Six Months Down...  and a Liebster Blog Award

Six Months Down... and a Liebster Blog Award is six months today!

I remember when I shared the first post on Facebook and the next day I quickly wanted to take it down and crawl back into my shell, because the feedback was pretty over whelming and I was just not used to being out there.  But just the other day it was a month of blogging. Now six months down the line, it's been such a humbling process and I'm grateful for this little corner - the impacts made and the laughs we've shared. That's essentially what I hope this space to be - enlightening yet light-hearted. 

Couple of months ago, I got nominated for a couple of awards, so today is probably a good day to finally get around to at least one of it. 

First off is the Liebster award, and I was nominated by Lade of

The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize and promote new up and coming blogs of a good standard and I have to answer the questions she's asked. 

So here it goes: 

What is your favourite nickname and is there a story behind it?

  • Oh dear. I'm one of those people that never really had a nickname, and people just generally call me by the shortened form of my name. But in Uni, someone started calling me KacheeTee. 

Current favourite TV series?

  • This is really going to make me sound boring. But I don't watch much TV these days. I think it's because I have to wear my glasses to see the TV and that's such a bother. Plus when I try to stream stuff on my laptop, too many rubbish pop up and I can't deal with those. 

Are you part of the PB and J (Peanut butter and Jelly) fam? If not, what would you rather?

  • Nope! definitely not a PB and J. I assume this question means what I use on toast.  Sometimes butter, some times jam. Many times nothing. 

What do you think is your selling point? (The one D Prince was talking about in ‘Goody Bag’)?

  • Hahahahaha. People generally think I'm very smart so I guess that's my selling point! 

When did you finally glow?? Any tips for us that need the glow? (Share a pre-glow & post-glow picture!). 

  •  I'm still waiting to glow oh. No kidding! But I've always looked pretty decent I think. 

Favourite hangout place at the moment?

  • My bed, under the duvet. Seriously where else will one rather be than their bed?

Should a birthday celebrant be the one to foot the bill or the guests pay for themselves?

  • I think this is quite tricky and I'm actually quite happy with both. It just depends on the kind of setting and the people involved. If guests will be paying for themselves though, they should definitely know ahead of time, and if possible the options should be reasonable. 

Whose wardrobe would you rather? Annalise Keating from ‘HTGAWM‘, Cookie Lyon from ‘EMPIRE‘ or Jessica Pearson from ‘SUITS‘. 

  • Maybe I'm not so bad on this not watching TV thing oh. At least, I've watched 2 out of three of these shows. Not actually seen Empire yet. I think Annalise wore too much sleeveless and I'm not a fan. I actually liked Jessica Pearson's wardrobe. So definitely her! and maybe Olivia Pope from Scandal. 

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

  • Oh I know this one. Definitely to be able to read people's minds. I'm intrigued by what really goes on in there. 

Do you still watch cartoons? If yes, which one is your favourite?

  • I actually quite like cartoons - but again, I don't really watch TV these days.  I'm sure my kids will drag me back into it though and I'll have a great time doing that. 

To me, Falz** will always be ‘Sege from Jenifa’s Diary’ and I can’t take him seriously. What about you?

  • Can anyone take Falz seriously? Ok Ok, I'm actually going to start watching Jenifa's diary. I hear it's awesome!

That's pretty it people. I'm supposed to nominate bloggers, but I feel like most bloggers have done this at one time or the other. If you haven't, consider yourself nominated by me and please feel free to answer the same questions above! Don't forget to display the Liebster award on your site as well. 

Thanks always for reading! 


Kachee... Xx

pS: I really want to have a photoshoot! I just realised that I don't have any professional photos and even the non-professional ones have my husband in them! Goodness. Is there anyone who knows a pretty decent photographer (or anyone willing to help) in London? Please let me know. 

I'm often social (especially on Twitter). Let's hang on your favourite social media?

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