May - Recap and Updates

May - Recap and Updates

To be honest, I think May went by so quickly!  

I remember from my April recap that I wanted to work on procrastination, go the gym and try some food I've never had.  Re procrastination, I think I managed to strike quite a lot of things off my list. I haven't updated my LinkedIn page as planned, but that's because I'm waiting till I get a new profile picture.

And while we are on that, could you please check that your profile on LinkedIn is decent? Please avoid using awkward selfies and funny photos as your profile picture. I have a LinkedIn post planned, but only God knows when I'll get around to that. 

I did go to the gym once. I sincerely couldn't walk properly for the whole week after that. The second time, I was all prepped and got to the bus station at 8 am, but apparently buses don't run till 9 am on weekends. So I went home, and that was it.  I didn't eat any thing new - I tried sushi again, and I'm still not a huge fan. 

I also attended an art exhibition at Tate Britain, but to be honest my friend and I didn't quite appreciate the art. Did you see that article about a pair of spectacles on the floor of an art exhibition and people thought was part of some deep art? It was quite funny to me! Check it out here.  I also met up with Berry, of If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw a picture of us. She was in the UK on holiday from Atlanta with her family, so we met for lunch at a nice little Indian restaurant on Bakers Street. I'm not such a fan of Indian food, but the Briyani was SO good! It just may be my first time of having Briyani - so I guess I ate something I'd never eaten before! 

This month, I'm focusing on consciously being thankful for every single day, and the many opportunities we have daily.  Life really is fleeting.  

The news of  the death of two young girls at the beach in Lagos really made me sad. I love being by the beach, but I really really avoid going too close to the water, especially as I can't swim. For those who love to go by the water and all, someone shared a link on how to escape a rip tide and I thought it'll be great to put it out there. Please read it here.

On the blog font, I've managed to set up a Facebook page, and hopefully, we can hang out there more often. Please like our page!  I also wrote a Law article on contract clauses for BellaNaija. It wasn't hugely popular, but I'm glad one or two people found it useful. In light of the really bad contract between Skales* and his record label, most people agreed that having a basic knowledge of these contract terms and using a good Lawyer is a must. Nigerian Lawyers on Twitter felt rather important that day. You can follow me on Twitter: @KacheeTee.  

I'm working on a new header for the blog. If you're on our mailing list, you've should have seen a sample. If you are not, why? Subscribe and join the exclusive club. 

It was also Mental Health Awareness week in the UK, so for our WeInterview series, I was so glad Rayo agreed to share her experience. Other than that, the more popular posts seemed to all be related to Love! The post on The Social Media Mrs and Traditions for Young Couples, and Tee and I's view on our Igbo Yoruba Marriage

I have a couple of interviews from other inter-ethnic couples kicking off this month, but I just don't know what to call the series. Any ideas? Please help!

We also published our 50th post and a number of people sent me messages to say they had read every single one! Thank you so much everyone. 

Gosh I really talk a lot. I only wanted this recap to be a few sentences. 

How was May for you? What are your goals for June? Wishing you all the very best, always!


KacheeTee... xX

pS: I don't actually talk this much in person, so don't be surprised when you see me and I'm all quiet.

ppS: I think I'm falling in love with flowers. I'll stick to using flower images for these monthly recaps. The second time I ever received flowers was when I failed my driving test. The first time being my wedding day! Ha. I think I should buy myself some - or maybe someone will take a hint. 

*Skales - Nigerian Musician 



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