Four Lessons from Joy - (The Movie about a Mop)

Four Lessons from Joy - (The Movie about a Mop)

Weekends are the best! But for me they often fly by in a whiff. On some rare weekends however, I get to see a movie in the Cinema.

First question: Have you ever seen a movie with a pastor, or someone who has to learn a lesson from every movie?

Oh oh. I have. I saw the Martian with a Pastor. In 4DX. Which provides an experience that stimulates all five senses. It includes high-tech motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents. So basically, if it's raining in the movie, drops of water will actually fall on you. If there's a fire scene, you'll feel the thick 'smoke' in the cinema. These effects work are perfectly synchronised with the action on screen. It's pretty awesome and there's only one 4DX Cinema experience in the UK at the moment. And that's where I live. See why y'all should move here!?

Back to Martian. In the middle of the movie, I heard a slight snore. Uh uh. The Pastor (pronounced Pasta in my Ghanaian accent) was sleeping. Guess I'm not the only one that can fall sleep no matter the situation. Noise, Smoke, Standing, I can sleep! 

Good thing he woke up just before the end of the movie. And so, there was one lesson he could pick from it. And that formed our conversation the rest of the night. The one lesson from Martian . I'm sorry to admit Pasta, I can't even remember what that lesson was.

Second question: Have you seen Joy? The Movie?

I've asked a couple of people that question in person and they go 'oh, the movie about a mop'.

Me: *straight face*

So yes, it kinda is about a mop - if we are being mean.  She invented a never-before-seen-kind-of-mop and tried to get people to believe in it. 

But I absolutely really enjoyed it and actually took a few lessons from it (Pasta influence), even though the three fellows that accompanied me slept for parts of it. Your loss guys!. 

So here's the four lessons I learnt from Joy:

1. Some Men should be friend zoned. 

Joy and her husband had two kids but apparently never got along. But then they got divorced and he got friend zoned. Best decision ever - he was so zoned that he even still lived in her house! He became her greatest supporter and eventually her Manager (She became a bad-ass billionaire). 

So, if you don't really see yourself getting along with this dude as your husband? Don't wait till you have two kids for him. He's probably best in the friend zone.

2. Sometimes you gotta fake it.

There's the scene where she's on live TV trying to sell her Mop. You know those American live sale TV programmes where they go 'interested in this mop. Call +999999999 to order now for only nine dollars!'. Poor Joy. She's standing there looking dazed in her white shirt and black pants. No one dials in to make a purchase. 

And then. The phone rings. Someone enquires about the mop. And makes a purchase  You know how it goes. Once someone shows interest; others follow.  The phone lines kept buzzing. I think 50,000 mops were sold that day. Guess what? Unknown to all, that first call was a fake call. Her best friend placed the call to pique interest. Sometimes, you need just one person in your corner to cheer you on. 

So support your friends. Buy their products. Read their blogs. Use their services. Sometimes even if you don't need to. You may just be the first user that'll generate interest. 

3. Blood Money? Maybe. 

Joy had her Eureka moment for a hands-free-squeeze mop when her fingers got cut with a glass particle while she was cleaning a spill on the floor, and she had to use her hands to squeeze the mop.  So I guess sometimes that one thing that makes us bleed or sweat terribly may be the key, the major key (in DJ Khaled's voice) to our success. Don't give up just yet. 

4. Badass Sunglasses and a new haircut is all you need. 

Coco Chanel never lied when she said 'A woman who cuts her her is about to change her life!' Towards the end of the movie, Joy cut her hair, put on some badass sunglasses and a leather jacket, and boom! off to face the bad guys that stole the patent for her work. I'm sure she was shaking like a jellyfish (do they actually shake? or is this just a Nigerian expression). But she put on a tough exterior. 

So no one has to actually know how uncertain you feel inside. Get some badass sunglasses, and show up! I think the hair cut is optional. Remember Coco Chanel didn't say whether the change is for good or bad. 

Your thoughts...
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What movies have you seen recently? Any lessons?

Have a fab weekend!


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: If no one showed any interest, I actually considered forcing Tee to be the first commenter on all my blog post. Thank God for y'all and I didn't have to resort to that. The dude hasn't even had the time to drop one comment! 

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