquid or Solid Starch?
You can’t get spoiled if you do your own ironing!
— Meryl Streep
  • Do you remember to iron the lining of clothes? As a kid, I once saw my aunt iron the inner lining of her skirt, and it made so much sense, because those are often so wrinkled!
  • Of Kachee and Tee, someone always irons all their clothes before they travel, while the other will completely travel with non-iron clothes if possible. You can probably guess who is who. Do you always iron and fold your clothes before you travel? Or hope you can iron on arrival, or rather take just one non-iron item for the entire trip? 
  • My aunts iron their kids underwear. Do you iron underwear? Jeans? Bed-sheets? 
  • Where do you iron? On the floor? A random table?  The bed or A proper ironing board? I'm trying to be all prim and proper now, so will often use an ironing board, but on a hurried day, the bed will do just fine!
Ironing boards are just surf boards that gave up their dreams. Don’t be an ironing board.
  • While browsing the internet randomly, I came across this iron that's sold for £1500. The catch is that it doesn't leave any creases. In what circumstances will you buy it? 
  • Have you ever burnt yourself with an iron? I have and more than 20 years later, the scar remains on my arm. 
  • Have you ever burnt an outfit while ironing? I know someone whose wedding dress got burnt while it was being ironed. The day went on though. Of course. 
  • Do you read the labels of outfits to determine what you should set temperature to set the iron to? You know it's on there right? 
I iron for you, so I must love you!

Now to some Useful Ironing Tips:

  • When bulk ironing, iron things that need the lowest temperature first.
  • Apparently, putting a strip of aluminium foil under the ironing board, cuts ironing time in half, as this doubles the heat and heats up the other side of the clothing! 
  • If you don't have a proper ironing board, a towel is always a good idea (I bet many Nigerians know this already!)
  • Fancy a good DIY (or just extra frugal?), you can make your own starch with some cornstarch and water. About 1.5 Tablespoon of cornstarch to 2 cups of water. Pour in a spray bottle, and voila!
  • To clean iron sole plates, use a cloth dipped in baking soda (I hear toothpaste also works). Use cotton buds (Q tips) to clean the holes in the iron.
  • Use the lowest setting for silk and polyester. Medium for wool and rayon and high for cotton and linen. For stubborn wrinkles, carefully go a notch higher.
  • After ironing (especially for shirts), let them rest for a few minutes before you wear. To allow the flatness and creases set in. 
  • Iron sensitive fabrics, black clothing and details such as embroidery inside out. Or put a clean cotton or linen cloth over them before ironing.
  • Using water definitely helps get crinkles out faster. Apparently boiled and cooled water is advisable, as it prevents sediments clogging into the iron and ultimately running on your clothes. Add steam for even better results! 
When something needs to be ironed, I put it in the ironing basket. If a year goes by and the item is still in the basket, I throw it away. This is a good system, since I only end up with clothes that don’t need ironing!
— Janet Evanovich

In the midst of your weekend chores, share your thoughts and experiences on the above questions! Love Ironing? What are your tips and tricks? 


Kachee... xX

pS: Okay, those random questions are actually 12!

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