We Interview: Cassie Daves - Blog Planner Creator, Medical Doctor, Blogger & Model

We Interview: Cassie Daves - Blog Planner Creator, Medical Doctor, Blogger & Model

In 2014, I was searching for a make-up artist for my upcoming wedding, when I came across this picture of Cassie made up by Christine Creations, which ultimately led me to her blog page. After a filled day on her blog, I totally forgot about her until she wore a TwentySix skirt and I found her again via social media. 

She's recently created an amazing blog planner, first of its kind in Nigeria. As a tool bloggers need to step up their game, it has been approved by a lot of bloggers. 

She may want to be on the cover of Vogue someday but has no tips for a perfect selfie. At least she let's us know if there's a special man somewhere in the picture!


I know you get so feisty when people refer to you as Cassie Davies! Where did Daves come from?

  • Yes! I think everyone automatically just thinks it's Davies. It's even more weird when I'm chatting with someone and they can see my name right there, yet they still type 'Davies' back to me *sigh*. Daves is actually my maternal grandpa's name. My uncle uses it, my mum uses it for her email address too and I thought - Hey! why not join the gang as well? Now my sisters and two of my cousins use it on social media too. 

Who was the very first person to purchase your blog planner? 

  • First actual customer would be Pamela of heelsandabout.com, but that was because she accompanied me to pick the first batch up - saw it and fell in love. She bought two on the spot.  I already had a few other people that had paid before her though.

Favourite destination for a 2 day trip?

  • I really don't know. I just want to go someplace that isn't Nigeria

What skills have you now developed as a result of creating the blog planner?

  • It will have to be patience and managing people (is this called people skills?). Because I've come across a whole lot of people during this process and I just have to treat them with patience and always use the right words, pacify them even when they are wrong!

Medical Doctor, Model, Entrepreneur, Blogger: Is there a man hovering somewhere in this picture? If yes, describe him in one word

  • God sent. That's two words. I really don't want to use the regular one words 'amazing', 'awesome' because they don't really describe how blessed I am to have him. Okay, I'm talking too much right now - so let's just go with 'Amazing'.

You're a Fashion Blogger, but what's the one outfit you'll happily wear everyday

  • Boyfriend jeans and a top, or a shift dress. Really easy to throw on and go

Best moment with a cab or bus driver? 

  • I don't think I've had a best moment. If you asked me 'worst moment' now, yes! Just the other day, one refused to give me my change and told me to come and do my worst. *sigh*. Lagos public transport people will test you in ways you didn't think possible.

Did you need capital to create the planner? How did you source this?

  • Yes! My mum borrowed me some of the money I needed.

One line from a poem that gets you pumped up. 

  • I have a lot! But I'll just go with the first one that popped into my head and it is from Rudy Francisco: "You're not a flat tyre at 2am, so stop acting like an accident"

The farthest place (from Nigeria) that your blog planner has gotten to

  • Well, it didn't get there because I couldn't deliver unfortunately. But it is APO - I wouldn't say it's the farthest though but I didn't know of the place, so it was the most surprising. When I first got the email, I had to ask - "please where is this country?" Turned out to be 'Armed Pacific Ocean'.

I know it's been tough getting a job after completion of your medical degree last year. Has it been tempting to dump medicine and focus on being an Entrepreneur and a Creative. 

  • Yes and Yes! It's been really tempting but then I'm not sure where to start from and I guess I'm still also scared to just jump into that with the uncertainty and all. Medicine isn't a passion, but there's a part of me that thinks I might end up actually liking it -  that's why it's important for me to do my housemanship. Also, it's important I do my housemanship because that's what solidifies my six years of medical school.

Biggest lesson learnt in 5 words.

  • Life goes on without you.


Bad reviews so far? What's the one criticism someone has given you that you'll validly take on in your next batch

  • I've only gotten one bad review, which came as a surprise to me and made me sad because she said hers was dividing, I went on to ask people who bought way earlier than she did and none had complaints about it tearing so I felt a bit better. I was going to replace it for her though, but I guess she didn't mind. But for criticism I'll take on in the next batch, it will definitely be switching up the cover into something more fun. That was the plan right from the start but my indecisiveness was taking a lot of time, so I just chose that and stuck with it. 

One advice for girls who look up to you?

  •  I'm really just a struggling creative trying to make a way for myself. But if you must look up to me, know that life isn't really all about taking cool pictures and wearing pretty outfits. Also that God is the keyest!

How did the idea for the blog planner come up? 

  • I have a note book for my blogging needs and it was a bit hard to keep track of things because I was basically writing on blank sheets over and over again, so I thought there had to be a way to streamline the whole process and make it more organized. I googled and found out there were blog planners in existence but none in Nigeria, so I decided to put it together. 



You were recently featured on the cover of GuardianLife as a Blogger. What's your dream publication to be featured on?

  • I honestly don't think about these things. Is that weird? I'll say Vogue though. 

Modelling in Nigeria. Can one make a career out of it? 

  • Nope! Not If you're going to be based in Nigeria. If you are serious about earning a living as a model, Nigeria is the wrongest place to be. 

10,000 Naira and you can only buy 2 items: what will they be and from where? 

  • 10,000 Naira will get me lots of items from the "thrift store" but that's not what you asked. Can I have change? If yes, I'll buy two pair of sandals from my sister's sandals line (@lucy.daves). If I can't have change and you're freely giving me the money, I'll buy two flat shoes from Gbemisoke (only because I think her flats are around the 5,000 range).

Tip for the perfect selfie

  • I'm the wrongest person to ask. I hardly take selfies, I don't look so good in them. 

One blogger you'll gladly give 20 copies of the planner to for free.

 Why do they need 20 copies? I have different bloggers I'll happily give one copy to each - and they are mostly upcoming bloggers that have supported my ministry so hard, that I sometimes just can't believe it. Like Wumi of wumituase.wordpress.com. And a few others I really admire also. For promotional purposes, I'll also rather give one or three to different 'Non-Nigerian' based 'big' bloggers .

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did, and you're inspired to do more things, especially as Cassie started blogging and modelling before she turned 18!

I'm giving away one copy of blog planner, so if you'll like to have it, simply like our Facebook page HERE and leave us a comment below. Winner will be picked next week Thursday! (UK and Nigeria residents only - except you think we can work out shipping.)

According to Cassie, the Blog Planner is a 258 page planner which has been carefully put together to help you stay organized, be more productive, keep track of the important things and of course blog better.
Inside the planner, you'll find:

  • 2016/2017 Calender
  • Blog manifesto sheet
  • Monthly Post ideas/ note pages
  • 12 Monthly Content planner/ blog post calender
  • Monthly blog goals and end of month goal reviews pages
  • Daily To Do list pages and check boxes
  • Daily Blog checklist
  • 50 Blog post ideas
  • Some useful blog tools and apps page
  • Important blog dates page
  • Brands partnership pages
  • Blog love/roll page.

If you miss out on the give away, not to worry as Cassie is now collecting final orders for the last batch of the 2016 Blog Planners.

Get in touch:

  • Blog: CassieDaves.com
  • Instagram & Twitter: @CassieDaves; @CassieDavesBlogPlanner


See the idea behind the 'We Interview' series here.


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