Bye April... Hi May!

Bye April... Hi May!

Aren't bank/public holidays just the absolute best?

If it's not a holiday in your country (so sorry!), well I hope you're having a great Monday.  I was on leave from work the last week of April, so feeling quite refreshed and actually sort of eager to get back to work.

It's definitely hard to believe that it's already the fifth month of the year! I still have lots of to-dos on my list (some from January). That's probably what has inspired the new bits on the blog home page. 

I figured I might as well put up a reminder on my blog, and assist everyone else who may need such reminders. This month, I'm trying not to procrastinate! And in particular, I'm striking at least one thing off my carry over to-do list - updating my LinkedIn page asap.

Generally, I'll also try to get out of bed earlier, go the gym (I only remember the gym when I see the direct debit notification), and cook (and eat) something I've never eaten. 

What are your goals? What are you striking off? Or are you one of those overly-efficient people who don't procrastinate? Show the rest of us the way please!

April Highlights

  • We started the new #WeInterview series to celebrate, encourage and support women. Our first feature was of the Creative Director behind the Nigerian label TwentySix. I'm so looking forward to the interview(s) for this month. 
  • We also had our first proper travel post, and now some people want to move to Barbados
  • When I started the blog, I thought I'll write more about Love, but the general life issues seem to come more easily to me. Thankfully I managed to fit in a love post on wedding rings, and another slightly love related one on civil wedding ceremonies and Pre-wedding shoots.
  • This post on shyness resonated with quite a few people and if we take any lessons into the month of May, let's drop shyness behind in the pursuit of our goals. Shall we?
  • Also, don't judge lest you get judged yourself! 
  • Remotely related to career, I talked about avoiding societal pressures, and other productive things to do at work (other than actual work).
  • On lighter Fridays, we discussed birthdays and went down memory lane remembering our childhood and the new concept of Sibling Goals.
  • We hit a 100 subscribers and I'm thankful that you all think my blog is worth reading. 
  • We also got featured on two popular Nigerian blogs, in the category of great new blogs to follow! Whoop. See the links here: Ihunda's Musings and Cassie Daves. Thanks for this ladies! 

pS: I didn't forget to write the Law post of the Month... I'll explain soon. 

Did you have a favourite post? Don't forget you can share these posts as well.

May's Hopes

Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Discussing Nigerian Inter-Ethnic relationships was one of the reasons I continuously felt a tug in my heart to create a platform. I wrote an introductory post and discussed my personal experience with the Yoruba kneeling culture. This month, I'm hoping to share other people's stories: good or bad; dating or married.  Please get in touch if you have any stories to share - these can be anonymised as well. And if there are questions you'll like to ask couples in Inter-Ethnic marriages, let me know. 

Blog Comments: I'm particularly thrilled by the number of people who actually leave comments on my blog. You guys are awesome. Some people complain however that Disqus is quite difficult to use. I'll advise creating a profile on Disqus especially because lots of new blogs and websites now use Disqus, and once you create a profile you can comment easily. However, to get an idea of how much of an issue this is (and if we should change it), could you please take the below 2 seconds poll? 

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I'm also hoping before the end of May I can set up a Facebook page for the blog (I'm not exactly sure the advantage of a Facebook page, but i'll look it up), and work on creating a standard newsletter. The back end to blogging is honestly intense. 

Finally, you can now follow the blog on Bloglovin - a platform that allows you to easily follow all your favourite blogs. 


How did your April go, any highlights? It was quite an up and down month for me: some 'interesting' events sure did happen. For one, I was convinced I was going to pass my driving test that I spoke of here. I didn't but I guess I just have to employ another method. Hope you havn't given up on anything because you've not succeeded a couple of times?

Plans for May?

Here's hoping May brings with it, everything good.


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: If there's anything else I can do to make this web space better for you, please let me know!


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