Why Shall you Shy?

Why Shall you Shy?

I don't think there's anyone who is a couch potato like myself. And to make it worse, I don't think there's anyone who actually desires to go out like I do. One minute I want to go out, and when I'm out,'ohhhh take me home'

Remember the Orchestra tickets I got for free? They were tickets to the London Symphony Orchestra and I was really looking forward to it. Really Really. Not because we love the orchestra, but we just wanted to feel like 'cool kids', and tick that off our list. 

It was scheduled for the 17th of April - (i.e. yesterday) for 7 pm.  But we didn't go. At about 5 pm, the couch and the English Premier League seemed like a better option. Especially when we discovered the renditions were going to be in German. Ha. 

This space should have had a photo of us at the Orchestra. 

This space should have had a photo of us at the Orchestra. 

Anyway, the reason for this post is how I got the tickets in the first place. 

I feel like there's an office event every other week that requires a donation for charity. Half the things we do are done for charity. And that's awesome. Sometimes we bake for charity, we have a quiz competition for charity or wear a Christmas jumper for charity.

So on one of these charity events, this one being - "wear red and donate £2", the little 'elves' went round collecting the £2 minimum from all those who wore red.

I didn't wear red - I totally forgot. So I ought not to have felt bad, that I didn't donate anything. I honestly didn't have coins, or cash - they give change if you ask for it. But once I had to drop £10 because I was kinda shy to ask for change, and I thought 'well it's for charity'

But this time, I almost felt like I was being judged - like 'ordinary £2 you can't even donate for charity'. But then I remembered the times I'd acted as a little elf and Partners (you know, the ones who share profit of the firm) had simply said 'sorry, no money'. 

On this day, my supervisor actually wore red. A red jumper. Actually it was more of burgundy. But for the purposes of donations, 'yes please that's red, can we have your £2?'

He didn't donate coins. He donated cash. Obviously that means a minimum of £5. It might have been £10 - I don't remember exactly. By donating he qualified automatically for a raffle draw.

"Do you have a specific lucky number ticket you'll like?" the elf asked.

"No not really... just give me anyone", he replied. 

He further asked what the prizes were and the elves told him. "I don't think Partners are allowed to win though" he said. 

Then I put all shyness aside and spoke up: 'Well if you win, I can have your prize'. To be honest, my mind was on the more attractive prizes, like the weekend stay for two at the Mayfair Hotel. 

Guess what? He won!

I don't think I've actually won a raffle before. Well, I guess I won this in a roundabout way. Definitely an exception to the rule of 'if you don't buy the ticket you can't win the lotto'. 

Well, the entire essence of this post is Don't be Shy.

Don't be shy of asking for something / help if you need or want it. 

Don't be shy of owning up and saying 'No Money' if you can't afford something. Even if it's for charity. 

What are you often shy of? Have you won a raffle before? Please tell me the secret, so I can win something at our next charity event. 

Anyone been to the orchestra? Did we miss out much? 


KacheeTee... Xx

pS:  The title of this post is actually a tongue twister. Try and say it 10 times without blabbing. 

Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look, how we perform is truly important to other people.
— Andre Dubus III
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