25 Microsoft Word Shortcuts that are Definitely Worth Knowing

25 Microsoft Word Shortcuts that are Definitely Worth Knowing

I don't type very fast. Which is such a shame considering how I always hugged the family computer as a young teen, preferring to practice typing using an educative game called "Typing Tutor", rather than allow my brother play computer games. If I recall, I got tired of the game and at that time, my average speed was 13 wpm (words per minute). I'm definitely way faster that that now, but I'm still amazed at how fast some of people type. 

Using Microsoft Word can be annoying at times - when you realise you've typed an entire paragraph using upper case. How do you convert to lower case? No no, please don't delete everything. Short cuts to the rescue. This is one of the earliest shortcuts I learnt. Shortcuts come in handy and could help improve efficiency and productivity considerably. 

Today, I learnt how to zoom in on the screen using the key board and a mouse (Hold Ctrl while scrolling the mouse up to increase and own to decrease). So I figured this whole short cut business may be useful information, and sharing useful info never hurts. 

So here we go, 25 key board shortcuts you may find useful when using Microsoft Word:

•    Shift + F3: This changes the highlighted text from UPPER CASE to lower case and then Upper Case For Just The First Words. 

•    Cltrl + Shift +C: Copes formatting of selected text, Ctrl + Shift + V pastes the copied formatting into the highlighted text.  This is useful if you have a paragraph you've applied some sort of special formatting to and you'll like to copy it to another paragraph. 

•    Ctrl + Shift + E: Turns track changing on or off.

•    Ctrl + Shift + G: Opens word count. Word count typically shows at the bottom of the document, but if you'll like to check the word count for a specific paragraph or section, then use this.

•    Cltrl+Alt + F: Insert a footnote

•    Ctrl + Alt +C: the Copyright Symbol ©; Ctrl + Alt +T is for the trademark symbol ™ and Ctrl + Alt +R is for a registered trademark ®

•    Ctrl + Alt +M: Insert a comment

•    Ctrl + A: This selects the entire text. So you don't have to use the mouse to attempt scrolling from top to bottom
•    Ctrl + B : Applies or removes bold formatting     
•    Ctrl + C: Copy text
•    Ctrl + D: This opens the font dialogue box, so you can change font styles, numbers, size and include some effects like strike through, double strike through and use the super script and subscript
•    Ctrl + F : Opens the find navigation bar
•    Clrl + I: Applies or removes Italics
•    Ctrl  + J: Justify the text (i.e make it central). Ctrl + L aligns to the left and Ctrl + R aligns to the rights
•    Ctrl + K: Insert a Hyperlink. Like this one
•    Ctrl + M: Indent the paragraph from the left
•    Ctrl + P : Print
•    Ctrl + S: Save (Surely everyone knows this!)    
•    Ctrl +V: Paste
•    Ctrl + W: Close an active window or document
•    Ctrl + X: Cut (always advisable to use Copy and not cut so you don't lose a text)
•    Ctrl + Y: Redo or repeat last action
•    Ctrl + Z : Undo last action
•    Ctrl + Enter: Insert a page break

It might seem daunting initially but overtime you get used to it and the shortcuts really come in handy. The + sign indicates that you should hold both keys down at the same time. If you're already familiar with these, there's more detailed shortcuts here (including those for Microsoft Excel, Explorer, and PowerPoint). I must warn you though, it's overwhelming and could give you a headache. 

Are you a typing pro? Do you use shortcuts while typing? What are your most-used shortcuts? How did you learn these and how did you learn to type in general? 


KacheeTee… Xx

pS: I didn't actually know all of that. I learnt a few new ones as well! And if you'll like to delete an item permanently, without sending it to the recycle bin, Shift + Delete is your friend. 

ppS: Don't forget to share this post if you think people will find it useful. The share button is right below. 

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