Dear Younger Self, I Wish You'll Learn These 7 Life Skills Everyone Knows

Dear Younger Self, I Wish You'll Learn These 7 Life Skills Everyone Knows

Dear Younger Self,

I'm not particularly sure what age you are at the point I'm writing this. But let's just say anytime before the age of 15. Because you'll finish high school at 15, and from then on, it's a whirl wind of non-stop school, and then life happens - Uni, LawSchool, Masters, Marriage & Career. And trust me, there'll be hardly any time to learn these skills. You remember all those long vacations you longed for what to do. Well well! You could have learned these! When I list them below, you'll be surprised - like surely everyone else can do this. What did you do with your childhood? Yeah Yeah. Reading Enid Blytons. Ok, let's delve right in! 

  • Jump Rope aka Skip:

Hey younger self. Surely there's an explanation for this! How do you not even know how to skip? As an adult, that seems incomprehensible! Everyone knows how to skip. Now that I think of it, you weren't so great with those skipping games where two people held the end of the ropes and one person jumped while everyone sang "where were you born" & "when will you marry". If you care to know anyway, you'll get married in 2014 (but no his name isn't Brian Williams, as you note in your junior school essay!). Back to skipping. You'll feel pretty bad, when you try to learn to skip at 27. Because they say it's an awesome way to burn calories! Hahahahaha. You thought you'll be skinny forever or that your constant chatter will be enough to burn them? You'll be amazed that people can do 7,000 skips in a row. But hey hey, don't cry. Anything is possible! We got this. You skipped 40 at once a couple of days ago. And the difference between 7000 and 40 is not THAT much. Just keep going. One jump at a time! 

  • Swim 

I wish I could show you the future video of you trying to learn to swim at 26. It's absolutely hilarious! Much more so, because at the other end of the pool, the people learning are between 3 months to 7years!  Maybe you should have spent more time actually trying to learn this than being interested in the Chicken, Chips and Hotdogs at Ikoyi Club. I'll give it to you though. They had the best meals. But it's fine. The weird thing about this is how much you'll love to buy swimming suits when you're older, without actually knowing how to swim! But I'm so proud of you. Even deciding at all to take lessons and making it for 10am almost every Saturday. You'll be terrified the first day. Learning to breathe. Learning to flap your legs. But goodness, you do love the water! You'll find it absolutely relaxing. And when you eventually 'swim' from one end of the pool to the other? Awesome. Such a shame, that at the time of this letter, you haven't learnt it completely because your schedule got really tight and your instructor cancelled. But soon! If not your husband has threatened that while he and the kids go swimming, you'll be taking their photos and holding the bags.

  • Ride a Bike:

This may not have been necessary so much while growing up in Nigeria. But I really wish you'll learn. Because you'll go to Cambridge where everyone (yes, even the Dean of the Law faculty) rides a bike. And you'll be forced to walk 45 mins to school becase you can't ride. In the cold! Like swimming, your husband will also threaten that he and the kids will ride around the neighbourhood and you'll be the 'uncool one'.

  • Sew (& Maybe Knit?)

Learn to sew girl. It's important. I wish you'll actually learn to sew with a proper sewing machine. I know I know, you haven't even learnt to sew a button on very well. But don't get it for granted that you'll always have such service available around you for cheap. In 2016, you go into a shop in the UK, with about 15 pairs of trousers to amend the waist, and they'll price it at £22.50 for one. You'll then graciously walk out of the store wishing you could sew. Plus DIY, and jazzing up your own clothes will be so in in the future. So, take those Home Economics classes seriously! And if you've got some time, learn to knit too. So some day you can sit on a rocking chair and knit, and look cool-ish. 

  • Play a Musical Instrument:

Well, this is just kind of cool don't you think. But maybe it's just not in you. Remember how even when everyone could play "Mary had a little lamb" with the recorder (flute), you still struggled. I guess if there's any I'll have loved you to learn, it's the Piano. Pianos are really gorgeous with their white and black keys. It's funny how you were so excellent in theoretical music. Even getting a distinction in Music examinations including the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) exams. To be fair this just stems from the fact that you're not a music person. But yeah, while we are at that, maybe get interested in music. The only songs you know are ABBA, Dolly Parton and all the songs mum sings! That's why your future husband will tease you that you must be from another generation! You'll still love hymns though - and insist on singing all 4 stanzas in your head even after the choir stopped at the second.  Oh yeah, maybe you could learn to dance as well. That way, you won't spend so much time getting worried about how you'll dance at you wedding.

  • Drive:

No, I'm not saying you should learn to drive at 12. But maybe take a bit more interest in a car and you know, learn the difference between the brake and the accelerator. That way, you'll avoid hitting the accelerator instead of the brake and running into mum's car and almost scarring yourself from driving for life. Also, you'll have to learn to drive in the UK, and that may just be the hardest thing you've ever hard to do - plus the one you've failed the most. You may not believe me, but you'll fail this driving test three times. Hahhhaa. Go learn!

  • Type Fast:

If you could learn to type very fast that'll be great! You'll end up being a lawyer. Don't get excited. Not the kind you read in the John Grisham novels. That's lowkey a scam. Neither are you repairing all of the injustice in the world. You're a solicitor drafting a lot of documents, so typing fast is a skill. But don't fear, you like what you do. For now! 

Ultimately though, I think you're fine.  And I'm pretty sure in no time you'll tick these things off. Say before 30? Don't sweat it. Now I've probably taken too much of your time. Go back to reading or chatting. I'm incredibly proud of you and all that you'll go on to achieve! 

Love you loads! 

Your 27, going on 28 year old self! 

That's my letter guys!

Decided to write this post after Berry Dakara (remember I said I met her in my May Recap) tweeted about my inability to jump rope, saying that she wished someone could give her a time machine to whisk me to the past so I could learn. So we decided that I'll write all the things I wish I could do, and she writes all the things she did as a child. 

Check out Berry's post here on all the fun things she did as a child!

You turn! If you had to go back, what will you wish your younger self will learn how to do? Are you currently trying to learn any of them? It's never too late by the way, so find a way and go for it! What life skills do you think everyone should know? Do you think Cooking is one of them? I remember taking cookery / baking classes one summer, and it was so much fun!  


Kachee... Xx

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