On Birthdays: Turning 26, Cocktails and Orchids

On Birthdays: Turning 26, Cocktails and Orchids

I firmly believed 26 was the perfect age. I was so convinced, that I didn't want to get married till I was 26. Well well, guess whose husband could not wait a few months. OK, not really.  For several reasons we got married a few months shy of my 26th birthday. 

But I was really excited about this age - and I thought I was going to launch a blog on that day. So I wrote an actual blog post - which never saw the light of the day. But since there's actually a blog now, I thought I'll revisit that post and share the things I learnt on turning 26. 

As I've done since my first year at University, I had to have a birthday outfit. (Half the time, this was just a new piece of clothing I bought at the beginning of the school year, in September, but refused to wear till November). This time, I was going to try out a crop top and my TwentySix skirt. 

I had the best laid plans - It was going to be a 3 day affair.

  • Friday - 'Turn up': Find a nice place with African vibes, and just chill.
  • Saturday - We'd attend a Christmas food fair at Church (It was unusually early)
  • Sunday, the Grand Finale - Church, and then my perfect birthday dress would be worn to dinner with the Husband!

Things did not quite go as planned:

1. We did not 'Turn up' because there are no African vibe places in this City.
2. We mixed up the times for the Christmas fair, got there two hours late and missed out on it.
3. There was no birthday dinner with the Husband.

and here is what I learned...

1. Fleek eyebrows and Perfect nails are overrated

Asides getting the perfect clothes, I had plans to get my nails done and thread my eyebrows. (I had already envisioned the 'threading my eyebrows' video - as I had never done this before, so I was both excited and afraid). I didn't do any of these, and I still looked pretty good on that day (I think). 

2. What you want vs What you get

I wanted a dinner with Tee. (To be honest,  this was just so I could wear this white cut-out dress that I had impulsively bought and forgot to return. We don't really care for fine dinning). But I got a surprise party that was obviously way better than eating tiny portions of food and trying to find the perfect lighting for pictures. This made me realise that sometimes we expect something and when we don't get it, we fail to realise that the plans God has for us are much more than we could ever dream or imagine. 

3. Champagne and Cocktails

I learnt that I didn't know how to open a bottle of Champagne. There's the video on my Instagram which is really hilarious and utterly embarrassing. On the flip side, I love cocktails. Tee thinks cocktails are a scam, and I kind of agree - small alcohol, small drink and LOTS of ice. But I still love a picture of me and a cocktail (or the non-alcoholic mock-tails).

4. Orchids are priceless

I was never really a flower person. Received my first flowers on my wedding day (okay my second, if you count the compulsory bouquet), and the next one when I failed my driving test. So when I got a gift of an Orchid from someone, I was like 'ehm... okay, thanks'. But simply put, I think Orchids are Bae. I've fallen in love with them, and had this one for almost two years now. 

Fun Fact: certain species of Orchids can survive up to a 100 years.

So since it's Friday and because life doesn't have to serious all the time, let's put on our party hats and discuss birthdays. Are you a birthday person? Share your  favourite birthday moments/gifts with us. Do you typically reflect on your birthday? Share share.


KacheeTee... Xx


  • I redeemed myself on my 27th birthday and I popped the champagne correctly (there's video proof). 
  • I have threaded my eyebrows now and it is painful. 
  • Crop tops are not quite my thing. No abs to show off. 
  • I still have not worn that white cut-out dress. 28th birthday maybe?


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