4 Perfectly Do-able Traditions for (Young) Couples

4 Perfectly Do-able Traditions for (Young) Couples

If you're a fan of the TV series, "How I met your mother", (and you should be! Lily and Marshall - played  by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan - were pretty much couple goals) you may remember this. Lily and Marshall had this airport pick up tradition since their sophomore year (2nd Year) in college. Whenever either of them came back from a trip, he/she must bring a six pack beer from the destination and the other wears a chauffeur hat to meet him/her at the airport. In one episode they thought the tradition was becoming unnecessary and decided to drop it.  At the last minute, they realised the importance of silly traditions and decided to keep it.  Yay!

Before we got married, I thought of all the cute things we'll do everyday and all the amazing marriage traditions we'll have. We've managed to keep some, we started some and forgot about them, and sometimes life just gets in the way and we can't all be Lily and Marshall. 

But I think marriage traditions are important, and a great habit for young couples to have. The daily ones are great, but realistically speaking they could easily get lost in our daily hustle. As for the occasional ones, to be honest I'm probably not going to be able to meet you at the airport every time. 

So, I think it's useful to have some broad ones which are easier to live by. Here's my Top 4:

1. PhotoShoot

Even though holiday and car selfies are great, I think there's something awesome about getting all dressed up and taking professional photos. You could choose the theme for each photo - casual, outdoor, evening, costumes etc.  Or maybe even do something much more intriguing - like wearing the same kind of outfits and take a photo in the same position/poses each year. i.e white top and blue jeans, with the man carrying the woman. (As an aside, it'll be interesting to see when the man would not be able to carry her again.  Seems like a motivation for both of you to keep fit!). Even when the kids come, it's important that you have these alone pictures.  A man did something similar with his son each year for twenty-nine years!  It was amazing. You should check it out here.

2. Holiday Tradition

A million ideas for this one! And the good part, you get to pick the holiday.

So you could decide to have a special meal at Easter or do something special with Easter Eggs. Or on Christmas Eve, sit in similar PJs and watch the same Christmas movie or re-runs of your favourite shows. Or pop a bottle of Champagne at New Year and write down your goals for the new year (which you review the next year). 

3. Vacation Somewhere New

While we all want to take vacations every day to exotic locations, it's probably not so easy. But it's necessary to take a holiday to some new location every year! It doesn't have to be international travel, just step away from your routine locations.  You could incorporate fun ideas into it, and have mini vacation traditions such as writing your names on every beach you visit or taking a photo of your shadow and framing such pictures.  If possible, alternate who gets to pick the vacation spot and if you can swing it - make it a complete surprise from the other person each year. There's something so refreshing about looking at your old vacation photos! 

4. That Special Activity

If there's a special  activity that you both like to do, then definitely go for it and make a big deal out of it - as something to look forward to once a year! So maybe running, cycling, video-gaming, cooking a special dish or baking. You could organise a race or a bake off event and have an actual competition or just for the fun of it. You could go the extra mile and do such as a means of raising money for charity. If there's nothing you can think of, just find something seemingly ordinary that you both love to do, but make it a bigger deal. 

The great thing about this list is that you can plan intentionally so there's something to do every quarter of the year! For example, If you plan your annual photos for February; you can go on holiday in June, choose your special activity for September and then your holiday traditions in Christmas! That way there's some fun tradition every three months. 

What do you think? Any traditions you currently have / plan to have? What else can we add to this list? 


KacheeTee... xx

pS: I think we did the Champagne and goals thing in 2014 but misplaced the piece of paper! How serious of us. 

ppS: It's one thing to take Christmas Photos and plan to give out cards, it's another to actually give out the cards! We still have a few from last year. I saw this happening, so I didn't include the year on the cards. I'll give them out again this year.  Hahahaha. You can see the cards on my Instagram - @KacheeTee

pppS: This is my 50th Post!!! Gosh. It's almost unbelievable. Thank you for reading! 

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