Ash Wednesday - Blog Launch Boost!

Ash Wednesday - Blog Launch Boost!

Today the 10th  of February 2016 is Ash Wednesday, and I've finally decided to launch this blog!

kacheetee blog

I wrote my first two posts Is this Happening and Inter-Ethnic Marriage Anyone? a couple of days ago, but I still could not bring myself to let the site go public. I was still afraid. Of the unknown.

But then today, I think to myself that Ash Wednesday is a reminder that 'For Dust you are and to Dust you shall return'.

No one likes to think about these things, so lets skip it to the happy part in heaven where God is really upset with me because even though I lived for 101 years on earth, I never got to use the one talent He gave me - Writing and Speaking.  I buried it. Because I was afraid.

So with that in mind, really what is the worst thing that could happen? No one would care to read my ramblings and I realise I'm still the only one reading and re-reading my posts over and over again.

At that point at least I can say, 'Look God, I tried...Maybe this talent isn't worth much and we should think up something else'. He definitely knows there's so much more I wish I could do. 

For Christians, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of 40 days of Lent which typically encourages fasting from the things we love or are addicted to, to create more time for prayer and selflessness.

But it also reminds us of our mortality and is probably a good opportunity for you to take that leap! Do it afraid. Use your talent...Make an Impact.

If you need any encouragement or support, give me a shout out here and let's talk things through. 

For Dust you are, and to Dust you will return. 


KacheeTee Xx

pS: Are you planning on giving up anything for Lent? 

ppS: Considering the unexpected boost I got to launch this blog, I'm still in the process of figuring how things work!

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