August Recap - Hopes for September!

August Recap - Hopes for September!

And just like that, it's the last four months of the year, popularly called the MBER months. It's suppose to be because they all end in MBER, but October doesn't. So, fail?

August was great, and if you read the July Recap, I'm sure you're wondering how the whole 30 Challenge went for me! Well it didn't. It was cut down to Whole 15, as I stopped on the 15th day. But I honestly loved it. And I will do it again, with proper planning. Maybe in October. Other than that, I did braid my hair. It's rough now and I'm wondering what else I can do (Ideas welcome please!). I haven't managed to finish reading both books as planned, but so far so amazing! I'll do a recap of the books hopefully. We did have an out door picnic, on bank holiday Monday. You may have seen some from my Instagram stories. 

Without much ado, let's dive in to the purpose of this post. 

  • Eating: - at home! This month, I need to get my meal prep game back. I think we ate out a lot in the past month, and we all know how money goes once you eat out. So I'll be using my own tips for better meal prepping
  • Reading: Same two books I intended to read in August. But I've also heard so much about Girl Boss, so I'm getting that as well - if September doesn't whiff past me again. 
  • Wanting: To actually rock my un-relaxed natural hair. I don't have proper records, but I'm certain it's being over a year I stopped relaxing my hair, and all my hair should be unrelaxed now. But I've never really rocked it. You know how all our fly naturalistas rock the knots, twists and the fro. Maybe just before I tuck it all up again, I'll make an attempt. 
  • Wondering: if my skin is really glowing. A couple of people have said it is, but I can't see the glow. Tee says I use glasses so that's why I can't see it. Really Boo? If it is, then let me stock up on more Coconut Oil! I must admit it seems to look more moisturised than before.
  •  Loving: being Married. Honestly glad, we didn't have any inter-ethnic dramas. It's so unnecessary. Did Dr N's story give you goosebumps?  It sure gave me. My friend said she even cried her eyes out while reading. 
  • Hoping: I find amazing brown skin tights. Autumn/ Winter is upon us, and there are sometimes It'll be great to simply wear an outfit without black tights.  Has anyone got any recommendations?
  • Drinking: Green Tea in a Starbucks Cup. Let me explain. I've always fancied  those Starbucks kind coffee cups, but I don't drink Coffee and I didn't really realise they sold teas as well. So now that they do, I'm buying more green tea in those cups! To be honest, the frugal in me will rather buy a pack of tea of £1.50 (with 25 tea bags) than buy one cup for £0.75p. So trust me this love won't be for too long.
  • Liking: all the comments you'll leave in this space! I really go back to read them all over and sometimes I laugh out so loud. Thank you! I hope we can meet up soon or maybe even have a party, as I said in this post. Ps: I may do a whole post on why you should sign up for Disqus and leave comments, but for now, how cool is it that we can attach photos and videos in the comment section!  Like Abby showed us a picture of 'Pere' currency in this post, and Tunrie linked Simi's video in this post. So engaging!
  • Marvelling: at the story of Daniel in the bible. From not eating the King's food, to interpreting his dreams, to his friends been thrown into the furnace and then him in the lions den. Such a story of complete trust in God we should aspire to. I'm think of reading Esther next. It's been tugging in my heart. What's your best  book of the Old Testament? Oh btw, did you know that Shedrack Meshach and Abednego were their Babylonian names. Their original names were Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. I'm just wondering why Daniel's Babylonian name didn't really take effect, as he was renamed Belteshazzar.
  • Wearing: More tops with Sleeves! I think I'm over the off shoulder trend. Which is strange considering what I said in this post. But I think I've overdone it. Just for fun, I may a blog post this month on the times I rocked the trend. For now, you can see that I wore it here for my office Christmas Party, here for my 26th Birthday (with my TwentySix Skirt), here in Cornwall, and same romper in La Campagne Resort, Lagos.
  • Wasting: no time in deleting junk and scam emails! Gosh. Not sure why I get so many in my outlook account. Some are actually SO good, I almost fall.  Hope you checked out this post on cyber security and staying safe online. Useful tips - if I do say so myself!
  • Feeling: giddy that I may actually be ticking off two things off my tech wishlist.  Can you guess which ones? I hope they live up to expectation and I'm not inclined to return them - the way I almost always return shoes, as I said in this post
  • Playing:  with Font Apps! You've probably noticed from my IG, and the photo in this post. It relieves stress for me. Lol!
  • Looking: forward to the future. I'm just so excited about it all areas - Career, Family, Community. 
  • Following: More people who inspire! I'm sure you pretty much know Mark Zuckerberg paid Lagos a visit! I spent some time on his page and was just so pumped. While we are it at, check out this link on 11 Nigerians who work with Mark at Facebook. Impressive. Who's inspiring you these days? Please share. If you haven't, stop by out We Interview page, and see some ladies who inspire us!
  • Noticing:  how I've come to love photos. It's weird because I actually hated photos, and always used to tell people "Sorry I don't take pictures". I still don't really like people taking a photo of me, but if it's on my phone or camera, I don't really mind because I have control and can delete it. Lol! Hard to believe that a certain someone now thinks I take too many. *insert roll eyes smiley*
  • Creating: my CV. Honestly. Don't roll your eyes. Those things take so much time to put together, if we want to do a good job. I'm actually planning a post on CV tips. And I'm currently reviewing a few people's CVs as well (Hey Cassie! Yes, we'll still talk about yours). I have so much to say about CVs but now is not the time. I tweeted the education bit of my CV and people were saying good stuff which made me really shy. Do you find it hard to take a compliment / praise?
  • Waiting: to officially change my last name. I'm done with having two 'different' surnames and being a Social Media Mrs. But the paper work! *wailing*
  • Knowing:  I need to sort out the Blog Newsletters. But, procrastination. Hopefully, I'll do it before September runs out! You need to be a subscriber to get it though! Whatchu waiting for? 
  • Thinking: of what to do for our Christmas Cards this year! I know it's pretty early, but we need to take photos, and then order the cards, address them and get them to Nigeria before Christmas. So best to start planning early. I think this is one great tradition for couples!. 
  • Opening: a new chapter at work. Essentially even though I was already a lawyer in Nigeria, I had to do a two year re-qualification here in the UK. September marks the last six months of that period, and by God's grace I'll be UK qualified in March. Home stretch time!
  • Wishing: things get better in Nigeria. It's depressing to think of how much potential that country has and yet how much we lack. Sigh. 

That's pretty much it. On the blog front, I interviewed Haneefah, and was genuinely surprised at how popular the toothbrush post was! It was hilarious, and the comments get me all the time. If you missed it, it's one you should check out. And if you want another one, I recommend the unleashing your inner child and 5 Different Support Networks You Should Have! OK, that's two.  To be honest, just check out all the August posts

How was August for  you? What are you hoping to do and achieve this September? Share with us! 

Hope you have an amazing month, filled with good news and so much positivity! 


Kachee... xX

pS: I think I really do talk a lot. This post looks long. If you read it all. Hi 5!. Plus I know there's quite a lot of links on there. But you know, we get new readers all the time, and great to show them old posts. Sorry if it irks you!

pS: I'm so excited for the new share buttons on the blog. I'm late to the party but I think it's so cool. Especially how if you're reading the blog on your phone you can easily share to Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter! So no more excuse people. Share my blog posts with your friends and family!

pS: Let's connect. All profiles, @KacheeTee. Subscribe and please follow us via Bloglovin'!

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