The Make-Up Questions That Keep Us All Awake at Night

The Make-Up Questions That Keep Us All Awake at Night

Is it weird to admit that I have only got professional makeup done three times -  my civil ceremony, Nigerian traditional wedding and my white wedding! Oh wait, there's one more - that freebie experience (where my makeup sort of looked like Lupita's initially).

I think makeup can be great. In particular I think having very well defined eyebrows really does enhance one's face. In this post, we talked about best tools to shave your eyebrows, and if there's one thing I'm liking these days, it's well groomed brows. (I gushed about all the fleek brows during the CV&Career Workshop.) 

So I'd decided that I was going to learn to sort eyebrows at least before I turned 28. I probably made this note to self a couple of months ago. And now it's almost November and I'll soon be 28! Quick, someone to the rescue!

But there's still many things about makeup that keep me (and you) awake at night. Ok, obviously not that kind of what-am-I-really-doing-with-my-life awake. But you know, just makes you wonder. Ok, here we go:

1. The Cost - Why So Expensive?: Beauty is surely pain. And in this case, we definitely feel the pain in our pockets. I remember right after the wedding, I thought "Hey Mrs, time to get your act together". Walked into the MAC and Bobbi Brown store in Dubai - and made my married-woman makeup purchase. Left with a few items and quite a dent in debit card. The cost obviously ties in with the very many products we are required to purchase - to slay. But after not seeing the effect of a primer, I decided my moisture was a good enough base, thank you. Thanks to all the beauty bloggers who show us the less-expensive products! Oh there's also the cost of applying makeup for every Nigerian party/ wedding you attend. We know the networkers kinds of dancers don't joke with that! 

2. The Time - Why does it take so long?: Oh dear. This is one reason I've found it hard to learn fleek eyebrows. The time! I may have gotten it once or twice. But on those days, I learnt lessons in patience.  I'm amazed at people who spend at least an hour fixing their makeup. Even those times above I wasn't doing my makeup myself, I still felt so impatient sitting on a chair for that long.  Asides the application time, there's the time of finding the perfect products out of all the very many out there! Finding the exact shade is such a hassle. If i go into the MAC store, the Caucasian attendant gives me a foundation two shades darker than what the black African attendant gives. Phew. 

3. How far is too far?: This one is really a genuine question. Many times, I'm not a huge fan of those before and after photos of (Nigerian) brides. Because ofcourse, the befores are intentionally unflattering. Poor light. Ugly head scarves/hair nets. Half dressed. But then in some of these cases, the after makes you ponder: did this transformation go too far? We've all seen the jokes about taking a girl swimming on a first date. There's a subtle hint of truth in the midst of the humour. With contouring, most people can get a slimmer nose and defined cheeks. Fair enough. But then some people go a step further to contour their boobs, neck and legs. Too far? 

4. Same for all?:  At some point, I genuinely began to prefer the before photos of brides because it sort of showed their unique features, which I found appealing. Everyone sort of looked the same in the afters! Same eyebrow shape, sort of, and irrespective of their original eyebrow shape. Did it have to be that exact arc? I find the reverse is the case in a lot of European and Asian ads, and magazines. Individuals still retain their distinctive features, just appears a bit enhanced. 

5. Insecurity concerns?: Looking good is undoubtedly a great habit to adopt! And putting on makeup is very linked to that. But is it a notch too high when people are absolutely unable to leave the house bare faced? Alicia Keys' decision to quit wearing makeup evoked quite some responses - with some people calling her downright ugly. I'm also sure we've all seen those memes and jokes about ladies rushing to apply makeup before getting on a video call with their partners. Are we getting too drawn in into this that we feel incomplete without a couple of layers? 

6. The Little Inconveniences?: Definitely down at the bottom of the list, but it's still there.  And I've been meaning to ask if I'm the only one who gets brown stains on office documents on the days I wear makeup. Sometimes I actually have to use an eraser to wipe the stains off! Or the inconvenience of wearing a white turtle neck top. How do you do it? Or being caught in the rain with non-water proof mascara. Or being forced to clean off your other eyebrow because someone mistakenly wiped off the first. Oh and then there's having to wipe it off at night. 

Ultimately, I think makeup is amazing. And I agree with Bobbi Brown below. However, it'll be good to also know where to draw the line (if any).  

I believe that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup
— Bobbi Brown

What are your thoughts on Makeup? Love, Indifference or Nah! Are you already a pro, or like me trying to learn! Do any of the above keep you awake at night? Have you had any makeup woes?  If you had to use just one make-up product what will it be?

Don't forget Disqus let's you attach photos in the comments, so if there's a fun or fleek make-up photo or meme, you'll like us to see, Share with us! I'll def be uploading one in the comments section. 



pS: Chances are I wouldn't have learnt by November, so I'm thinking of having my makeup done for the fifth time. Guess who is getting excited!?

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