We Interview: The Beautified Woman, Funto Ibuoye

We Interview: The Beautified Woman, Funto Ibuoye

Interestingly, I first heard of Funto's husband GaiseBaba, before Funto. This was in 2014 as I stumbled on their online wedding feature where he spoke about deciding to wait until marriage before having sex.

Thanks to Instagram of course, I discovered Funto Ibuoye - an inspiring young lady. At only 26, she's authored two books and is the founder of The Beautified Network which hosts the Becoming conference for young women. 

Asides all the important stuff, I like Funto because like me, she prefers glasses to contacts. Enjoy!

I love the notion of "Becoming", as continuously evolving - how did you decide on this name for your conference?

  • I actually did not “decide” on the name. I don’t want to sound too spiritual, but  I was taking a prayer walk one morning and the name just popped in my mind and I knew I was to do a conference for young women.


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What does the conference seek to achieve?

  • To raise inspired women who will live up to their full potential and contribute their quota to transforming their societies and the world at large.

At what point do you think a woman has "become" or is it a constant process?

  • I don’t think you ever get to that point where you ‘become". It’s a constant process; you keep getting better and better until Jesus comes.

What was the hardest bit of you both trying to keep yourself for marriage?

  • I think the hardest bit was being so physically attracted to each other and not being able to do anything about it yet. Then it got harder as our wedding got closer. I don’t know why that happens; but other couples who also waited till marriage to have sex say they experienced the same thing.

First Quality you saw in your husband that made you think "Hmm Potential"

  • His heart for God.

Do you think people are generally shy to be acknowledged as virgins? And should they?

  • Yes, I think people are generally shy to be acknowledged as virgins and I strongly believe nobody should be shy about it especially Christians. The world is not shy about talking about their sex lives and pasting it all over the media, so why should we be shy about proclaiming our purity?

All fit-fam aside, what food are you happy to eat all day, every day?

  • Dodo!

Describe motherhood in 5 words

  • Stretching. Nurturing. Caring. Loving. Sacrificing

Was child-bearing as painful as you thought?

  • I did not think it was going to be bad and it wasn’t actually

Two boys and 1 girl or 2 girls and 1 boy? If none, what's your ideal combination?

  • Two boys and a girl!

What's the last thing Gbolabo did that you found hilariously funny?

  • Looking at the TV and laughing seriously like he understood what was happening in it


One building you're happy to be locked up in for a whole day! 

  • My home!

What was the hardest part of writing your devotional?

  • Having writer's block for almost two months. 

One book you think every girl should read?

  • Gentlewoman by Enitan Bereola

Dream Travel Destination and what you'll do there

  • Venice!! Take a boat trip round the city

The hardest bit of marriage? and how to get over it?

  • Nothing comes to my mind at the moment; but what I do DAILY is ask the Holy Spirit for WISDOM to handle everything that comes up.

You have a lot of young girls who look up to you. if you could give one advice in 5 words what will it be?

  • Don’t settle for less.

3 women younger than you that inspire you?

  • I can only think of one person now - Ayesha Curry. (I just found that I'm a year older than her)

Glasses or Contacts?

  • Glasses any day!
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One thing you wished you learnt how to do as a child

  • Play a musical instrument

What does your day job involve? and what's your top tip for career ladies to excel in their profession. 

  • Well, I resigned from my 9-5 job 6 months ago. My day (and night) job in this season of my life is taking care of Gbolabo. However, my top tip for career ladies to excel in their profession is to give their very best and ensure they do every work with excellence. Also, if you’re not going to do anything with all your heart, then don’t bother doing it at all.

Favourite online store?

What's your ultimate desire for The Beautified Network

  • To have this huge facility (The Beautified Place) where women from different walks of life, going through different situations whether good or bad will be able to come to and have all their needs - physical, spiritual and emotional met; a place where everything needed for a beautified life will be available.  A place where women will walk into and by the time they leave, their entire lives will be changed forever as they will be inspired and empowered to live their full potential and fulfill their purpose.

One thing you'll love to have achieved by 30

  • Running The Beautified Place

I hope you enjoyed this interview and you're totally inspired in some way. I know I am. 

The line up for the Becoming 2.0 conference looks like it's going to be such a LIT event, and it holds on the 16th of July. See more details here, and follow Funto on Instagram @Ifunto. I'll have loved to attend, but I wouldn't be in Lagos. So, I'm giving away a ticket.

If you'll like to attend, and you can't afford it, here's how to enter. Like our Facebook page here, and share this post (from our Facebook page, so I can see it) on Facebook, tagging two persons and stating why you will like to attend. A winner will be chosen randomly. If you win, we hope you'll be able to give an overview of what you learnt, so many more people can learn from you! 

See the idea behind the 'We Interview' series here, and the previous three interviews are below. You should check them out.


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: You can read the interview with GaiseBaba here.

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