Small Successes; Big Celebrations

Small Successes; Big Celebrations

We are One!

If you're Nigerian, did you get tempted to break into that song that says 'We are one, we are the same, no matter where you come from we are one'. I mean that’s a good message behind that song, but that's not the point. 

The Blog is One! Can you believe it?  It feels so surreal. Not one year oh… One Month! *straight face*. 

I know I know, you've rolled your eyes. Like only one month only and she's jubilating. 

But I'm learning to celebrate small successes. Every little step.  Ok, maybe not with a huge cake, but just a little cupcake. 

I know I promised here that I'll keep blogging even if I had only one hypothetical reader.  But you all definitely make it much more worth it. 

As a Nigerian kid, growing up we'll attend all these kid's parties (especially one year old parties)  and play lots of games, after which the MC (usually a clown with multi-coloured wig and a red nose) will announce the winners.  So acting as the MC Clown of this blog and in the spirit of celebrating firsts, I'll like to call out the following people:

Don’t be shy, come and take your e-hug. 

  • Motun: For being the very first to leave a comment on the blog (We haven't seen you since then oh)
  • Bagos Mutendi : the very first subscriber
  • Nengi : the very first to share my post on Facebook
  • Kiky: the very first to update my blog on her BBM channel
  • Kike: the very first to share my post on Twitter - even before I got back on Twitter
  • Keki: the very first to compose a broadcast about my blog, and sent this to all her BBM contacts.

Once, as a member of a writing club in Uni, I complained to my room-mate that I had writers block. She smirked and said 'Who told who you are a writer'. I wrote an article on that, and that was the last I wrote as a member of that club. 

So really, your encouragement is everything. Thank you. For reading, for sharing, for liking, for commenting. 

Special Shout Out to Ike of PagesbyIke  for being a strong supporter of this journey. It would not have happened without you. It's her birthday guys. Check out her blog and wish her a happy birthday! 

Maybe when the blog is one year, we can have an actual party. With a clown maybe? Yes? No? 

Group Side Hug Everyone (Sorry male folks, no front hug!)

What small successes have you celebrated recently. Let us know!


KacheeTee.. Xx

Oh, and just some housekeeping stuff:

  • I know you stop by the blog, but it would be great if you left a comment. That's the only way I'll be certain you actually did. I could attempt to figure out your IP addresses, but common I'm not that much of a genius.
  • Disqus is cool; Creating a profile makes commenting easy, and I've been amazed at how many websites and blogs use Disqus. 
  • Ok, you don't want to comment? Will you at least like and recommend the page? (if you genuinely like the post) Those love symbols... yes those... Just click it once. No need to sign in.  
  • Did you guys notice the new home page? What do you think?
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