A Conversation with the Proverbs 31 Woman

A Conversation with the Proverbs 31 Woman

Some days, I feel like a superwoman. Other days I have no interest in 'adulting'.

But in recent times, I've been thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman - the one who is more precious than rubies. 

So, on this chilled Friday evening, I decided to have a conversation with her and compare myself to her! Ambitious right? Well maybe she'll give me the much needed inspiration I need on those days all I want to do is sleep!

So here goes:

Her: My Husband can trust me and I will greatly enrich his life!

Me: I'll like to believe I'm already enriching Tee's life and he can trust me! 

Her: I finds wool and flax and busily spin it.

Me: Sorry, can't spin!  But I try to work really hard at my day job as a Lawyer.

Her: I get up before dawn to prepare breakfast for my household and plan the day's work for my servant girls

Me: First off, you have servants! See, I definitely need to get a new home cleaner.  One person shouldn't do all that work! I also note that you plan the day's work and probably don't do all of the work yourself.  I'm happy to plan and give instructions of course.

Oh. But you get up before dawn though? OK, you win on this one. I love to sleep and I actually dislike making breakfast. Too early. I'll try to work on that.

Her: I go to inspect a field and buy it. With my earnings, I plant a vineyard. 

Me: Hmmm. This means you have your own money and source of income. Well, I've always been #TeamJointandSeparate accounts so that works. Do you buy the field without your husband knowing? I guess not. Well I haven't bought a field, but I bought a domain name and I'm planting blog posts on it. Good enough? In due time, I'll buy a field.

Her: I am energetic and strong, a hard worker!

Me: All the time? Like you're energetic and strong all the time? Sometimes I am, but sometimes I'm so darn tired and lazy. I'll improve! 

Her: I make sure my dealings are profitable, my lamp burns late into the night!

Me: You see! I knew you weren't running a business as a free charity. You were making profit yo. Maybe it's time to think of profits? Hmmm....Thanks for this inspiration Sis. *high five* 

Her: I extend a helping hand to the poor and open my arms to the needy.

Me: I said a quick hello to the homeless guy at the train station this morning. Does that count? I do a bit more though, but yeah, I get your point, I need to be much more charitable. Noted. 

Her: I have no fear of winter for my household, for everyone has warm clothes

Me: Girl, y'all didn't live in the UK!! No matter how much warm clothes you have, you still fear winter.  Plus Tee hates coats and jackets. So no, he doesn't have warm clothes during winter, and I can't do much about that.  But I'll keep this in mind if there's anyway I can make my household better. 

Her: I make my own bedspreads. I dress in fine linen and purple gowns.

Me: Why make when we can buy!? Laying the bed is a hassle on its own, how much more make the bedspreads.

But hey, you dress in fine linen? I'm here for that! I knew you weren't a fan of cheap tacky clothes! You work hard for your money, you wear fine linen. Very much noted. I'll also have to learn some makeup and hair care. I'm sure yours were always on fleek. 

Her: I am clothed with strength and dignity and I laugh without fear of the future!

Me: Give me this! I want this! Sometimes I wonder about the future, but now hopefully like you I'll laugh without fear of it. You definitely don't miss an opportunity to mention how strong you are though. Just keep rubbing it in. 

Her: When I speak, my words are wise and I give instructions with kindness 

Me: Hmmm. When you speak. I guess you don't speak all the time, and only when necessary making sure you're dishing out wisdom. You go girl. No time for rubbish conversations or gossip. Not like I indulge in those oh!

You give instructions with kindness - Now that's one to note, even though some people just make you loose your temper! But I'll try to be just like you - more kindness!

Her: I  carefully watch everything in my household and suffers nothing from Laziness

Me: *sigh* I opened the fridge this morning and noticed that the plantain in there was going bad! I guess I didn't carefully watch it. But yes yes, we get your point on not being lazy. How many times do you have to say it!? Perfect MrsProverbs31 Woman

Her: My Children stand and bless me, my husband praises me.

Me: Hey! My husband praises me too... (most times) but I'm sure my children will praise me all the time! So we're even on that. 

Ok, that's it. We have to agree she's definitely some kind of woman. taking care of her home, taking care of her business, working late into the night and making profits, looking all fleek in her purple gowns and still speaking to everyone with kindness and helping the poor. It doesn't quite get any better than that. That's a lot of inspiration for us ladies!

Oh, and her husband praises her all the time. Men, you really should learn to praise your wife publicly. And also, it's necessary to let women have some money of their own. How will they buy a field or buy you the perfect gift if they don't?

 I really loved having this conversation and I hope you got inspired in some way. 

Share your thoughts! What do you think of the Proverbs 31 Woman? What do you need to improve upon?


KacheeTee... Xx

  • pS: I had the conversation with the Proverbs 31 Woman from the NLT Bible version
  • ppS: Did you know there was a Proverbs 31 man as well? My friend pointed it out. Read here.
  • pppS: Someone should please suggest what I can do with over ripe plantains. 






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