July Recap, Hopes for August!

July Recap, Hopes for August!

I was so sure it wasn't just me and everyone around me has remarked on how quickly the year has flown. I mean, it's August. Next thing we get to the 'ember' months - and then Christmas. But before Christmas, there's November, my birth month. I'm quite excited about this one. But let's not jump the gun, back to a recap of July and hopes for August. 

July was pretty good. I was in Nigeria for the first 2 weeks, and close to family. I had a great time. Lagos is forever buzzing. So from eating way too much Asun* to dealing with the guy who hit our car, spending time with friends and family, holding the Career Workshop and finally visiting Olumo rock - it was eventful! 

Here's what August is looking like: 

  • Creating: blog posts. This blog actually makes me feel like I create something. I look at it and feel so much pride. I'm the least tech savvy person ever, and to think I actually did this from scratch? Whoop! 
  • Drinking : only water and healthy drinks for the month of August - because I've signed up to the #Whole30 challenge. 
  • Reading : Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I've always wanted to read it but I just kept procrastinating. I'm only a few pages into it and I can already identify with some of the issues she's raised about women in the work place. I'll definitely do a review. I'm also reading "The Purpose Room" by Heather Lindsey. It's the first book of hers I'm trying out and I hope it inspires me. What life without purpose? Also trying to generally read more 'serious' books.
  • Needing: to braid my hair. I think I'm convinced that weaves are not for me, and I don't take care of them really well. Obviously, I'll be sticking to my regular twist braids. 
  • Wondering: how far I'll go with this #Whole30 challenge where essentially one eats only whole foods. The worst bit of it, is probably that I can't eat rice. Today is Day 2. I had eggs and cucumber for breakfast and having roasted potato and sauce for lunch (and cucumber again!). Not doing it for any particular reasons, but just for fun and maybe to see how disciplined I can be. I'll be tweeting occasionally about it.  Follow me and give some encouragement? @KacheeTee
  •  Loving: the fact that my morning challenge pretty much worked. So, I'm kind of becoming a morning person. At least, I hardly snoozed my alarm, in the past three weeks since I started. Hope that continues in August!
  •  Hoping: Everything good will come. All the plans and hopes for the year 2016. pS: Anyone read that book that Sefi Atta - Everything good will come? I have, but I can't really remember and I hear it's great!
  • Liking: everything Blush Pink! I've never really liked pink but this is definitely my favourite colour at the moment. There's something so calming about it. 
  • Marvelling: at the fact that the blog will be six months on the 10th and I have pretty much blogged consistently. Feels surreal. You can check out the very first published post here and why I felt the need to blog starting from Ash Wednesday. Thank you for reading, for sharing, for commenting. You make it all worth it.
  • Wearing: Culottes. This has to be my go-to item these days. If I could I'll wear them everyday. Just so free and comfy. I'm probably just becoming old to be honest. In other news, not looking forward to winter and back to wearing tights. Arggh. 
  •  Feeling: Inspired to work on my bingo wings this month! I've signed up for the challenge with Coach E, so let's see what happens at the end of the month.
  • Following: Jesus. To be more intentional about making time out to study God's word this month and spend time with Him. 
  • Noticing:  that some of the early readers have disappeared from the comment section of the blog. Come back guys! I miss you. Or just Say a Quick Hi?
  •  Looking: forward to the wedding we get to attend this month! I really love weddings and everything associated with it.  As usual though, I'll be a SeatMover / Spouse Clinger type of dancer. 
  • Playing:  Pokemon. Not! Has anyone downloaded and played this game. Seriously I had never even heard about it. What's your experience like? 
  • Wasting: time in updating my CV. It was on my July to do list and now got carried forward into August. But we gotta do, what we gotta do! 
  • Enjoying: the very last bits of summer this August. I really hope we can have an outdoor picnic as well, by the lake.
  • Waiting: for my skin to start glowing. I've now dumped my regular body lotion for Coconut Oil. As you all said in this post, that it’s the best thing ever. 
  • Knowing: that I haven't written much posts about Law. The one on why you shouldn't use images on Google still continues to be popular. I've written posts on avoiding typos, helpful Microsoft word shortcuts and Choosing a Boss, Not a Job - but those are not strictly Law. This month again, I'll write something on Cyber Security. Not totally Law, but hopefully should be handy. I get too many emails from widows asking me to take care of their £95billion. If only! If you'll like me to write something law related. Please hola! 
  • Thinking: about how Instagram has essentially created an inbuilt SnapChat with it's new Instagram Stories. So essentially you can upload videos and they disappear after 24 hours. It's crazy. There had to be some legal loophole to allow them do this. But, I can't wait to get the update, I'll definitely be uploading so much videos (as SnapChat just seemed like an extra social media I couldn't be bothered with). Let's hang on IG - @KacheeTee
  • Bookmarking: A lot of blogs via  bloglovin'. As I always say, I never realised there were a lot of blogs around. There's something interesting about getting into people's heads via their blogs. Interestingly for many of the blogs, I've been the very first follower. If you're a blogger, you should probably have your blog on bloglovin'. Please follow mine here!
  • Opening: my eyes each day, knowing it's a blessing to be in the 8th month of the year, hale and hearty. 
  • Wishing: I could be closer to friends and family and everyone wasn't so far away. But deciding to consciously make time out this month for phone calls and Skype.
  • Wanting: To get the hang of Pinterest! Hopefully, I tick that off my list this month. 

How was July for you, and have you got any August plans and hopes? Share Share!

Hope you all have an amazing month, filled with good news and so much positivity! 


KacheeTee... xX

pS: It's so humbling when people send me messages and say 'Kachi you should write about this'. I got about 5 requests in July, and I'm working on it - because they are actually things I've identified with. There's just so little time. Couple of days ago, someone reached out to me saying how grateful she was that the post on Men's gifts helped her decide what to get her fiance. And two couples reached out to me as well, that they'll like to feature in the Inter-Ethnic Love Stories. I'm so touched that this blog makes such an impact, and has connected me with so many amazing people. Thank YOU! *now running off before I get anymore emotional*

Asun*: peppered goat meat. Goodness, it's everything! 

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