Dear Adult, It's OK to Unleash Your Inner Child!

Dear Adult, It's OK to Unleash Your Inner Child!

I'd never been on a trampoline until a couple of weeks ago.

The closest I came to as a child, was probably bouncing castles - but those never really interested me, for reasons unknown. I think maybe it was too much of rumbling and tumbling.

When BBM was still very much in use (does anyone still actively use BBM?) my friend once changed her profile picture. It was a mix of 4 different photos. All of which had her on a trampoline. Hands mid air, legs touching each other and carefree laughter - she was definitely showing off her flexibility, and needless to say I thought it was good fun.

Anyway, while spending a weekend away with friends (the same weekend we talked about couples sharing mattresses and toothbrushes), I noticed that they had the hugest trampoline ever and the kids were having a go. The inner child in me could definitely not resist. So I had to get on it.

But wait. We know live in an age of 'if you don't have a photo or video', it didn't happen'. This, plus my then excitement (as explained in my notes from July) about Instagram stories, meant I needed a live video. But unlike taking a selfie, it's pretty awkward to be on the trampoline and videoing yourself. The husband thankfully suggested the kids get a video of me. But alas, the kids, being kids wanted to join in the fun. 

So I did the next best thing. I asked the husband to help get a video. (This is the 1877th reason to consider getting married. The 1876th being to help you with your zipper). But I guess he was a bit too comfortable at that moment to get up from his recliner chair (sort of like the ones Joey and Chandler loved in the FRIENDS sitcom). So he said, wait for it... drum roll... "Babe you're 28, a little too old to jump on a trampoline?

First off, I'm 27. Not until November when I'm 28. (Even though it still feels like yesterday I turned 26). Second off, no one is too old to jump on a trampoline guys! Come on'

What's the fun in life if we have to adult all the time? Unleash your inner child. 

Maybe mine's a bit too extra though. I remember when we just met and all I wanted to do was jump. I was so hyper active. Poor dude was probably wondering "who is this child"? I still jump though, especially on holidays and vacations. Like I did in this post and when we got to the top of Olumo Rock

I also recall that one of the first games we ever played was that Name Place Animal Thing game. We had such a good time and after almost 9 years, I think it's time for rematch. Some people go the extra mile and add Countries and Food to the List. Are you good at this game?

On another occasion, I remember waiting in line with some kids to hug a life size cuddly bear and take a photo with him. Honestly the way some random things make me happy border on ridiculous. My kids will love me! (Like they have a choice). 

But really, taking time out to have fun like kids and unleash your inner child has so many benefits. High chance you'll laugh a lot more and worry less. And you won't be a stuck up parent as well.

Here's a list of some activities that could bring out your inner child:

  • Get on a trampoline. Obviously
  • Have a colouring marathon. Colouring books for adults are so in now.
  • Play with bubble wrap. Remember your excitement when you get a new electronic device and it comes with a huge bubble wrap?
  • Play Hide and Seek. Goodness it's so cute when kids hide in the most outrageous places and think they won't be seen.
  • Look for (and find) shapes in the clouds. This was definitely a childhood favourite for me
  • Sing Nursery Rhymes out loud. Feel free to use the wrong lyrics. 
  • Catch Bugs. I wasn't into this at all. Cannot stand bugs.
  • Play Pretend! I totally loved doing this. I'll speak to myself in the mirror and act out a whole movie, all by myself. If you could pretend you're a Super Hero - what will your super power be?
  • Get your face painted. 
  • Eat Cotton Candy and revel in it sticking all  over your face and mouth
  • Get on a swing or a see-saw!  

In general, laugh more often - the belly kind of laughs. Give more Hugs. Cry, if you must. Ask the silliest questions - Don't be Shy! I'll even say it's okay to play with your food! And you'll see why on our next #WeInterview feature. 

Above all, Dream! Beyond your wildest dreams. Only as adults do we tend to get too serious, rational and practical. Unleash your inner child people. Dream it, Believe it, Do it.

What do you think? Ever release your inner child or you're on #TeamAdultAlways. 

Please add to this list - What fun childish stuff still make you so excited even as an adult? Ever been on a trampoline? 


Kachee... Xx

pS: If only I had started my jumping career early. I just might have been the next Simone Biles! She's the cutest.

ppS: Do you secretly think I'm too old to jump on a trampoline? It's okay, let me know - I won't judge you I promise. 

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