Body Hair Removal Tips & Tricks - From the Head to the Legs!

Body Hair Removal Tips & Tricks - From the Head to the Legs!

Yesterday, I woke up to a hilarious conversation on a WhatsApp group, where a friend was moaning about the pain of getting a Brazilian wax. I'd intended to write a post on body hairs so the conversation was perfect timing. So, from the head to the legs, let's talk about body hair removal, shall we? 

1. Head:  For men, I think a clean-shaved head actually looks good on some guys, so if you're getting bald at a young age, don't worry! Please always ensure you have your own clipper or your barber uses a sterilised one. Some ladies also rock a low-cut really well though, and for me it's whatever works for you! At some point, my mum got fed up of my tough hair and we headed for the barbers so I got a low cut! I also saw her do the same for two of my little sisters - thankfully they still looked cute. 

2. Eyebrows: This applies to mostly women, as these days, it's all about the fleek eyebrow.  I naturally had decent eyebrows so I never really bothered. I eventually had a friend put a razor to them when I turned 21 and right up till now I've probably only had it done 10 times. I wanted to get it threaded on my 26th Birthday which didn't happen. Now once in a blue moon, I get a wax. What's your go-to method for eyebrow hair removal? 

3. Lips, Chin and Neck:  Not really common, but some ladies grow hair here. If it's not so much, tweezers are really good for this region. There's also lip waxing which I've never tried but I think works well. For the men, this is obviously when the beard gang folks stand tall and proud. It really has become such a thing hasn't it? Sometimes I think I like the bead gang, other times I'm certain I prefer a clean shaved man. What team are you on? 

4. Underarms: One of the first articles I wrote as a member of the Press club in Uni was about hairy underarms! Simply put, underarms should be clean. If in doubt, no sleeveless clothes. Shaving sticks and hair removers are definitely your friends for this region. 

5. Chest: I've seen a few women with chest hair, and a lot of women also grow tiny hair on their nipples. I recall a friend of mine got quite worried about this. It's not a big deal as we all have follicle on the nipples, so an occasional hair is bound to sprout. If you're overly concerned, you can take it out using regular methods of hair removal such as tweezing and some salons offer nipple hair waxing. Sounds a teeny bit too much for me though. 

6. Lady and Men Parts: I once got into a pretty heated conversation with a friend on whether or not it was right to take off all the hair in your lady parts, such that it's as smooth as a baby's cheek. I didn't think so, and at that time, there was a lot of support from female celebrities on my view. I know people plop on a lot hair removers on there, but I get worried because when I read the labels of such hair removers, it advises it's best used on bikini line and outer region. Using a natural wax is a preferred method, and if you can't stand the pain, use a pair of scissors or bikini shaving sticks to work around the hair there. How do you get rid of hair here? Do men get a wax? I think it's okay for them to use hair removers though, because, different physiology from the female folk.

7. Legs: Secondary (High) school was when I learnt about shaving your legs. I told a friend that that my mum said if I shaved, it'll just grow back thicker and longer. Without a flinch, she responded "Then you shave it again!". I didn't, and I've got really hairy legs. It was mostly out of defiance though because some people made it seem like you just had to or perhaps you might never find a husband. I finally got a wax when I turned 24, because at that point, I wanted to and not as a result of pressure. Nevertheless, I think it's good practice.

Ultimately, hair grows out of our bodies and it sure has it's function. Let's not get too caught up in an idea of perfect bodies - as there's no such thing.  

Did I miss anything? What's your experience on body hair removal - all the way from your head to your toes (yeah, I've got hair on my toes as well)! Any lessons or tips to share with us? What works for you when it comes to shaving, and what doesn't work? Favourites products? Share!


KacheeTee.. xX

  • pS: If you've got any bruises or burns from shaving, coconut oil is your go-to solution!
  • ppS: Once a friend shaved her arms. But anyone else generally shave their arms? 




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