Tough one? Books or Shoes (i.e Manolo Blahnik v Charles Dickens)

Tough one? Books or Shoes (i.e Manolo Blahnik v Charles Dickens)

Hestitate. That was the first big word I remember learning. 

I think I was about 8 years old and in Primary 5. I stumbled on the word while reading a book called 'Bello and the Greedy Waziri'. And from then on, I could barely say two sentences without using the word 'hestitate', even where it was not necessary. 

I recently joined a book club, and the first book we were tasked to read is seeming quite laborious.  I've honestly been struggling. It has the makings of a great book that might appeal to me. It's about a crime and law, and it's set in London. It's been over three weeks and I've just been stuck.  The book review is on Wednesday so I really have to get on with it. It could be embarrassing being that person that has nothing to say. Like one time in Law school I was visibly dozing and the lecturer walked up to me and asked a question. I'm hardly ever embarrassed; I tend to get more embarrassed on people's behalf. But I kinda was that day. I said the wrong thing. He made a (dry) joke at my expense. Oh well, a girl needs her beauty sleep... (No, I'm not advocating you sleep in class).

Yesterday, I was in a bit of a mood and I decided to cheer myself up. No, I didn't pick up that book. I didn't play music. I didn't look at my blog (which mostly works!).

I went online. I browsed shoes. I bought them. I was literally estatic.

To make it better, there was just one left in my size. Does that happen to you? Feeling like you've got a great deal when you snatch up the last item in your size. Plus I used a discount as well! Happy Days. Now I'm sitting, patiently waiting for the mail man. Because I also got free express delivery. Can you feel my joy? Now I really hope they are perfect. I have a knack for returning half the things I buy. Maybe it's that moment I take a look at my account and I'm like 'Nah, it's not that serious...sending them straight back'.

When I received Chimamanda Adiche's 'Americanah' in the mail though, that was a good feeling. Arguably better than the mail man delivering new shoes that I may return. 

Ladies (and Gentlemen), you probably know of Manolo Blahnik - iconic shoe designer. His hugely popular shoes have been dubbed the fifth character in 'Sex and the City'.  There was a scene where Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) was being mugged and she pleaded with the mugger 'You can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and my watch, but please don't take my Manolo Blahniks'. There's also the episode where she's broke and may lose her apartment. After realising she's spent over $40,000 on shoes (mostly Manolos) she says 'I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!'... Get it? 

Well well!  Imagine my shock when in a recent interview, Blahnik noted that he probably prefers books to shoes! He's a fan of Charles Dickens as his mum often read that to him as a child, along with Enid Blyton's novels.  He noted that Dickens' is 'so perfect' and his words inspire some of Manolos' creations. 

C'mon guy. You make some of the best shoes ever, make us (not me, but some people) spend our money on your creations while you sit in your library full of books basking in the euphoria of 17th century English literature?

Thanks for the tip fella.

I think I'm going to attempt to get more excited over books than shoes! And the next time I need some cheer, I'm picking up my kindle. (It's not the same though. Nothing as good as the smell and feel of a paper book).  

It's imperative that we imbibe and improve our reading culture. Books won't hurt your ankle. Books don't cost approx $700 for a piece.

Read alone. Read with others. Read to your kids. Read good books. 

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.
— Confucius

Now, your turn. Books or Shoes? What are your favourite books/authors? What are you reading at the moment and what line in the book has 'spoken to you'. Share share... 


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is a classic, yet an easy read. If you haven't read it, you should!

Update: Shoes arrived. I think they're going back. See my point, I've actually never returned any books. 

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