100 Subscribers!! (minus the 3 who Un-subscribed)

100 Subscribers!! (minus the 3 who Un-subscribed)

Being a blogger is all fun and games until you receive an un-subscription email which reads 'X has now un-subscribed from your blog and will no longer receive your emails'.  It's deflating.

You suddenly begin to wonder what you did wrong. Especially when this is the third person un-subscribing, and the blog is not even three months old yet. 

From the subscription report, I know that not many people click on the links - maybe about 20% - still higher than the industry average. But I often assure myself that it is because they have read it earlier, or will come back to read it later, or they simply type KacheeTee.com in their browser. 

To un-subscribe though, I thought this must take some high level of un-interest. Such that simply receiving the emails and instantly deleting them, will not suffice. 

I decided to explore further, and seek feedback silently praying I won't collapse under any potential negative criticism or harsh words like 'Well I just don't see the sense in what you write'

I was also slightly panicked because one of the un-subscribers had in the very early stages of the blog told me she loved it. Did she suddenly not love it any more?

The first person claimed it had to be a mistake and she could never have un-subscribed from my blog. I believed her - somewhat. Now I really do believe her because she's tried to re-subscribe at least three times after that, but the subscription software won't just re-add her email!

Phew. That didn't go so bad. 

Second Un-subscriber: 

  • Me:  Hi, you un-subscribed from my blog. 
  • Him: No response

*2 days later*

  • Me: Hi, could you give please me feedback. Any particular reason for un-subscribing?
  • Him: Well, If you must know. I un-subscribed because I asked you to help me do something and I didn't hear from you. Yet, I keep receiving your blog emails. I can't support you if you don't help me.


I explained that I had honestly forgotten, and I apologised that I hadn't got back to him. I suggested that a reminder to me might have been a better option to un-subscribing. We talked it through. I provided the information he had earlier requested. He said I could re-subscribe him to the blog. 'Don't worry, I said, remembering the issue with the first un-subscriber above. Just check the blog often when you have some time!'

At this point, I remembered that the third un-subscriber had also sent me an email that I hadn't replied to. 'Oh dear!' that must also be the reason she had un-subscribed.

And then I made a silent promise to try as much as possible to reply emails and messages on time, and generally not keep people waiting for a response. It gets hard, because sometimes a million things are happening at the same time, but it's worth making the conscious decision.

If people will support us, we must support them.

As the Igbo proverb says 'one hand cannot wash itself thoroughly; the left must wash the right, and the right the left'. 

To my surprise the situation with the third un-subscriber was not as imagined."I un-subscribed because I don't need the emails to remind me to check your blog. I check it all the time". 

And then it hit me, what I actually want to build is a blog where most people don't necessarily need my emails to prompt  a visit to the blog. The way I routinely type in BellaNaija.com into my browser almost every morning, was the same way I wanted people to type in KacheeTee.com. The subscription list will then be exclusive for invitations to grand parties, freebies and all round awesome stuff!

I'm not exactly sure what the future of the blog holds, and if that'll eventually be the case. But for now, I'll dream big dreams and be thankful for this one person who already routinely checks this blog.

Are you one of the awesome people that generally reply emails, DMs, and social media messages on time? Do you blog? What reasons do people give for un-subscribing?


KacheeTee... Xx,

ps: We hit 100 subscribers yesterday (the above un-subscribers don’t count)! I'm so excited because we were on 99 for so long.  It might seem small, you already know I celebrate all my small successes. I must have cajoled at least 15% of the people who subscribed. But the other 85% was pure freewill. It feels surreal. Thank you guys for everything. You have no idea how much you've made me grow in these 2.5 months. I can only hope I've made a fraction of a  difference to your life!

ppS: I'll really like to give something to this 100th person. So, Oluchi N, if you read this please send me an email, and maybe we can tick something (little) off your wishlist!

pppS: Even Tee doesn't click on my links! I know this from the report... But at least he's the compulsory un-paid editor of all the posts. 

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